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SAN ANTONIO – If an art museum’s mission is figuratively rooted in the collection, its trunk nourished by preservation and its limbs stretched by exposure, an ongoing McNay exhibit is proof that the leaves of a work can also impart fresh color through recreation.

A more literal tree (although made from construction foam and paint) stands 15 feet tall in the center of the museum’s aptly named exhibit “Is it real? Staging natureAnd then encourages visitors to consider the imagination and vibrancy that brings the illusions of the natural world to life on, well, the theatrical stage.

Not only is the tree the centerpiece; it’s also the impetus for how the other 60 pieces of all shapes, sizes and shapes were neatly organized around her in McNay’s Brown Gallery, an effort led by Scott Blackshire, curator of the Tobin Collection of Theater Arts at the museum. It was around the start of his tenure in early 2019 and the San Antonio Opera’s “Faust” series that Blackshire discovered that the tree, designed by Houston-based artist Earl Staley in the 1980s, was going to be scrapped after 30 years of performing around the country.

“It was time for this tired and sad set to retire,” said Blackshire. “And it was going to be dumped.”

He set to work to prevent that from happening. With the help of his new employer, they managed to save the base of the tree, triggering a two-year process to imagine an exhibit that would end up surrounding him, literally and thematically. Stroll through the gallery where “Staging Nature” will remain hosted until October 24, and you’ll find hand-drawn storyboards, enlarged diagrams, backdrops projected on the walls to highlight details, elaborate miniatures imagining the essence of the future of stage props, 3D dioramas of theatrical productions as envisioned in mind before they are absorbed into the eyes of the audience.

At the same time, using Staley’s blueprints as a guide while adding their own creative flourishes, McNay’s installation crews got to work recreating the tree’s majesty. Or, that is, as much of her majesty as the gallery space would allow.

“The tree itself is supposed to be 30 feet tall,” Blackshire said. “We only have half that space here, so we literally truncated it – pun intended – then (McNay maker) John (Dalton Atkins) took some of the extra branches and made the crown of the tree.”

It only takes a few minutes to recognize the double meaning of the name of the exhibition (as well as the curiosity of its question). “Staging Nature” is an exhibition designed to show how the process of creating theatrical productions becomes an art form in itself, through the convergence of multiple mediums.

Blackshire says his aim with exhibitions like “Staging Nature” is to show how design is integral to setting up any type of production at all levels, whether it is a simple ceremony or ceremony. ‘a prestigious opera.

“We find that customers really enjoy learning more about the process,” he added. “My goal is to give McNay visitors multiple entry points to better understand not only the artwork, but also the theater they are going to see – what makes them think, what makes them feel, what ‘they might appreciate it. “

Other famous productions like “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare and “The Progress of Steel” by Fernand Léger are represented, as well as the kaleidoscopic meaning of design in a play: scenography, conception. costume, hair design, creature design.

The presentation of these design elements offering visitors a different kind of behind-the-scenes pass extends to the 15-foot-high spectacle of the exhibit itself. Stand just under the tree and you’ll notice how the aerial canopy (one of its original features) creates what amounts to an optical illusion of foliage for those standing outside; walk behind the tree and you can see its basic materials under the false flora and fauna.

“It’s a fine example of a work of art in its own right, but it also shows the designer’s process,” Blackshire said.

Meanwhile, “process” took on a whole new meaning for McNay’s installation crews when it came to a particularly eye-catching piece: a wolf puppet on loan from a Mexican theater group, delicately constructed from from a litany of everyday objects like screws, chicken bones, light bulbs and an accordion. It broadens the definition of the staging of nature while integrating perfectly with the themes of “nature on stage”.

“I was immediately fascinated by the construction, the materials, the way all of these man-made materials could create something so realistic, so natural,” said Blackshire. “It’s interesting how, as a curator, you see these things and they seep into your mind over the years and you finally find a way to bring them together in an exhibit. “

Rachel Trevino, McNay’s had communications and marketing, said another motivation for “Staging Nature” and similar exhibitions is to deconstruct the notion of theater as an “elite” art form reserved for the higher class.

