Canberra artist wins top prize

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A Fire Dream was the inspiration for the winning piece of the 2021 Geelong Acquisitive Print Prize competition.

Canberra-based artist Dianne Fogwell took home the prize and the $ 10,000 prize with her piece Latency, ahead of 33 other pieces selected from across Australia.

This nationally acclaimed acquisition award exhibition features entries from across Australia by established and emerging printmakers representing the diversity of current practices through traditional printmaking techniques as well as contemporary processes.

This year’s exhibition includes stimulating responses to the built environment, the natural world, history and culture, geopolitics and world events, everyday objects, portraits, language and culture. narration, and explorations of color and form through abstraction.

Ms Fogwell in her artist statement said she started dreaming about fire after her mother died a few years ago.

The judges said his one-state, five-panel color linocut is extraordinary for its technical brilliance and conceptual richness.

“Last summer watching the smoke roll in calm and density over Canberra brought those dreams and subsequent inquiries to a new realm of contemplation,” Fogwell said.

“Latency concerns the fragile veils of the landscape that await what will happen.

“The artwork is printed on both sides to encourage the feeling of looking both inside and outside of a curtain, but both with a sense of worry, ignorance, but also with the awareness that something comes this way that we then have to endure.

“There is a great collective sadness in losing the idea that the Australian bush is ‘eternal’ or ‘invincible’, but there is always hope: for with our thoughtful help, there can be regeneration at home. both of place and of spirit. “

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