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South Africa’s latest crime statistics for the second quarter of the year show an alarming rise in violent crime in the country.

According to Police Minister Bheki Cele, the country had 7,004 reported murders in the three months to September 30, 2022, which equates to 78 people murdered every day in the country.

But the country’s problems are not just about murder – the minister said crime figures show aggression and violence are at worrying levels in South Africa.

“July to September saw a record number of assault cases reported to police in five years. SAPS across the country investigated a total of 85,640 cases of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) and common assault cases during the three months of reporting,” a- he declared.

Crime data includes the circumstances under which many of these cases occur, and it reveals that South Africans are a generally angry population.

Arguments, road rage, provocation and misunderstandings, along with retaliation, revenge and punishment, remain the primary motives for GBH assaults, Cele said, while murders generally follow the same general patterns.

There are also growing cases of vigilance, the minister noted, with 528 lives claimed through so-called “community justice”.

Crime levels across the country have increased between July and September 2022, with mostly double-digit increases. Cele noted that this is because crime levels are compared to the same period in 2021, when the country was still under high levels of lockdown.

However, even comparing violent crime data to pre-Covid levels, it is clear that cases are on the rise.

Before Covid, the quarterly murder rate was recorded at 9 people per 100,000 population. In the latest figures, this figure has increased to 12 per 100,000. A similar trend is observed with other violent crime categories such as assault (73 per 100,000 in 2Q23 compared to 66 per 100,000 in 2Q22) and attempted murder (10 versus 8, respectively).

Across the country, South Africa has seen a new province emerge as the most violent when it comes to killings.

The Eastern Cape’s murder rate (per 100,000 people) climbed to 19.7 in the quarter, overtaking KwaZulu Natal by some margin. In the comparable period last year, the two provinces were tied at 15.0.

KZN is still the second most violent, with its kill rate climbing to 16.0. Next is the Western Cape at 14.5 and Gauteng at 9.8.

If we look at the top 30 murder stations in the country – these are the police stations closest to where the murder took place and where the crime was reported – Inanda in KZN ranks as the most violent area, with 99 murders recorded in the region.

Then come Umlazi in the KZN, and Nyanga and Delft in the Western Cape.

Mirroring overall provincial murder rates, the top stations for reported murders are dominated by the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Western Cape and Gauteng.

Where the murders take place

According to SAPS data, most murders take place in public places, such as on the street, outdoors, in parking lots or on beaches. This is also the case for attempted murder.

However, the second most common location for murders is the victim’s residence or another residence of someone known to the victim. Notably, this is the best place where the GBH assault takes place.

Other common murders, attempted murders, and assault sites include vehicles—either a car, bus, or taxi—or taverns and liquor stores.

Worryingly, Cele noted an increase in the number of mass shootings the SAPS faced. Police have highlighted at least four mass murders that occurred during the period, including three mass shootings and a murder at a farm where seven people were killed in a home robbery.

SAPS is investigating 250 multiple murder cases, with 578 victims, he said.

Firearms are also the main weapon used in murder cases, outnumbering knife murders by a rate of three to one. After guns and knives, the most common lethal weapons are other unspecified sharp objects and blunt instruments.

Given their importance in the South African crime narrative, the SAPS pays particular attention to farm murders in its data. Police have recorded 16 farm murder victims nationwide in 10 incidents.

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originally published: 11/15/2022

(SUMMIT, NJ) — vivid scene, in residence at the Oakes Center at 120 Morris Avenue in Summit, presents a special holiday performance by The Flip Side, Vivid’s improv team, on December 3 at 8:00 p.m. Masks are optional in the theater.

The flip side includes Clark Carmichael, Laura Ekstrand, Noreen Farley, Lulu French, Dave Maulbeck, Scott McGowan, Emaline Williams and David Lee White. This unpredictable evening is an affordable and enjoyable evening that is filled with laughter from start to finish. This is a unique holiday-themed evening that provides a refreshing addition to The Nutcracker, a Christmas carol and the Rockettes.

Based on improv techniques created by The Groundlings, Upright Citizens’ Brigade and The Magnet, The Flip Side offers a unique take on short-form improv, taking in audience feedback to create instant scenes that are both unexpected and hilarious. No two shows are the same, and the most important ingredient in every show is the audience.

The show includes improvisational comedy sketches that use audience suggestions to shape the scenes that the actors instantly create on stage. The performers use ingredients such as everyday objects, strange illnesses and unusual circumstances to concoct unconventional mini-pieces that appear and disappear in minutes.

The flip side will appear at Vivid Stage at 120 Morris Avenue in Summit on Saturday, December 3 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $20 and $15 for students 25 and under. For contactless advance ticket purchases, Click here. The Oakes Center theater is wheelchair accessible. Parking is accessible from Ashwood Avenue, behind the theater.

vivid scene was founded in 1994 as the Dreamcatcher Rep, and is a non-profit professional ensemble of actors who build community with audiences by sharing life-affirming contemporary stories that challenge, energize and entertain. Our work is grounded in a belief in the essential goodness of people and the power of live performance to connect people through our common humanity. We expose theatergoers to ideas and lives similar and different from their own in an effort to spark their imaginations and create empathy for others. We deepen the experience of all our guests with personal contact through receptions, discussions and interactive programs.

Advertise with New Jersey Stage for $50 to $100 per month, click here for info

The company’s activities include stage productions, improv comedy and cabarets, new play readings, and a variety of educational and outreach programs for seniors.