“When you experience these exhibits, they look like things you can relate to,” she said. “Like nature, I can embark with nature. There’s that underlying kind of learning and understanding that happens, which is wonderful, and it brings theater to life in a different way.

It takes an artist to realize the potential of a work of art, which is another way of saying that Blackshire harnessed his own creativity when designing the exhibition and, true to the way a work of art art tells a story, saw “Staging Nature” as the perfect opportunity to tease McNay’s plans for his own property. Continue through the exhibit and along a wall you can glimpse storyboards of a different kind: plans for the recently opened Tobin Land Bridge as well as plans for the museum’s reimagined landscaping, which is expected. to be unveiled in its entirety later this fall.

“I was like, ‘What a great way to tie into the McNay grounds for the enjoyment of the people by bringing this tree and showing how we showcase nature in many ways through different works of art. “

Blackshire says visitors to McNay can expect the same amount of detailed consideration in the exhibit that will follow “Staging Nature,” “Cities on Stage” – an exhibit that will see that inspiration of organic beauty replaced with the elegance of urban life, imbued with Alamo City flourishes.

Colors may change and the atmosphere of the Brown Gallery may change when “Cities on Stage” arrives, but if “Staging Nature” is any indication, it will be another exhibition of artists interpreting the world around them and bringing the world to life. a memorable sight. as it may appear in a captivating play.

“The sets and costumes are designed to trick you, to help suspend your disbelief in what you see,” Blackshire said. “So to see something like that, you have to know that a 30 foot tree is not on stage. Yet it is, and it feels very real.


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What is solid drawing in digital animation? How to start http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/what-is-solid-drawing-in-digital-animation-how-to-start/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/what-is-solid-drawing-in-digital-animation-how-to-start/#respond Thu, 16 Sep 2021 15:15:00 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/what-is-solid-drawing-in-digital-animation-how-to-start/

Do you remember how it felt when you first learned to draw? You might have spent hours trying to copy an image of your favorite cartoon character, only to end up with a result that looks decidedly off-model. How do the pros do?

Professional artists start from the ground and progress. The solid drawing, also known as the construction drawing, insists that the base of the character needs to be established before we tackle all the fun things. Let’s see what solid drawing is and how you can try it out for yourself.

What is solid drawing in animation?

We barely drew anything and already the character below is instantly recognizable as Mickey Mouse. While Walt Disney was not the first to design his characters around the principles of solid drawing, he is certainly credited with perfecting the approach. It’s Mickey in his most basic form.

Mickey Mouse: solid drawing has never been easier

Essentially, solid drawing breaks down a character or object into very simple shapes, made up of ellipses and simple geometric shapes, like cubes resembling bars of soap. The integrity of these simple shapes is emphasized first and foremost when you begin to draw each pose.

After you’ve successfully traced each keyframe and split using just the shapes you chose as a base, you can go back and decorate the generic bodies with detail. This multi-layered process results in an animation full of feelings and rich in character.

Added Mickey features above the solid construction drawing

This feeling of wholeness can certainly be achieved in a digital and paperless context – it takes a little patience, however, just like an artist working with paper and pencil.

The great thing about digital animation software is that it’s generally non-destructive. Most 2D animation software systems offer a lot of support for a hand-drawn digital workflow. In most cases, we are able to draw in layers without disturbing anything underneath. This makes solid drawing easy.

How to get started with the construction drawing

Below you’ll find Charlie from the feature films All Dogs Go to Heaven and All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 – at least that’s what this cube is about to be.

A drawing of a cube

Charlie’s gnarled body is a great model for practicing solid drawing for animation. The official studio model sheet actually includes a rough rib cage in its build purlin. It’s really useful, so we’re going to roll with their original design.

Before you start with the rib cage, add another box. Draw the aforementioned chest cube and another for her hindquarters.

Two boxes

Connect the two with a simple spine.

