Audiences already thrilled by new “National Singing Competition” host Kim Shin-young

On September 3, comedian Kim Shin-young held KBS’s “National Singing Competition” for the first time in Dalseo District, Daegu. [NEWS1]

A new face hosts Korea’s beloved weekly singing show “National Singing Contest” (1980-) on KBS and she fits the role like a glove.

On Saturday, comedienne Kim Shin-young finished filming her first episode as a host in Daegu’s Dalseo district. She started by introducing herself to the many Daegu residents in the audience, who are mostly elderly people, as the show features contestants singing songs from the trot genre, which is very popular among the older generation.

“I’m from Daegu,” Kim said. “I am so honored to be back here and to meet the people of Daegu. I will do my best to continue the show that Mr. Song Hae hosted!

For 34 years, Song Hae, the late TV presenter, has been the face of the “National Singing Competition”. Last June, Song passed away at the age of 95. He hosted the show until his death.

Song was named “longest-serving TV music host” by Guinness World Records in April this year. When filming for the final episode wrapped, Kim said onstage, “Please call me your youngest daughter for Sunday. Thank you!”

On September 3, comedian Kim Shin-young hosted the

On September 3, comedian Kim Shin-young hosted KBS’s “National Singing Competition” in Dalseo District, Daegu. [NEWS1]

Kim followed the performances of the contestants. When the children took the stage, Kim crouched down to their eye level and even used the Daegu dialect when speaking to be more approachable to the audience.

Some of the audience members, aged between 50 and 70, told JoongAng Ilbo they were “surprised at how humorous and outgoing she was despite her young age”, that she was “the perfect host” and that she was “entertaining”. and lovely.

Kim, who is 38, takes over as the longtime show helmer at an age about 20 years younger than Song when he became the show’s host aged 61 in 1988 Since her debut under SBS in 2003, Kim has proven herself to be a likeable character for all ages over the years.

Kim in 2008, second from left, when one of her most popular characters was a

Kim in 2008, second from left, when one of her most popular characters was a “little boy” [MBC]

She was initially known for her trademark skits where she dressed as a little boy. The character leaned heavily on her short haircut and fuller figure. Over the years, she lost a lot of weight, citing that she started having health issues. She gradually moved beyond the “little boy” concept and developed a number of other personas that are not necessarily related to her physical appearance.

In 2018, Kim became a member of girl group Celeb Five, which debuted with the song “I Wanna Be a Celeb”. The group initially consisted of four other actresses – Song Eun-i, Shin Bong-sun, Ahn Young-mi, and Kim Young-hee.

The cover of the single

The cover of the single “I Wanna Be a Celeb” by Celeb Five (2018) [SISO]

Kim as her character second aunt KimDaVi in 2020 [VIVO WAVE]

Kim as her character second aunt KimDaVi in 2020 [VIVO WAVE]

Kim created the character Second Aunt KimDaVi, who wears glasses, bright red lipstick and her hair in a bun, and released the single “Gimme Gimme” in 2020. The character is billed as “your 77-year-old second aunt who was born on a rainy day with a story to tell” and speaks in dialect.

In addition to acting, Kim has been the host of the MBC radio show “Noon Song of Hope” since 2012.

More recently, she also appeared on the big screen in the supporting role of Detective Yeon-su in the movie “Decision to Leave” earlier this year. Director Park Chan-wook praised his acting in the film.

Kim, left, and actor Tang Wei on the set of the film

Kim, left, and actor Tang Wei on the set of the movie “Decision to Leave” [CJ ENM]

In May, during a press interview, Park said he had “always thought that Kim was a born genius and that the movie industry should do whatever it takes to recruit her.”

“I just knew she was going to be a great actress,” Park said. “Kim has spontaneity and good reflexes, as well as the ability to capture specific characteristics and turn them into her own,” her previous comedy skits showed.

“During filming it turned out I was right – she was born to act. She said she was nervous but it didn’t show at all. She acted like she did it all his life […] I’m thrilled to see her perform in everything she does.

Members of the public watch the live recording of the

Audience members watch the live recording of KBS’s “National Singing Competition” on Saturday in Dalseo District, Daegu. It was comedian Kim Shin-young’s first time hosting the show. According to the district, some 30,000 people attended. [YONHAP]

“Kim has played a plethora of roles since his debut, ranging from boys to ajumma [middle-aged ladies]said pop culture critic Kim Sung-soo. “Not only that, she also has a great stage presence, which is why she is able to captivate audiences wherever she goes. Typically, when the host of a show is changed, especially a show whose the identity is centered on the host, its popularity tends to decline.But I believe that ‘National Singing Contest’ has found a completely new, but charismatic host.

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