Vivid Stage programs are funded by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts, the Union County Department of Cultural and Heritage Affairs, and numerous other corporations, foundations, and individuals. Vivid Stage is an action producing member of the New Jersey Theater Alliance.

Vivid Stage, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation, incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey.

Graphic by Dave Maulbeck

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Naples is home to much, much art.
It has always been a crossroads of different cultures, inspirations, sounds and images that are a little out of the ordinary. Almost as if over the centuries it had created a real micro-climate of its own, full of lights and shadows. And just under the enormous pressure of these lights and shadows, very often little diamonds like VOGA were born. With an openly overseas sound (and freshly signed to Columbia Records/Sony Music Italy), they are like real oxygen in a scene that risks suffocating at any moment. Confirming what was just said is their new single “Niente Di Personale”available November 4. Their business card consists of introspective lyrics, samples in the rhythms and light but introspective flows.

“The inspirations of “Niente Di Personale” are quite oriented in relation to the sound that we want to bring. It’s a transversal piece, living in the urban sphere, although crossed by pop. Everything we do and produce always has an urban constant. In this sense, “Niente Di Personale” is also our manifesto in terms of content, even if it is quite cheeky.

VOGA was born in 2019, between singer and producer Enrico Esposito and producer Lorenzo Biscione. After a series of interesting collaborations that gave us a broad understanding of their artistic and sound direction (Psychologists, Yung Snapp, MV Killa, CoCo), we can say with certainty that they did not disappoint expectations. While remaining faithful to a strong Neapolitan imagery that has always characterized them.

Given their many facets, Collater.al decided to create a playlist in collaboration with them and understand their musical journey: “One of the sounds that inspires us the most comes from Toronto, so there’s a lot of Drake in the playlist. Our music, especially music that hasn’t been released yet, is almost 80% based on sampling, and that’s why Kanye West appears among the picks. We’ve also included artists who represent our more pop side, like Calvin Harris, although VOGA’s sounds are still contaminated with the urban. We can say that this playlist combines all the elements and musical nuances that you will hear in the tracks to come, without excluding the dancehall that belongs to us a lot.

Bring Home Thornton Dial – Garden & Gun http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/bring-home-thornton-dial-garden-gun/ Tue, 08 Nov 2022 21:21:24 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/bring-home-thornton-dial-garden-gun/

For Thornton Dial, creative expression was a way of being: In interviews with art collector William Arnett, the self-taught artist from Alabama said, “My art is proof of my freedom.” Throughout his life, Dial created works of art in response to his everyday joys and the struggles he faced as a black man living in the rural south. Even after suffering a stroke, he adapted his art style to his declining health.

During the last years of his life, and after his death in 2016, his works traveled to prestigious museums in New York, Washington, DC and Houston. This fall, much of his artwork returned to where he grew up and raised his own family. The latest exhibit at the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts (AEIVA) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Me too, I’m Alabama offers a homecoming for Dial, showcasing his drawings, paintings, and assemblages of giant found objects, including previously unseen massive paintings that were in his Bessemer studio after his death. Me too, I’m Alabama is free and open to the public and will continue until December 10, 2022.

photo: © 2022 AEIVA, UAB

A view of Me too, I’m Alabama at AEIVA.

The solo exhibition is a comprehensive and thoughtful tribute to the artist and his place of origin. “Nobody in his neighborhood got to see it in the context of Alabama,” says guest curator Paul Barrett. “We literally wanted to bring him home to people who knew him in real life and felt his presence.” Dial, who has spent his whole life in his native country, was not initially a career artist: as a young man, he left school to support his family on a sharecropping farm and a former cotton plantation in the segregated rural town of Emelle, Alabama. – which is now one of the most toxic waste dumps in the country. While Dial continued to craft furniture and metalwork, he still used his hands, whether responding to President Barack Obama’s inauguration, crafting sculptural fishing lures, or shaping a scene in the world. dog show with metal, wire, marbles and bread bags.

photo: © 2022 Estate of Thornton Dial / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

dog show, Thornton Dial, 1987. Metal, wood, wire, fiber, marbles, bread bags, tape, Splash Zone compound and paint. Estate of William Sidney Arnett.

Text panels from the exhibition and passages from the catalog weave together a multi-voiced narrative with the voices of Dial’s friends, art scholars, museum lenders and collectors as well as excerpts from interviews with his family. It also brings together artists affected by the influence of Dial, including Alabama Poet Laureate Ashley M. Jones, Los Angeles artist Umar Rashid and one of Dial’s sons, Richard Dial. “The exhibition became a little bit of news about what Thornton Dial meant to everyone,” says John Fields, director of AEIVA.

photo: Photo by Jerry Siegel. ©2022 Estate of Thornton Dial / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

moon changes, Thornton Dial, 2003. Clothing, inner tube, photographs, can lids, cabinet door, rug, gloves, enamel and spray paint on canvas on wood. Private collection.

Accessibility was a priority for the Conservatives. “It was important that the sites were free and open to the public with no barriers to entry,” says Barret. “We didn’t want to turn anyone away because they didn’t have the money to pay the admission fee.” At the beginning of the fair, AEIVA offered free shuttles from the municipal library to Me too, I’m Alabama. “We recognize that there is a problem [in the art world]– for communities across the United States, museums have traditionally not been viewed as welcoming spaces for people of color. Most museums resemble courthouses and government buildings. It can be intimidating.