Adding a simple spine to our two boxes

Along the spine add a few large hoops, representing the ribs.

Adding a rib cage to our construction drawing

Create a new layer above the construction. From there, you can start working the rest of the body: neck, head, legs, and tail to begin with. I am using a different color at this point; it makes it easier to see what I’m doing.

Rough in different body shapes

Once you get the general idea, you can add the rest of the details in a third color. Already, it’s starting to look a lot more like Charlie.

Charlie, starting to look a little bit more like himself

Is solid drawing useful for digital animation?

Many digital animators do very well without formally using construction animation. As long as their roughs communicate well and attractively the desired action, why waste time playing with shapes? Additionally, digital animation software tends to lighten up mediocre tasks, thus avoiding the need to do everything by hand.

However, construction drawing is great for many reasons, especially when using a digital animation workflow. It also tends to give your work a higher artistic quality, although there is certainly a time and place for all types of digital animation.

Either way, we strongly believe in what solid drawing can do for animation. Here are a few reasons why construction drawing may be the right choice for you:

  • A digital animation workflow makes it very easy to plot these geometric values ​​using layers or onion skins. You can even keep a copy of the character’s measurements for reference. When drawing from a “library” of correct primitives is practical, why not use the luxury to your advantage?

  • In terms of artist principles, building characters and objects from simple shapes makes it easy to preserve the quality of each drawing from frame to frame. It’s easy to draw four circles of the same diameter over and over again. These perfect circles then provide a perfect setting for the rest of the character details. Excellence is more likely to follow; a whole sequence of really well-designed frames sells.

  • Drawing in this manner leads to an attractive and memorable character design. This is the case even when building complex characters from simple, solid shapes. If you intend to animate the character, the planning should start here. Restraint at this point in the game will keep the base character design from getting lost in awkward detail.

  • Simple shapes are easy and fun to draw. It really doesn’t get much more complicated than that – when something is fun to indulge in, you’re more likely to dive into it. It is a cycle that continues.

Ultimately, the best thing about construction drawing is the freedom it gives you in a creative way. It makes articulating your true vision and translating it on stage a logical process.

In 3D animation, you have a model that exists; you can pose without thinking too much about it. In 2D animation, this is not really the case. Many of us start by drawing flat poses. We default to this way of drawing before we learn that overlapping different parts of the body is a way to create a sense of depth.

Drawing Charlie lying like this without “knowing” the dimensions of each limb would be much more difficult. Animating it in this position using only sight is almost impossible to do competently.

Solid drawing poses are generally much stronger than randomly drawn poses

The breakdown of a character’s build provides all the answers. Once you have the blueprint all you need to do is mix up each component until you start to see the character do whatever you want.

This technique facilitates the dynamic pose of 2D characters. If you notice one of them always ends up in a boring pose, seeing the build helps you turn things around without playing the guessing game.

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Go further with solid drawing

Once you can draw a dog with its eyes closed, try breaking down other characters and animals into simple building shapes. Many model sheets will show you how the characters are officially built. They are a great resource to start with if you are interested in designing your own characters.

The rooster of the promenade and Cecil the horse

You can experiment with different ways of visualizing each underlying shape. Instead of cubes, for example, you can simplify the orientation of the body into spheres with their axes drawn on them. Ultimately, it’s best to try new things until you find what works best.

Solid drawing example

Solid drawing: a necessity for all animators

Once you master solid drawing, your brain will start breaking down everyday things into their simplest forms. Your favorite coffee cup can become your new object of eternal fascination. Suddenly, you are able to draw absolutely anything.

Channeling this new skill into your work will make each animation more realistic and exciting; the difference in quality may shock you.

Mickey Mouse on a Piano
What are Disney’s 12 principles of animation?

Disney’s 12 Principles of Animation bring cartoons to life. Find out what they are and how they can improve your animations.

