11 easy ways to brighten up boring things in your home

How does this famous William Morris quote – “Have nothing in your homes that you don’t know is useful or that you don’t think is beautiful”, coined at the end of the 19th century by the great designer – applies to life in 2021? Can there be a happy union of the two? While a washing machine is obviously practical, its appearance ranks at the lower end of the aesthetic scale. When are white goods makers going to improve their game?

This guide sets out to try; by paying close attention to the type of scouring pad you use to clean your dishes and the way you give the interior of your linen closet a makeover, you will find that there are ways to “spruce up” even rituals. the most mundane in the house.

As Libs Lewis, owner of Cotswolds-based housewares stores, Domestic Science, says: “Pick everyday items that will uplift the soul when you use them. Considering both the shape and the material of a simple cup for your morning tea can lift your spirits, while going the extra mile in the selection will punctuate your day with little pleasures.

You will quickly understand that the theme here is to avoid plastic in favor of more industrial and durable materials, such as glass and wood.

As Micaela Sharp of Micaela Sharp Design, a semi-finalist of the Netflix Interior Design Masters program, puts it: “I swap plastic containers in my kitchen for glass jars. The glass feels and looks a lot more upscale, especially if the containers are left on display. I use mine for garlic, pasta, and tea.

And metals like brass and zinc slip over time, giving a lived-in feel to everything from handles to sockets. Slowly you’ll end up with that thoughtful look you see in magazines and boutique hotels, where the fundamentals of domesticity are so beautiful (or better yet, in disguise) that you barely register them.

I asked experts in the field on how to go about it …

Give your electricity a makeover

There’s no denying that big white extension cables are the bane of our tech-centric life. Lola’s slopes (lolapalooza.fr) came to the rescue with twisted fabric-covered alternatives, available in 11 colors and starting at £ 35. They work wonderfully in period properties where catches are scarce.

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