Some of the most meaningful curatorial moments have come from working with Dial’s family. Dial’s son, Richard, runs the 360 degree virtual tour of Dial’s Bessamer studio, speaking of his dad with kindness and deep admiration. “The joy of working with him, and his spirit, seemed to linger here,” Richard shares during the virtual tour. “That studio was all him, and his image fills the room. Those are the closest memories you can get.

photo: Photo by Jerry Siegel. ©️2022 Estate of Thornton Dial / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Man with his sea breamThornton Dial, 1987. Metal, vinyl, marbles, Splash Zone compound and paint. Arnett Collection.

Barrett recalls how happy Dial’s family was at the start of the show. One of the artist’s granddaughters found familiar pieces in one of the sculptures, including a teddy bear. “She and her mother went through and through, pointing out different things they remembered. He used their materials in his sculpture. They saw their toys differently, they saw it as art,” says Barrett.

For Fields, witnessing this intergenerational interaction spoke directly to the power of Dial’s work. “Inanimate objects that have changed hands over generations can retain memories and energies. In works of art made from found objects, they can be charged,” says Fields. “The kind of memories and stories the objects have affects how the viewer reacts to them. You almost teared up.

As for Dial’s family members, they shed their own tears of joy. “They thought they would die without seeing something like this,” Barrett says. “Everyone said that this show, hands down, meant more to them than any other presentation of Dial’s work. Because it’s my home.

The spy who hired me? Spotlight on hidden cameras in Airbnbs http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/the-spy-who-hired-me-spotlight-on-hidden-cameras-in-airbnbs/ Tue, 01 Nov 2022 11:05:54 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/the-spy-who-hired-me-spotlight-on-hidden-cameras-in-airbnbs/

Do you find reports of spy cameras found in vacation rentals disturbing? Try these tips for spotting hidden cameras and ease your worries.

Advances in technology have made travel faster, cheaper and easier for many of us. We can book flights through smartphone apps, check in online, easily overcome language barriers and avoid getting lost. Finding a place to stay has never been easier, as technology has opened up a whole new world of travel, both for those on a budget and for families and couples looking for a stay in a more luxurious setting.

But technology also brings new risks, including to our privacy. In recent years, some travelers have seen their dream vacations ruined by a particularly frightening risk to their privacy: hidden cameras in rental properties, which are often booked through platforms such as Airbnb.

Certainly, it is not a question of frightening or feeding paranoia, far from it. You are even more likely to encounter other travel-related cyber threats, such as Airbnb themed scams Or other common risks to watch out for when traveling. But ours is also a time when all sorts of surveillance gadgets are becoming more affordable; moreover, these gadgets are often tiny and/or designed to look like everyday objects – they’re meant to be hard to spot, after all.

It is therefore understandable that many people fear that they will possibly be watched by the camera in their private moments. So much so that the risk is always in the spotlight an Airbnb guest uses social media to share their own horror stories of encountering spycams in the bedroom or bathroom of their foster home.

Look at me, look at us?

Real (and known) cases involving spy cameras don’t seem particularly common, but they do happen occasionally. Here are some examples from the past few years:

  • In 2017, internet activist Jason Scott tweeted a photo of an internet-connected spy camera hidden inside a burglar alarm motion sensor, which was discovered in an unnamed Airbnb location by a colleague.
  • In 2018, a Glasgow traveler and his girlfriend found a hidden camera inside a digital alarm clock pointed at the property’s bed in an open-plan room. He alerted police in Toronto, where the property was located, after realizing the host owned six other properties.
  • In 2019, a New Zealand IT Security Professional found a live feed from a hidden camera after scanning his Airbnb’s Wi-Fi network at a property in Cork, Ireland. The host was initially exonerated by the website, until the news went viral.
  • In 2022, an Airbnb customer discovered a hidden camera located in the property’s bathroom after he heard a click when getting out of the shower with his girlfriend. The device was apparently configured to take photos and transmit them to the user’s device when it detected movement in the room.
  • Admittedly, other types of accommodation are not completely risk-free either, as evidenced by the case of South Korea where 1,600 people were secretly recorded in motel rooms and the footage was streamed live online for paying customers.

Under a watchful eye?

A study 2019 by real estate services firm IPX1301 found that out of 2,000 Airbnb U.S. customers, the vast majority (83%) trusted their host. So far, so good. But more than half (58%) also said they were concerned about the prospect of hidden cameras in the property. Additionally, 11% of respondents said they had discovered a hidden camera in their Airbnb.

Now, the number may be a far cry from the actual number of cases involving spy camera discoveries in vacation rentals. Indeed, far from all worries (and reports) regarding such invasions of privacy appear to have been substantiated.

To make matters even more complex, some vacation home owners are venting their frustrations about their guests on social media, including posting legitimate (i.e. fully disclosed) security camera footage, as well only the full names of the guests. Back in 2019, Facebook closed one of these groups with thousands of members.

What does Airbnb say?

As the market leader in vacation rentals, Airbnb has took much of the flak for spy camera incidents. There have also been reports that the company has been slow to take customer complaints seriously.

Now, Airbnb policy on the subject is quite unequivocal. Security cameras and noise monitoring devices are permitted “as long as they are clearly disclosed in the listing description and do not invade the privacy of others.”

The presence of cameras or other recording devices must be disclosed in the property listing (two examples from random Airbnb listings)

In other words, there is a clear prohibition of:

  • “Hidden and Undisclosed Devices” which are intended to monitor common areas. Any such device must be installed “conspicuously and disclosed in the listing description”.
  • Devices located in or monitoring private spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms and sleeping areas such as sofa beds. “Disconnected devices are allowed as long as they are turned off and proactively disclosed to customers.”