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Ph.D. Pitt. Student Brett Bankson wins Top Chef Amateur competition http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/ph-d-pitt-student-brett-bankson-wins-top-chef-amateur-competition/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/ph-d-pitt-student-brett-bankson-wins-top-chef-amateur-competition/#respond Wed, 15 Sep 2021 03:18:54 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/ph-d-pitt-student-brett-bankson-wins-top-chef-amateur-competition/

Food may be a necessity or a pleasure for most of us, but for Pitt Ph.D., 28. candidate and recent “The best amateur cooks” winner Brett Bankson, food is much more. For him, food is a way of interacting with others and the world around us.

“For me, food is a way of expressing myself, of interacting intimately with people,” Bankson said.

Brett appeared in the first season, episode 12 of BravoTVs’ “Top Chef Amateurs”, a spin-off of the hit series. “Excellent chef.” On the show, home cooks are invited to compete for a chance to win $ 5,000.

The casting process took about three months, starting with an online quiz followed by a series of interviews and auditions, according to Bankson. Once sunk, the show’s producers took Bankson to Portland for three days of filming. After quarantine of eight days, Bankson went through a day of pre-interviews, a day of competition and a day of post-interviews.

While Bankson was thrilled to have won the episode with a separate nut soup, he said the cooking shows only offered a brief glimpse into what cooking and food means to him.

“In my day-to-day life, I am a very uncompetitive and non-confrontational person,” Bankson said. “I don’t think cooking contests are anything but what they are. Which in this case is an hour of two people in a very artificial environment on television.

Food for Bankson is anything but an artificial concept – it has been a staple of his life since childhood. He pointed to memories such as eating Gouda cheese on the floor of his new home with his cousins ​​when he was a child and explore new cities through their culinary scene.

“The most poignant memories of my life have a food component,” Bankson said. “I like to interact with the world through taste.”

Food isn’t the only passion in Bankson’s life. Along with his flourishing culinary career, he is also pursuing his doctorate. in Cognitive Psychology at Pitt. He works under the guidance of Associate Professor Avniel Singh Ghuman student high level vision – how people recognize faces, objects and other visual stimuli.

Ghuman said Bankson has an incredible ability to balance different aspects of his life.

“By balancing everything in his life, he has a passion for each of them,” said Ghuman.

But Bankson’s relationship with his academic pursuits has not always been a healthy one. The academic path can be a mentally exhausting path paved with failures and frustrations, according to Bankson. Throughout his college career, Bankson has said he is fueled by thoughts of perfectionism and struggles with feelings of inadequacy.

“If I didn’t feel overwhelmed, I didn’t feel like I was doing enough,” Bankson said.

It was during this time of intense frustration that Bankson turned to his passions and began to find solace in them. He described the tensions between seeking new and exciting opportunities in the food field, following obtaining “Top Chef Amateurs” and staying in cognitive psychology.

“There’s this tension between this thing that I have no training for that makes me feel so good, and this thing that I have developed skills in for over eight years,” Bankson said.

Sydney Boutros – Bankson’s best friend who is currently pursuing a doctorate. in Behavioral Neuroscience at Oregon University of Health and Sciences – says the rigor of a doctorate. program often leads people to other creative outlets.

“The stress and difficulty of having a doctorate. program really pushes people to find something outside of the doctorate, ”Boutros said.

According to Boutros, food and cooking aren’t just stress relievers for Bankson – they’re a way to convey love and interact with those around him. She said Bankson started cooking for her and her other friends only to share the love that food brought her.

“He started out cooking for all of his friends just because he wanted to share the joy it brought him,” Boutros said. “And to see him be recognized for his creativity is amazing, because the more people there are who experience the love he puts into his kitchen, the creativity and all the thought processes behind it, it really is something special. . “

For Bankson, he said the success of “Top Chef” was just another opportunity for him to continue to spread love through his work.

