Apple Store Time Machine: Revisit the opening days of iconic retail stores in an immersive 3D experience

The Apple Store Time Machine is an application that users can freely download. It’s an immersive 3D experience that will take them back to the days of the grand launch of specific devices in four iconic locations across the country. Michael Steeber created this historically accurate design at four previous Apple Stores that sold his previous devices, and it takes people back to the good old days.

It brings a somewhat complete experience and even allows the public to start several computers available in the 3D store models.

Apple Store Time Machine: immersive 3D experience for everyone

(Photo: Michael Steeber via Apple Store Time Machine)

A creative designer called Michael Steeber shared her latest model online, the “Apple Store Time Machine”, which offers the public an immersive virtual 3D experience that takes them back in time. It features four iconic Apple Store locations that focus on previous designs and products it has launched since then.

The program is available for free download, and it is available through this link which also takes the audience to its website landing page. The program is available for MacBook and Mac devices that run on different operating systems and processors. Steeber said it’s available for both Apple Silicon and Intel chips.

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Step back in time with iconic launch days and store openings

Apple Store Time Machine
(Photo: Michael Steeber via Apple Store Time Machine)

Steeber said Apple Stores have historical accuracy in their design, and it was a painstaking process to capture every detail, down to the smallest data or information available in the store. Several key features of each store bring its iconic experience to everyone through this program.

The Apple Store Time Machine offers locations including the world’s first Apple Store at Tysons Corner, the Standford Mall, the Apple Store Fifth Avenue and the Infinite Loop.

Apple Store Time Machine
(Photo: Michael Steeber via Apple Store Time Machine)

Apple Store and device innovations

Most people don’t think going to the Apple Store is worth the trip and hassle, as they can quickly get their devices from the Cupertino giant’s online retail store. However, not everyone shares the same feeling since some prefer to see the gadget they are going to buy before their purchase.

A series of retail stores temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and surging cases, and those were the only times they were unavailable for tours.

Many Apple Stores either focus on the heritage of a place or don’t change the design or architecture of the place and its area much, preserving its look that is actually a tech store. An example would be in Rome, Italy, where the Apple Store retained its 19th century design, restoring the square in the process.

There are many iconic Apple Stores around the world, and each has its own story, as specific locations feature the launch of multiple devices and are still relevant to this day. Remembering and focusing on integrating the Apple Stores into an immersive 3D experience is a gift for all, in the hope that more locations will get their virtual version for a guided tour.

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