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Borrow money from a credit broker or bank? | Loans

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The news about the many redundancies at a major bank, despite the big profit, hit like a bomb. Do you still trust your bank? Do you know that instead of at the bank you can also borrow money from a credit broker? What is the difference between the two? And where do you benefit from the most benefits?

Redundancies and fewer offices


A while ago a major bank announced layoffs worldwide. Thousands of jobs are being canceled in Belgium. Offices are also disappearing so that more can be devoted to digitization.

Calling revenge, knowing that a lot more profit was made. Do you still trust the banks? And do you know the other option: borrow from a credit broker?

The difference between borrowing from a bank and a credit broker:

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Borrow money from a bank

When you apply for a loan from a bank, you can only choose from the financial products of this bank . Your choice is therefore limited. You must also meet the conditions to receive approval for your credit application. If you do not do this, you will not receive a loan.

Borrow money from a credit broker

A credit broker is independent . He therefore does not have to promote his own financial products. He works as a mediator between various financial institutions . This gives you a choice of multiple financial products with different lenders.

Loan tailored to your situation

Loan tailored to your situation

With a credit broker you benefit from a personal approach . Together with you, your broker will search for the best and most beneficial credit for your situation . This takes into account: the nature of the credit, credit conditions (interest rates, repayment terms) and your personal options.

Borrow money, your credit broker online

Borrow money, your credit broker online

So borrowing from a credit broker is more interesting. Money lending is such an independent broker. We work online but have offices in Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp, Hasselt and Luxembourg. If you wish, we will even come home. We submit your application to different credit companies and in this way look for the best offer . The proposal is free and without obligations . And attention is paid to: the amount to be borrowed, the monthly interest and the interest rate.

Our strengths:

  • 100% independent , you are the unique customer, the banks are partners
  • Your credit application has been processed within 24 hours
  • The cheapest credit in our offer for your situation

Do you also want to borrow under the best conditions? Discover the loans from Good Finance or request a free quote. Note that borrowing money also costs money.