“I have had a very uplifting and positive experience sharing my thoughts on food with people due to this wonderful random opportunity on ‘Top Chef’,” Bankson said. “Clearly people care, it’s fine, I just want to cook for you.” “

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10 fun STEM activities for kids http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/10-fun-stem-activities-for-kids/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/10-fun-stem-activities-for-kids/#respond Fri, 10 Sep 2021 20:37:49 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/10-fun-stem-activities-for-kids/ Three-year-old Hannah came home from school with a question. His teacher had placed a frozen bowl of water and plastic …

Three-year-old Hannah came home from school with a question. His teacher had placed a frozen water bowl and plastic animals on the table and the class saw him thaw. But how did he freeze in the first place?

The question sparked experiments at home, with bowls placed in the fridge, freezer and in the kitchen. It made Judy Hallinen, her grandmother, laugh, and it illustrated a point.

“These home experiences allow children to understand how the world works,” says Hallinen, assistant vice-president of outreach and director of the Gelfand Center at Carnegie Mellon University.

Hallinen and other education experts say STEM activities for children, hands-on projects that can be done in the classroom or at home, are essential in nurturing the idea that science, technology, engineering and math is relevant in everyday life.

“It’s never too early to start engaging young children in science and STEM,” says Erika Shugart, executive director of the National Science Teaching Association. “Resources and activities inside and outside the classroom that engage young learners, such as examining interesting objects, field trips, and participating in STEM activities, elicit interest. ”

“Unfortunately, the average elementary class spends less than 20 minutes a day on science, but almost 90 minutes on English language arts and almost an hour on math,” says Shugart. “For many students, limiting opportunities for early science learning in elementary school leaves them unprepared for science and STEM classes in middle and high school. It is important that we emphasize the value of science and STEM education, especially at the elementary level. “There’s a critical difference between saving for college and saving for K-12, which is the time horizon,” says Mark Kantrowitz, financial aid expert and former editor of Savingforcollege.com. “When you save for college, if you start saving when the baby is born, you’re 17 before you need the money. If you’re saving for Kindergarten to Grade 12, you might only be five.

[Read: How to Handle Bullying at School.]

STEM activities at home

STEM activities are creative experiments and projects that can teach real science principles in a fun and hands-on way. Here are some examples:

DIY engineering

Created at the Gelfand Center, the Bridge building challenge explores engineering ideas. Use a range of materials – spaghetti noodles, marshmallows, toothpicks, gumballs and more – to find out which models hold up the best or carry the most weight. The center offers to photograph the drawings before testing them, which sometimes destroys them. Additionally, “students should be reminded not to eat bridge building components if edible materials are used. ”

Cloud in a jar

This activity comes from the Gift of curiosity and teaches the cycles of water, condensation and states of matter. Pour hot water into a jar. Rotate it to warm the sides of the pot. Place a lid on the jar and several ice cubes on this lid. Leave it on for about 20 seconds. Remove the lid and spray hairspray in the jar, then put the lid back on and watch the clouds form!

Fibonacci numbers

fibonacci numbers, the mathematical models that are often found in nature, are fascinating. They are not normally taught in the lower grades, but they are easy to understand for school-aged children. Counting the number of spirals in the yellow center of a daisy, for example, or the spirals of a pine cone are good ways to explain them. Mensa for kids has more ideas.

Oil spill cleanup

This activity teaches how oil spills impact the environment and how chemical and environmental engineers play a role. Use trays filled with a few inches of water, feathers, straws, cotton balls and sponges. Add a little oil. Students can devise strategies to extract oil from a feather and other “wild animals” from their “ocean”. Read more in this article from Coalition for After School Science.

Crystal garden

Home education center explains how to use Epsom salts and food coloring to grow crystals in a jar. Use an equal ratio of salt and hot water and mix them together in a glass jar. Add food coloring to color the crystals. Put the mixture in the fridge and check in a few hours to see a crystalline surprise.

Build a catapult

STEM activities for children explains how to build catapults from frozen pop sticks, rubber bands, and other materials. Then see how far the mini pumpkins can fly by measuring the distance. The biggest problem may be what to do when they are past the end of the tape measure.

