10 horror movies inspired by mythology

Horror has always been a polarizing genre in the film industry, but there has been a greater push towards “high horror” and genre films that aspire to something more complex. Horror is such a rewarding and versatile genre of storytelling because there are so many different approaches to these terrifying tales.

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Masked killers, deranged lunatics, or supernatural creatures all live up to the horror journey. However, sometimes these scary stories can connect on a deeper level when imbued with folklore or cultural mythologies which are based on a certain kernel of truth. Some particularly evocative horror films find their strength in the way they remix or overturn classic mythologies.

ten Antlers portray the horrors of Wendigo without any filters

A Wendigo is an anthropomorphic deer-like creature that has its roots in First Nations folklore in eastern Canada. This evil and confusing monster has enjoyed a Renaissance in horror in recent years. More and more horror films feature Wendigo in the forests, but 2021 drink spend a considerable amount of time on the origins of the mythological beast and how to conquer it.

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drink is a very melodramatic and brutal horror film, but that only accentuates the aggressive nature of his Wendigo and makes him truly terrifying.

9 La Llorona’s crying woman is a child’s worst nightmare

Films La Llorona Ceremony

La Llorona, also known as the Weeping Woman, is a mythological spirit in Latin American folklore whose tragic name derives from the legend that she drowned her children and mourns them forever. Oddly enough, two films about La Llorona were released in 2019. Conspiracy-connected The curse of La Llorona was the most common image, but that of Jayro Bustamante La Llorona is the more authentic and the more effective of the two. The Guatemalan horror film embraces real atrocities and cultural genocide, so this portrayal of the crying woman carries real weight behind it.

8 Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow makes Headless Horseman a true horror

Movies Sleepy Hollow Burton Headless Horseman

Tim Burton has created an enviable filmography out of gothic imagery and spooky tales, making him the perfect fit to take on the gruesome folklore of Ichabod Crane and The Headless Horseman. The Headless Horseman is a piece of morbid mythology whose origins date back to the Middle Ages.

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There is a simple structure to the character and his limitations, which is why it has become such an effective piece of folklore to riff on. Tim burton’s Sleeping Hollow contains some of the director’s most moving images.

7 Shadow Of The Vampire Offers A Unique And Raw Take On The Vampire Myth

Shadow Of The Vampire Nosferatu Movies

Vampires have become some of the most common creatures depicted in pop culture and there have been many permutations of the original vampire mythology from European folklore that they took for their own lives.

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E. Elias Merhige’s Shadow of the vampire is an incredibly underrated vampire film that postulates that the 1922 FW Murnau film, Nosferatu, actually played a real vampire. It’s a brilliant idea, and Willem Dafoe’s performance as Max Schreck, a true creature of the night, offers one of the most compelling looks at the roots of mythology.

6 Leprechaun turns the holiday myth into an accomplice killer

There are many horror films that find the strength to turn to lesser-known mythologies in order to frighten an oblivious audience. It’s always fun to discover a scary new piece of folklore, but more common mythologies shouldn’t be overlooked either. Leprechauns have become somewhat friendly figures due to their to the association with Saint-Patrick’s Day, or even cereal for breakfast.

However, the Leprechaun the franchise goes back to the roots of this legend and exploits it for horror purposes. The Leprechaun the films use the creature’s bond with gold and other archaic customs to form the strict rules required for this mischievous maniac’s defeat.

5 Krampus represents a much worse fate than being on Santa’s Villain List

The horror genre has a fascinating relationship with Christmas, and it has become a party conducive to twisted tales. Deadly Santa Claus may dominate this variety of holiday horrors, but there has been a recent push to embrace some of the more frightening and lesser-known mythologies that are tied to Christmas, like the creature Krampus.

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Krampus is a pagan beast related to the winter solstice and is largely the antithesis of Santa Claus. Michael Dougherty’s film in 2015, Krampus, presents a family attacked by this mythological monster after its accidental summons. Krampus does a great job of breaking down the history of the creature.

4 Urban Legend uses a cornucopia from modern mythologies to build a murderer

Movies Urban Legend Horror Slasher Attack

Many of the most powerful examples of folklore and mythology are deeply rooted in the past, but modern society has also established its own brand of mythology. in the form of urban legends. These contemporary tales are not necessarily linked to a cultural monster, but Urban legend finds such strength through the construction of a serial killer who uses the structure of urban legends to execute his victims.

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Urban legend works so hard to create believable storylines where these contemporary folklores come into play. It’s a strong idea that is reinforced by the audience’s familiarity with these modern mythologies.

3 Kandisha unleashes murder-hungry Moroccan mythological monster

Kandisha Horror Monster Attack Movies

Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury Kandisha is a recent horror film that reflects a fascinating mix of cultures. Kandisha is a French film, but it delves into a vengeful figure of 14th century Moroccan folklore.

Kandisha works like a blockbuster, bloodthirsty slasher flick as Summoned Kandisha slowly slashes down the herd of teens, but portrays the beast with such unsettling ferocity. Bustillo and Maury are extreme filmmakers and this mythological creature of revenge is right in their wheelhouse. Kandisha’s spirit looks like a beautiful woman, but has split hooves, which fuels very spooky settings.

2 Trollhunter arrives at the root of the well-known Norse creature

Norwegian Troll Hunter Movies

Trolls are a fascinating piece of Norse and Scandinavian mythology that have eerily appropriated themselves as cute, musical children’s mascots, but they are historically mean to humans. The trolls received all kinds of representations in the movies, but Troll hunter is a stunning Norwegian fake documentary that gets rid of all kinds of glamor and portrays trolls as gigantic, crass creatures.

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Troll hunter A raw look at these beasts makes them feel fresh and seen for the first time. The film is a very beautiful and very successful piece of cinema.

1 The ritual presents the Jötunn in all its chaotic glory

David Bruckner is becoming one of the most exciting names in horror and Netflix The ritual really highlights his expertise in mixing guilt and human drama with horror. The ritual connects at the storytelling level, but the highlight is the phenomenal creature design for her monster, who is right there with Aliens Xenomorph.

The ritual The wood monster is a Jötunn. They are monsters that come from Norse mythology and can be considered adjacent to the gods, with some readings of the creature even considering him to be a descendant of Loki. The ritual does justice to this symbolic monster.

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