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Cameron Rowley’s minimal stepladder takes inspiration from traditional tools

Our Next Generation 2022 showcase highlights 22 exceptional graduates from around the world, in seven creative fields. Here we feature furniture design graduate Cameron Rowley from Kingston University, UK

The first steps in the world of design for the London designer born in South Africa, Cameron Rowley, already include the 2021 edition of The Conran Shop and the designer of the future award from the Marandi Foundation for his “One Step Ladder”, which he created as part of his degree in product and furniture design at the Kingston School of Art.

“While my African heritage has an impact on some of my reflections, I am heavily influenced by the construction of traditional English furniture, as well as objects of use such as tools and tools,” says Rowley, who cites them. designers Max Lamb, Sebastian Cox and Jasper Morrison as influences. on his attitude and philosophy towards design.

Drawing inspiration from everyday items and processes that aren’t necessarily related to household items, Rowley’s design approach focuses on functionality and workmanship. “I believe manufacturing is an essential part of the design process. I always manufacture, from start to finish, and it always improves and informs my process and my end product, ”he says.

Cameron Rowley’s “A Stepladder”

His “One Step Ladder” is the result of both his extra-domestic inspirations and his passion for manufacturing. The idea, he explains, arose from an observation that step ladders are usually only used for a while, and that people often only use one step. From there, his design developed to create a compact object that responds to this behavior.

Visual inspiration came from the wooden handle of a shovel, which Rowley turned to create the walk. The extended handle, he explains, “gives confidence when the user is on the step, [and] it also means that they don’t have to bend down to move it, like a traditional stepladder ”.

For his future in design, Rowley plans to connect with classmates from Kingston, whose views and approaches to making, he notes, are very similar to his own. “I hope to gain valuable experience over the next few years and apply that experience in the form of a studio,” he says. “My ambition is to create a collective focused on sustainability and function. “

Dream collaborators: Sébastien Cox, Vaarni. §

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