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He gave the example of painting. If many Bonne Terre residents leave town to buy large quantities of paint outside of town, the already established local hardware store would get the first knocks to start stockpiling paint, and if the hardware store were not interested in selling paint, an attempt could be made to attract a retailer who would.

Charles Branch, Senior Vice President of Business Development at NextSite, gave a brief summary of their initial findings and stressed that the company’s mission is not business coaching, advice, brokerage or leasing. space.

“We are identifying opportunities for retail and restaurant business growth in the communities we serve,” he said. “We connect developers, tenant representatives, retailers and restaurants to the community. We’re here to help by providing information where we can. We don’t give a pile of reports saying “good luck” we want things to happen. “

In March, data mining began. NextSite uses mobile mapping software that tracks unidentifiable geographic and purchasing activity, providing data showing how many customers a retailer has, where they are from, what time of day or week is. the busiest, what is bought the most or the least, and in the area where customers buy the least, where they leave the area to buy these things.

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Branch used some data from Bonne Terre Save A Lot as an example. According to NextSite analysis, just over a third of the grocery store’s customers come from Bonne Terre, with residents of Park Hills, Farmington and De Soto also contributing the most to its sales, followed by Cadet, Festus, Valles. Mines, Bismarck, Potosi and French Village. Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest shopping days.

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