With over seven million registrations worldwide, it is extremely difficult for the company to police these rules. This means customers may want to be proactive and take matters into their own hands. Indeed, given how frightening the discovery of spy cameras can be, why not arm yourself with the knowledge of how to avoid this scenario – or at least dispel any lingering doubts?

How to find a hidden spy camera

If there’s even a slim chance your Airbnb host is secretly spying on you, it’s time to get serious about protecting your privacy. Channel your inner James Bond with the following tips for finding a hidden spy camera:

  • Physically check the room: Sometimes the old ways are the best. Look for hidden cameras in plain sight, perhaps in clocks, smoke detectors, speakers, or even light bulbs. If there are any suspicious devices pointed at beds or showers, they may merit further investigation.
  • Use a flashlight: Camera lenses are made of glass, which means they are reflective. So turn off the lights and turn on a flashlight around the property to check if there is anything hiding in an appliance or piece of furniture.
  • Check night vision lights: Turning the lights off or on will also help you spot any red or green LEDs that may light up on night vision cameras. Be slow and methodical when moving around the property as they can be quite small.
  • Use an app: Researchers have been working on a mobile app which uses phones’ time-of-flight (ToF) sensor to find spy cameras hidden in everyday objects. There are also apps and other software, including security apps, that can scan networks not only for weaknesses, but also help you find devices connected to them. In a modern property, there may be a number of smart home devices, however, it is not always straightforward to distinguish harmless from suspicious devices. It is also possible that some hosts are using another network to spy on their guests. Do not scan your neighbours’ Wi-Fi networks.
  • Detect RF signals: A final telltale sign of a hidden camera is monitoring radio frequencies (RF) that the camera may be using to connect to a hidden network. There are devices available to search for this activity, although they can be quite expensive. Another option is to make an outgoing call to a family member or friend and walk around the property. A hidden camera may be interfering with your phone signal, so stop and investigate.

Depending on what you found (or didn’t find), it’s up to you to decide what to do next. Call the police, notify Airbnb, move out, and request a refund. Or relax and continue your stay safe in the knowledge that there is nothing to worry about.

Where to See Art Gallery Exhibits in the Washington Area http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/where-to-see-art-gallery-exhibits-in-the-washington-area/ Fri, 28 Oct 2022 11:32:10 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/where-to-see-art-gallery-exhibits-in-the-washington-area/


Today’s high-tech art relies heavily on computers, but PCs, smartphones and digital imaging didn’t exist in the 1960s, when Rockne Krebs (1938-2011) began applying the lessons of color painting from Washington to art made with Plexiglas and lasers. None of his laser works are included, of course, in Pazo Fine Art’s “The Technological Sublime”; they have all been designed for large outdoor spaces. Instead, the three-artist exhibit includes some of Krebs’ designs from the early 1970s for works of art made of pure light. Also featured are several of the DC artist’s clear plastic pyramids, some of which are partially painted.

Van Gogh through a pinhole

The idea of ​​both series is essentially the same: pull the hues off the canvas and float them in the air. Most of the designs concern “rainbow trees” which would curve colored light around the top of a tree, outlining the foliage in space. Among the two-sided pyramids are some that are just translucent shapes, two coated in soft abstract pigments, and one whose joint contains a single vertical red line. It’s not as vivid as a laser, but this seemingly disembodied red bar exemplifies Krebs’ ambition to take color field painting beyond painting.

The technological aspect of Beverly Fishman’s recent sculptural paints is expressed through their precision-cut shapes and glossy urethane paint finishes. Assembled from elegantly contoured pieces, the Detroit artist’s images look a bit like distilled cityscapes. However, their subtitles reveal a very different inspiration: pharmaceutical packaging. To describe one piece, Fishman lists the medical conditions as “pain, opioid addiction, bipolar disorder, muscle spasms.” His perfectly executed works of art refer, albeit indirectly, to human frailty.

Ruth Pastine’s glittering paintings are closer to the images that impressed Krebs when he moved to DC five decades ago. Each features gradients of a single rich color, with the lightest region near the center. Nothing particularly technological in the paintings of the Californian artist painted in oil on canvas whose beveled edges evoke infinity pools. Yet Pastine’s assured technique produces colors that shine like lasers.

The technological sublime Until November 10 at Pazo Fine Arts, 4228 Howard Ave, Kensington. Open by appointment.

For nearly 40 years, Craig Kraft has been shaping glass tubes into neon-lit sculptures, drawing on inspirations as diverse as graffiti, cave paintings and endangered creatures. That the artist’s recent work is more immediate is suggested by the title of his new show, “Emergency Neon”. Gun proliferation, lost or abducted persons, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are among the topics explored at the Honfleur Gallery, which adjoins Kraft’s studio.

Red neon “missing persons” notices glow in the venue’s window. Inside, “Stop Putin” is spelled out in the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag, and a handgun surrounded by a pulsing red light has its barrel twisted so it can’t fire. More conceptual is “Finding Hope,” its white-engraved title name, which is designed to be mounted in what the artist calls “unlikely places” where it can be discovered and documented on social media. As part of a collaboration, Kraft added neon flames to Luis Del Valle’s hair, tie and shoes. The painting of Donald Trump.

