Andor proves that small rebellions caused the fall of the Empire

The following article contains spoilers for Andor Season 1, Episode 3, “Reckoning,” now streaming on Disney+.

One of from Andor The main goals have been to highlight the role of ordinary people in the fight against the Empire. Throughout the first two episodes, Cassian Andor had burned many bridges over Ferrix. However, when the Pre-Mor Authority came to the planet looking for him, many people in the town sabotaged their efforts. These small rebellions show how ordinary people in the galaxy were fighting against authoritarian regimes without being officially part of the overall battle against the Empire.

The Pre-Mor Authority is not technically the Empire. In Season 1 Episode 1, “Kassa”, Chief Hyne was actually trying to limit the Empire’s influence on Morlana One. However, many members of the Pre-Mor Authority see themselves as extensions of the will of the Empire. In Season 1, Episode 2 “That Would Be Me”, Sergeant Linus Mosk stated that “Company Tactical Forces are the Empire’s first line of defense, and the best way to keep the blade sharp is to l ‘utilize.” This inflated sense of importance, coupled with Mosk’s disdain for affiliated planets, led him and those under his command to abuse their authority over Ferrix, from their abuse of Bix to the murder of Timm Karlo. They clearly modeled their tactics on the cruelty of the Empire.

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Even so, the people of Ferrix didn’t hesitate to fight back when the pre-Mor Authority arrived on the planet in Season 1 Episode 3, “Reckoning”. While the Pre-Mor Authority was viewed with suspicion upon their arrival, the crowds really began to gather when they entered Maarva Andor’s house to question her about Cassian’s whereabouts. Maarva’s refusal to cooperate was only Ferrix’s first rebellion against the attempt to take Cassian. When the West team left Maarva’s house, they were immediately interrogated by the crowd, whose growing presence showed that most people on Ferrix were willing to do what they could to protect their loved ones. .

While Mosk deflected their questions, the crowd sprang into action to warn their friends and family. Salman Paak ran to Bix Caleen to inform him of the Authority’s pre-Mor actions, then led an effort to begin sounding various metallic objects in a predetermined pattern, and many more people joined. While Mosk interpreted the noise as an intimidation tactic, the ringing served multiple purposes.

During the first three episodes, Andor showed a worker in a lathe knocking in the same way on an anvil to signal the beginning and the end of the working day. For Salman and the rest of the people of Ferrix, their clink served instead as both a warning of the Pre-Mor Authority’s presence and a call to action. In response to the noise, most people closed their homes and businesses to keep the Pre-Mor Authority out and to protect these buildings from being caught in the crossfire. The fact that these pieces of metal had already been installed proved that the people of Ferrix had a system in place to warn people before the authorities arrived, so this was not Ferrix’s first challenge to their corporate overlords.

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Most of the people of Ferrix didn’t even know who they were protecting. They acted because they knew the Authority was targeting one of their own. However, one of the greatest acts of rebellion fell on Cassian’s friend Brasso, as the pre-mor authority was distracted, Brasso sabotaged their ship. His behavior mirrored Cassian’s earlier talk about how he was able to rob the Empire because he was neglected. Like Cassian, Brasso took advantage of the Pre-Mor Authority’s ego. He was able to slip onto their ship undetected precisely because the pre-Mor Authority believed the people of Ferrix were below them. This arrogance has become their downfall.

Ferrix’s rebellious little acts exemplify Andorfocuses on everyday individuals affected by the Empire and their corporate extensions. Maarva later called the ringing a “reputation” for pre-Mor Authority abuses of power: “You want it to stop, but it keeps happening.” This small rebellion showed just how willing citizens across the galaxy are to oppose authoritarian regimes to protect their family and friends from unjust cruelty. This desire to protect the people they loved did not change, no matter how much the Corporations and the Empire tightened their grip, laying the groundwork for broader resistance. Andor claims that ordinary people and small rebellions were the true saviors of the galaxy.

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