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The bin can bring you money

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High school students are in the midst of revisions for the baccalaureate exams. And they are right. Working hard and getting a mention very well can earn them money. The Good Finance informs you about the different bonuses.

A national premium


The State is committed to bachelor graduates who wish to continue their studies. A bonus of 900 euros is attributed to them. This measure was introduced by Valérie Pécresse when she was Minister of Education. It was then 1800 euros.

Divided by two by the current government, the region of Ile de France pays the difference for its graduates since an additional premium of 900 euros will be paid.

At the departmental level, that of Yvelines has chosen to give graduates an additional bonus of 500 euros.

But the province is not left out


It is not only the bacheliers Ile-de-France who will benefit from bonuses. In Charente, 200 euros will reward each mention very well. In the Alpes Maritimes, the county council offers a bonus of 200 euros to each bachelor who has obtained the mention very well.

The Mayor of Nice doubles the bet for these same graduates.

The mayor of Cannes distributes an envelope of 15,000 euros per year between graduates who have obtained the mention very well who pursue studies in areas of excellence. In 2015, 9 bachelors had benefited from this envelope.

Additional benefits


Finally, some municipalities prefer to offer other benefits. This is for example the case of the town of Montrouge, which offers a voucher worth 800 euros to graduates who have obtained the mention very well. This amount can be used to purchase computer equipment, to pass a driver’s license or to register in a higher education establishment.

In Puteaux, in 2015, the town hall had offered a coin of Paris money nominative, a case to keep his diploma, and a selfie pole, with a grant of 610 euros to pass his driver’s license. The mention was good enough to take advantage of these benefits.

Do not hesitate to inquire on the site of your city, your department and your region to know if premiums are put in p