The magazine that gave photography unprecedented power

Kraft’s shop window displays the sketched head of an endangered African elephant. The degradation of the environment is also the theme of the most complex offer at the Honfleur show, “Climate change”. The artist has stacked and mounted metal and wooden storm debris, which is backlit in pink and blue, and punctuated by three lightning bolts: jagged white-colored tubes with glowing tubes wrapped around them. White light travels down the vertical tube like electricity crackling from sky to earth, giving the installation movement and a hint of menace. While most parts of “Emergency Neon” are simple signs written in neon, “Climate Change” is a multi-act drama.

Craig Kraft: Emergency Neon Until November 5 at Honfleur Gallery, 1241 Good Hope Road. SE.

Andrew Sovjani and Graceann Warn

Sensual surfaces are a source of affinity between the works of Andrew Sovjani and Graceann Warn, paired in “Graphic Rapport” at Calloway Fine Art and Consulting. Sovjani photographs assemblages of found books, often painting their spines white. Warn creates layered abstractions on wooden panels, partly covering repeated geometric figures such as concentric circles with wax-based encaustic pigment. Both artists make images that are basically flat, but play with a sense of depth.

Although Sovjani is primarily a photographer, parts of his compositions are rendered in paint. Rather than using computer effects, the Massachusetts artist physically adds accents, either before or after clicking the shutter button. The blue shadows of “Fact/Fiction” are painted and the red backgrounds of the “Color Construct” series, which include Warn-like circles, appear flat but actually bend from the back to the bottom of a stack of books. Sovjani, whose influences include the carnal paintings of cakes and pies by Wayne Theibaud, transforms everyday objects into lush exercises in color and shape.

Warn’s academic background includes studies in classical archaeology, which hints at the role of excavation in his style. The Michigan artist’s paintings can look like palimpsests, repurposed documents that reveal multiple layers of text or images, or explicitly evoke partially erased blackboards. They are often divided into regions of contrasting colors and patterns, or literally divided into multiple panels, including a set of three strongly vertical wall columns embellished with circles and stripes. Rectangular, hard-edged wood highlights areas of bright mottled color, which Warn applies as if concealing and uncovering at the same time.

Andrew Sovjani and Graceann Warn: graphic report Until November 5 at Calloway Fine Arts and Consulting1643 Wisconsin Ave NW.

Originally inspired by a book about loggers in the Pacific Northwest in the early 20th century, Tom Hill’s “Unnatural Desires in Natural Settings” playfully combines woodland motifs with homoerotic imagery, some of which is self-explanatory. The skillfully crafted 3D wall collages include small stumps and miniature logs, sometimes covered in shimmering pink, and phrases such as “cuddly bitch”. The goal, explains the artist’s note, is to “move beyond the taboo to a place of acceptance.”

Tom Hill: Unnatural Desires in Natural Environments Until November 5 at Portico Gallery, 3807 Rhode Island Ave., Brentwood.

]]> Review: ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ pleases fans, but can’t beat the original classic http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/review-hocus-pocus-2-pleases-fans-but-cant-beat-the-original-classic/ Fri, 21 Oct 2022 19:13:00 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/review-hocus-pocus-2-pleases-fans-but-cant-beat-the-original-classic/

It was 29 years ago that the Sanderson Sisters; Winifred (Bette Midler), Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker), and Mary (Kathy Najimy) cast a spell over the world for the first time in “Hocus Pocus.”

‘Hocus Pocus 2’ was released on September 30, earning nearly double the Rotten Tomatoes rating of its predecessor. The original cast returned for the sequel.

As for the movie itself, it starts out a bit boring. When you meet the witches, it becomes much more interesting.

The film begins in a 1500s village in Salem, Massachusetts. It’s Winifred’s 16th birthday and her sisters made her Jell-O. It gives comic relief to a stressful start with arguments, jostling. Winifred is terribly rude to her sisters, as always. It’s only at the end that we see how much Winifred’s sisters really mean to her.

After Winifred receives her spell book (named “Book”), she commits arson. Midler’s voice hasn’t aged a day with her signature call from her beloved spellbook.

The passage from the past to the present was quite brutal. The song during the transition is good, but it doesn’t really match what’s going on at that time. Right after that, the high school drama is kind of boring because that’s not what the movie is about. At this point, we don’t know the current whereabouts of the Sanderson sisters unless you’ve seen the first movie and know they’re “dead.”

The film; post-transition follows Becca (Whitney Peak) and her friend Izzy (Belissa Escobedo) on Becca’s 16th birthday. Their first stop after school is at the magic shop.

Along the way, they meet Mayor Traske (Tony Hale). Traske is described as a nice guy and one thing he does really well is his fake laugh. This laugh lasts only about thirty seconds, but it is very contagious. What seems just a little makes you laugh because he can’t stop laughing. However, Traske happens to be a descendant of the priest who expelled Winifred from Salem.

We also meet Gilbert (Sam Richardson), who can be seen as both protagonist and antagonist. His character is probably the most interesting and changes the most throughout the film. Gilbert is also the reason I think there will be a “Hocus Pocus 3”, whatever that may sound like.

After Becca and Izzy light the candle in the forest, the Sanderson sisters cross the ground, dividing the ground where they rested. 29 years later, none of the Sanderson sisters look older.

Photo courtesy of Matt Kennedy/Disney Enterprises. Left to right: The Sanderson sisters – Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker), Winifred (Bette Midler) and Mary (Kathy Najimy) – are confused by everyday objects at Walgreens.

We get more comedy when the Sanderson sisters see what the real world looks like now. The first stop is Walgreens and we see what people might think if they had been dead for 300 years. The scene is hilarious because they’ve never seen automated doors, lotions, or other common things at a Walgreens. The Sanderson Sisters create a comedic trio while exploring modern technology.

