10 Most Iconic Weapons In WWE History

With rumors swirling about WWE’s return to TV-14 rated content, many fans are excited about the prospect of seeing iconic weapons return in full force. Although some fans believe that guns keep “ring wrestling” away, guns have helped wrestling become a cultural phenomenon.

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In the 90s, it was impossible to watch an episode of Raw without something under the ring popping up. In the recent era of PG, where blood has become non-existent, weapons have also played a much smaller role in matches. Fans will have to wait and see if Triple H (WWE’s new Chief Creative Officer) will advocate for more weapons in the near future, but this list will take a look at ten of the most iconic weapons in WWE history. WWE. WWE.

ten Ladder

Ever since the Shawn Michaels/Razor Ramon Ladder matches, the ladder has become a WWE staple. Some of the greatest matches of all time included this unique weapon.

Many stars are also products of adding scale to wrestling. Without them, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam and Edge would have very different careers in WWE.

9 Guitar

Guitars have been used as a weapon in WWE since the Honky Tonk Man. The guitar was actually quite groundbreaking for the company as it seemed like the wrestling world still felt isolated. Honky Tonk’s guitar was one of the first household items to be used in the ring.

Later wrestlers like Jeff Jarrett also used a guitar as a weapon, but it rose to prominence in the early days of WWE and to this day will still get a huge pop when popped on an opponent. .


8 Drawing pins

No, the pins used in WWE are not rigged. They are also one of the most grinning weapons wrestling has ever used. The Cactus Jack and Hell in a Cell matches come to mind when fans recall the use of thumbtacks in WWE.

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Although any serious wrestling fan will know that beatings seem more painful than they actually are, their addition to WWE in the 90s helped add an edge to WWE programming that pushed the idea. that wrestlers were reaching their physical limits in the ring.

seven Advertisers board

As WWE became more PG, the use of the announcer table as a weapon increased. It’s a far cry from humanity flying off the top of the cell and landing on it, but it’s still considered extreme, though it’s usually a much less violent location during a match or promo.

Of all of WWE’s signature weapons, the announcers’ table is WWE specific because the placement of the table, near the ring, allows for easy access. It’s not a common item that fans see at home every day, but it’s always exciting to see wrestlers come through the announcers’ table.

6 Snake

Jake “The Snake” Roberts introduced the snake as a weapon to WWE audiences. Even the most extreme wrestling companies had avoided using snakes as a weapon. It’s an interesting line to follow, but WWE has used snakes so effectively that they’re a company-exclusive in-ring weapon. Randy Savage getting bitten by the snake in 1991 elevated just how insane the fight could take their feuds.

It seems unlikely that any wrestler will ever get bitten by a snake again, but thanks to Savage and Roberts, fans will always associate “using a snake as a wrestling weapon” with WWE.

5 Barbed wire

Barbed wire is one of the most intense grappling weapons ever included. WWE has used it sparingly, but “barbed wire” matches are not uncommon in other wrestling programs. The closest to WWE’s common use of barbed wire is a wire-wrapped 2 by 4.

It is undoubtedly one of the deadliest weapons and almost always provokes an audience response when used in a match. Mick Foley helped make the gun a common item and even used real barbed wire when taking shots of the 2-by-4 in the ring.

4 Steel steps

Steel steps were used more during the PG era. It’s a fun weapon because it’s practical, but it’s also a great weapon. WWE video games may have accelerated the use of steps on television, as they are often one of the most used elements in games.

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Over the past twenty years they have gone from something to hit someone with to a hard place to slam someone in the ring. The steel steps are a weapon that only exists in wrestling, but times like when Kane Piledrove JBL on the steps helped the steps become an iconic weapon that only exists in wrestling.

3 Mass

Triple H helped make the sledgehammer an iconic WWE weapon. As it’s another one of those everyday items that fans have in their homes, it’s one of the most dangerous.

Although the hammer was never used as a bat, the idea of ​​getting hit with a hammer is what makes it so powerful. It is also one of the few weapons often attributed specifically to WWE.

2 Kendo stick

In the PG era of WWE, kendo sticks have become one of the most commonly used weapons for both men and women. It’s one of those weapons that the public sees and just assumes hurts because it’s said to be made of bamboo.

Too often kendo sticks break easily and it is clear that they do very little damage to opponents, although sometimes the welps are hideous. Yet when people see them, they’ve become more associated with WWE than anywhere else in the world.

1 Steel chair

The most iconic weapon in WWE history is the Steel Chair. Although its use has been dismissed since “the long-term effect of concussions” dominated the conversation about injuries in the sports world, they will always be associated with WWE. The new evolution of soft body shots and “Conchairtos” has made the steel chair a less dangerous weapon.

Still, there are entire YouTube channels devoted to violent chair beatings in WWE history. During WWE’s prime in the 90s, there were only a few things that were certain every time the program ran: someone was getting knocked down and someone was getting shot in the head.

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