What disappointed me the most was the choice of song they made Bette Midler sing. The first film featured Midler performing “I Put a Spell on You” by Screaming Jay Hawkins. This time it was “One Way or Another” by Blondie. It’s not that Midler’s rendition of the song was bad, but “I Put a Spell on You” was iconic and it was just right. It was a step forward musically.

“I Put a Spell on You” also makes more sense because it literally casts a spell over the citizens of the town, whether it’s the original where it has them dancing or the sequel where it has them find the mayor. Even though the song fits the scene, Midler’s version of “I Put a Spell on You” is such a classic that it could and should have returned for the sequel.

Overall the movie was good, but there are only a few sequels that could go along with the original. “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2” take the cake when it comes to originals and dynamic sequels.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t put “Hocus Pocus” and “Hocus Pocus 2” on this list. It was still good, and fans will probably like the movie. However, I’m going to disagree with Rotten Tomatoes and put “Hocus Pocus” above “Hocus Pocus 2”.

“Hocus Pocus 2” is available to stream exclusively on Disney+.

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hypnotic visual poem by andrés reisinger + sam mason envelope gallery in london http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/hypnotic-visual-poem-by-andres-reisinger-sam-mason-envelope-gallery-in-london/ Wed, 19 Oct 2022 10:57:09 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/hypnotic-visual-poem-by-andres-reisinger-sam-mason-envelope-gallery-in-london/

any day now: a multisensory exhibition in the heart of london

Immersive audiovisual experience in the heart of London, ANY DAY NOW brings together artists Andres Reisinger and Sam Mason to wrap the facade from the W1 Curates gallery with a hypnotic visual poem. Surreal moving images illustrated in pastel pink hues reflect on life’s journey, inviting visitors inside the gallery to dive into a basement ‘portal to divinity.’ The multisensory exposure explores the fertile space between the digital and physique enriched with audio by RAC, through a series of external digital screens and three internal spatial installations that encapsulate a metaphysical suspension countered by a strong geometric structure. Together, these compositions unfold a space limited in time, “where gravity reigns and living things, such as humans, are extracted.”

ANY DAY NOW will be exhibited at W1 Curates in London from 20e October 2022.

all images © Andrés Reisinger

andrÉs reisinger + sam mason question the cycle of life

ANY DAY NOW reflects on the cyclical journey of life and questions the limitless possibilities of the future, imagining alternative and surreal experiences. With their visual poem, digital artist Andres Reisinger and visual artist Together, Sam Mason animates London’s bustling Oxford Circus, projecting their art along the gallery’s facade and catching the attention of passers-by with their mesmerizing digital screens. Inviting visitors inside, the exhibition continues in a trip to an underground facility presenting three multi-sensory spatial environments that ‘creating a portal to divinity’.

In each dreamlike composition, large tables are placed in an arid landscape and adorned with curious everyday objects which serve as metaphors for the endless evolution of life, power, wealth and nature, alluding to ‘circumstances and moments that come, dictate, define and simply disappear. Lying in disproportionate isolation, apples and books – some of Reisinger’s iconic symbols – signify the physicality of things translated into the virtual world in a quietly eccentric play of proportions and dimensions. These objects are set in motion by Mason’s dream space and brought to life in a looping allegorical narrative. New elements, such as arched column arcades, also emerge from the sand as solid symbols of ancient architecture infused with a new world.

a hypnotic visual poem by andrés reisinger + sam mason wraps the facade of the gallery in london

‘The overall composition, enriched with a new sound work by musician RAC, is filled with sand, reminding us of the temporality of everything; the work, however, never speaks of an end or a beginning, instead illustrating the infinite cycle of life. The images represented speak of the structure of the world; a forward-facing environment, clearly showcasing the ground below, where souls exist, and the ground above, enlivened by light,’ explain the designers.

a hypnotic visual poem by andrés reisinger + sam mason wraps the facade of the gallery in london

a hypnotic visual poem by andrés reisinger + sam mason wraps the facade of the gallery in london

a hypnotic visual poem by andrés reisinger + sam mason wraps the facade of the gallery in london

Jar-Jar Binks actor does a one-man show on the Star Wars prequels http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/jar-jar-binks-actor-does-a-one-man-show-on-the-star-wars-prequels/ Wed, 12 Oct 2022 18:55:26 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/jar-jar-binks-actor-does-a-one-man-show-on-the-star-wars-prequels/

Ahmed Best – who played everyone’s favorite Gungan in the Star Wars universe: Jar Jar Binks – writes a One Man Show about his experiences. Binks was a controversial and much-hated character when the Star Wars prequels were released between 1999 and 2005, but he’s since gained cult status.

Best was in a touring production of Stomp in the 1990s, which was a dance performance using everyday objects such as trash can lids for percussion and involved impressive acrobatic feats. Best was cast as Jar Jar Binks due to his athletic and flexible movements on the show.

Like Jake Lloyd, who played young Anakin, Best also struggled mentally due to the vitriol the prequels inspired in a certain section of the fandom at the time. “To be very honest, I was very scared to go to [Star Wars Convention] Party,” Best said in 2019. “Whenever I’m in a Star Wars setting, I spend most of my time defending our work and defending Jar Jar. And I don’t want to do that anymore. So I was very reluctant to come to Celebration because of that.

The better continued; “But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t at all. I felt nothing but love, respect and admiration for the work we did. I couldn’t have been more proud and I couldn’t have been happier. I wish Georges [Lucas] was there because I think we’re at a time where we have to stand in this work. We have to say, “We did it” and go into it with great pride, because it stands the test of time.

When Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen were on a press tour for Obi-Wan Kenobi, they found they had a similar reaction. Basically, people who were children when the prequels came out, and I grew up loving them, I’ve grown now. This means that many of these adults regard them with nostalgic affection, rather than dismissing them as ridiculous.

Better tweeted that “I think it’s time for my version of how it all happened.” It looks like his One Man Show may include reveals. Until you find out what they are, check out our guide to the Star Wars movies, ranked.

INCREASE-3 | PBS Epsilon | everyday astronaut http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/increase-3-pbs-epsilon-everyday-astronaut/ Sun, 09 Oct 2022 19:39:44 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/increase-3-pbs-epsilon-everyday-astronaut/
Launch window
(Subject to change)
October 12, 2022 – 00:50:43-00:55:11 UTC | 09:50:43-09:55:11 JST
Assignment name
RAISE-3 and others, Epsilon Flight #6
Launch Provider
(Which rocket company launches it?)
IHI Aerospace Co. Ltd (IA)
(Who pays for this?)
– Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
– Q-Shu Institute of Space Pioneers Inc. (iQPS) (for QPS-SAR-3 and 4)
Epsilon Launch Vehicle S
Launch location
Uchinoura Space Center, Kimotsuki, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Payload mass
~280 kg (~620 lbs)
Where are the satellites going?
Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
Will they try to recover the first floor?
Where will the first stage land?
It will crash into the South China Sea
Will they try to recover the fairings?
Are these fairings new?
What weather is it ?
To be determined
It will be:
– 1st orbital launch attempt for Japan in 2022
– 6th flight of an Epsilon rocket
– 2nd flight of the Epsilon PBS variant
– 135th orbital launch in 2022
where to watch
If an official livestream is available, we’ll post the link here!

What does all this mean?

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency launches RAISE-3 and 7 other payloads aboard an Epsilon rocket. A set of five CubeSats flies alongside the main payload.

The primary payload for this flight is an in-orbit demonstration mission. It is part of the Innovative Satellite Technologies Demonstration Program which has been ongoing since 2015. It is a 100 kg class satellite that hosts seven demonstration missions integrated with the main RAISE-3 satellite. You can find more information about this platform below.

Carpooling Cubesats:

Cubesat name Dimensions
MAGNARO 10 x 10 x 34cm
MITSUBA 10 x 10 x 23cm
KOSEN-2 10 x 10 x 23cm
WASEDA-SAT-ZERO 10x10x11cm
ISP-SAT 10x10x11cm
Carpool Cubesats flying with RAISE-3

RAISE-3 mission and others

RAISE-3 (RAPID SatellitE-3 Innovative Payload Demonstration)

RAISE-3 missions (1 of 2) (Credit: JAXA)
Assignment Component name Organization Objectives (summary)
In-Orbit Demonstration of the Satellite IoT Platform in the 920 MHz Band Using Satellite MIMO Technology LEOMI Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) In-orbit demonstration of multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) telecommunications technology
Software receiver using a flexible development method SRX NEC Space Technologies, Ltd. In-orbit demonstration of a flexible, high-speed software receiver using a signal processing board with COTS parts
In-orbit evaluation of the commercial GPU and its model-based development GEMINI Mitsubishi Electric
Corporation (MELCO)
In-orbit evaluation of commercial GPUs enabling ultra-fast computing.
In-orbit demonstration of a micropropulsion system using a water thruster KIR PaleBlue Inc. Demonstration in orbit of a micro-propulsion system using water as propellant.
In-orbit demonstration and performance evaluation of the PulsePlasma thruster for micro-satellites TMU-PPT Advanced
Institute, LLC.
In-orbit demonstration of the pulsed plasma thruster, enabling a small, low-power, low-cost propulsion system using solids
In-orbit demonstration of
Deployable Membrane Deorbit
Mechanism for micro-satellite
D-SAIL Axelspace Corporation In-orbit demonstration of a deployable membrane structure, aimed at increasing atmospheric drag and the rate of orbital decay.
In-orbit demonstration of a lightweight deployable membrane
Structure with energy generation and antenna function for society 5.0
HELIOS Sakase Adtech Co., Ltd. In-orbit demonstration of a lightweight, deployable membrane structure with power generation and antenna function.
In-orbit demonstration missions integrated into RAISE-3
RAISE-3 missions (2 of 2) (Credit: JAXA)

The RAISE-3 platform is based on the previous RAISE-2 platform, with slightly modified specifications.

Article Features)
Operational period – 1 month for the commissioning phase
– 13 months for the nominal operating phase
Orbit – Sun-synchronous orbit (initial)
– Altitude: 560km (nominal)
– Tilt: 97.6 degrees (nominal)
– Local time descending node: 9:30 a.m.
Launch Expected in fiscal year 2022
Dimensions Approx 1m x 0.75m x 1m
(Start Setup)
Mass Less than 110 kg
energy production – More than 215W at BOL
– More than 180W at end of life
(Average electricity production during sunshine
Communication – S band for remote control: Uplink: 4kbps, Downlink: 64kbps
– X band for mission data and stored telemetry. Downlink: 16 Mbps
Storage 8 GB
Attitude control – 3 stabilized axes
– Pointing towards the ground for the nominal attitude
Resources available for mission payloads – Mass: more than 23kg
– Power: 105Wh (BOL) and 62Wh (EOL) over one orbital period
– Data volume: 926.7 MB per day
– Payload mounting area: more than 2.5 m2


It is a 3U sized package that splits into two satellites after deployment. One is 2U and the other is 1U. They are connected by magnetism until they are separated. After separating, they will maintain a formation flight at a distance of 2-500 km from each other. Radio amateurs will be able to use these satellites as repeaters for long-range communications.


The satellites will be deployed in a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 550 km. The combined mass of the two satellites is 4.4 kg. The name is abbreviated from “Magnetic separation nano-satellite with rotation for orbit control”. The satellites were designed and built at Nagoya University.


This satellite is described as “the observation of the in-orbit degradation of the COTS semiconductor to add value to the COTS database and the in-orbit demonstration of the general USB device”. It was built by the Kyushu Institute of Technology. The satellite has a mass of 1.7 kg.



This main satellite platform measures 11cm x 11cm x 23cm, with a YAGI-style directional antenna that extends after deployment. It is designed to study the deformation of the earth’s crust below the seabed. It uses dual reaction wheels to maintain attitude control. It takes observations using a combination of fish-eye camera lenses and magnetic sensors. It was developed by a partnership between the National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Yonago College, Gunma College and other educational organizations.

KOSEN-2 (Credit: JAXA)


This satellite is a technological demonstrator of 3D printed satellites. Its objective is to have zero fixing screws, zero mechanical parts to assemble and zero debris. This is achieved by 3D printing the entire chassis in one piece.


It will be used to conduct experiments regarding the deployment of membrane surfaces that could be used as solar panels for power generation or as a solar sail for propulsion. It was designed at Waseda University. The total mass of the satellite is 1.2 kg.


It is a cost-effective 1U size satellite with a multi-spectral camera and on-board data processing system. It is designed to demonstrate that this technology can be deployed and operated at this small scale and at low cost. The satellite has a mass of only 1.4 kg. It is built by the Future Science Institute.

FSI-SAT (Credit: JAXA)

QPS-SAR-3 and 4

The QPS-SAR satellites are a set of small Earth observation satellites built by the QPS Institute (Institute for Q-shu Pioneers of Space, Inc.). They feature high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) in the X-band portion of the radio spectrum. When fully populated, the constellation is expected to have 36 functioning satellites.

This pair of satellites are improved in power generation and battery storage over their predecessors, QPS-SAR 1 and 2, but these were prototypes. QPS-SAR 3 and 4 each have a 3.6 m diameter antenna (after deployment) that has a mass as low as 10 kg. It is capable of resolving objects as small as 0.7m (~2ft).

QPS-SAR-3 (iQPS credit)

Epsilon rocket

Epsilon is essentially a three-stage vehicle using solid-state engines on all three stages, with an optional post-boost (PBS) stage that uses liquid monopropellant. This PBS, used on this flight, is based on the monopropellant reaction control system used on the H-II (A/B) rocket.

Length 26 meters / 85 feet
Diameter 2.6m / 8.5ft
Total weight 96 t / 212,000 lb
Global Specifications
Epsilon rocket (exploded view) (Credit: JAXA)
Items 1st step
2nd stage
3rd step
Length (m) 11.7 4.3 2.3 1.2 11.1
Diameter (m) 2.6 2.6 1.4 1.5 2.6
Mass (ton) 75.0 17.0 3.3 0.1 1.0
Propellant (ton) 66.3 15.0 2.5 0.1 N / A
Thrust (kN) 2,271 372 98.8 0.4 N / A
Burning time (s) 116 140 90 1100 N / A
Propellant Solid
Hydrazine N / A
Do) 284 300 301 215 N / A
Control TVC4
(Solid propellant)
twirl thruster N / A
Scene specifications

1 – Post-Boost Stage
2 – Payload fairing
3 – Hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene
4 – Thrust vector control
5 – Solid motor side jet
6 – Reaction control system

Flight profile and deployment schedule

Walk The description Time (hms) Time(s) Altitude (km) Speed ​​(km/s)
1 To remove 00 00 0 0 0.4
2 Stop of the 1st stage 01 48 108 70 2.3
3 fairing jettison 02 31 151 115 2.1
4 1st stage of separation 02 41 161 123 2.1
5 2nd stage ignition 02 45 165 126 2.1
6 2nd stage burnout 04 54 294 202 4.8
seven Separation 2nd floor 06 30 390 237 4.7
8 3rd stage ignition 06 34 394 237 4.7
9 3rd stage burnout 08 02 482 232 7.9
ten 3rd separation stage 09 54 594 235 7.9
11 PBS 1st start 16 33 993 277 7.8
12 PBS 1st stop 17 44 1,064 288 7.8
13 PBS 2nd start 41 24 2,484 554 7.5
14 PBS 2nd stop 50 46 3,046 572 7.6
15 RAISE-3 deployment 52 35 3,156 570 7.6
16 MITSUBA & WASEDA-SAT-ZERO Deployment 1 06 30 3,990 570 7.6
17 PBS 3rd start 1 08 11 4,091 572 7.6
18 PBS 3rd stop 1 08 26 4,106 572 7.6
19 QPS-SAR-3 Deployment 1 09 43 4,183 574 7.6
20 MAGNARO deployment 1 10 06 4,206 574 7.6
21 QPS-SAR-4 Deployment 1 11 19 4,279 575 7.6
22 KOSEN-2 & FSI-SAT deployment 1 11 42 4,302 576 7.6