Create a scale

This activity helps young learners explore weight. As we grow up explains how to use plastic hangers, cups, and string to make hanging scales that students can use to compare the weights of different objects. Have students ask questions such as “How many LEGOs does this little car weigh?” ”

Building with jelly beans

A bunch of jelly beans (or marshmallows or corn candies) and toothpicks is all you need to start learning structures and engineering. Connecting toothpicks with jelly beans helps teach children how shapes and designs work. The activity teaches the concepts behind structural engineering. Read more on Lemon and Lime Adventures.

[Read: Back-to-School Safety Tips.]

Magnetic slime

This project, found on the Frugal pleasure website, puts a STEM twist on homemade slime that’s a staple for hands-on, tactile learning. Adding iron oxide powder to the mixture gives the sludge metallic qualities and allows it to react with strong magnets. Kids can make it crawl!

Explore pi

Measure pi by measuring the circumference of an object with a string, then measure the diameter and divide. No matter the size of the object, if it is really round the answer is pi (3.14). Fun math and geometry games like this are a great way to celebrate Pi Day on March 14 each year. Read more on School.

Link activities to learning

Education experts claim that STEM activities are most useful when linked to learning concepts.

Whitney Jackson, Professional Development Coordinator at the Center for Mathematics and Science Education at the University of Mississippi and former teacher, says connection is essential.

“I talk to teachers who do fun things, but it’s not related to the content,” she said. “It’s usually the part that’s missing, and that’s an important thing.”

The center helps connect STEM experts with classroom teachers for demonstrations. Likewise, the Gelfand Center of which Hallinen is director also organizes STEM workshops and demonstrations.

Hallinen says it’s easy for parents to relate activities to learning if they focus on answering questions as they arise. Experiences often yield more questions, which in turn yield more experiences.

“It can be a fun way to spend an afternoon,” she says. “But if you ask a few key questions, it can really increase learning.”

[READ: How to Build Digital Literacy for Your K-8 Child.]

Learn more about STEM activities

There are many resources to learn more about teaching science, technology, engineering, and math, and activities that can help children learn. Here are some examples:

The daily STEM podcast

The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids

STEM activities for children

Scientific friends

National Geographic Kids Science Lab

Looking for a school? Discover our Directory K-12.

More American News

Podcasts for children

Choosing a Summer Camp for Your Kindergarten to Grade 8 Child

First day of school: what parents and teachers need to know

10 fun STEM activities for kids originally appeared on usnews.com

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United Arab Emirates: Sharjah Art Foundation presents two new exhibitions – News http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/united-arab-emirates-sharjah-art-foundation-presents-two-new-exhibitions-news/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/united-arab-emirates-sharjah-art-foundation-presents-two-new-exhibitions-news/#respond Wed, 08 Sep 2021 01:55:29 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/united-arab-emirates-sharjah-art-foundation-presents-two-new-exhibitions-news/

The Sharjah Art Foundation presents two exhibitions of newly acquired and rarely seen works from its collection.

Organized by the director of the Hoor Al Qasimi Foundation, each exhibition – titled “Rain forever will be made of bullets” and “When I count, it’s only you …” – takes its name and central theme of an exhibited work, honoring the artists and their collective vision.

Taking its title from a work by Simone Fattal, “The Rain Forever Will be Made of Bullets” brings together works focused on the struggles and wars that took place in the artists’ respective countries of origin.

Previously exhibited works by Etel Adnan, Simone Fattal and Lala Rukh join a selection of newly acquired sculptures and works on paper by Chaouki Choukini. From epic legends to personal memories, artists draw on a variety of sources to inspire their work and turn conflict into creativity.

‘When I Count There Are Only You…’ examines the role of artists in society by revealing the most intimate and personal details of their inner thoughts, thus leaving themselves open to public interpretation. Artists transform iconic works of art and everyday objects to offer audiences new perspectives on the world around them.

The exhibition features works by Farhad Moshiri, Farideh Lashai, Iman Issa, Mandy El Sayegh, Nari Ward, Prajakta Potnis, Rabih Mroué and Rasheed Araeen.

Both exhibitions are currently on display in the Foundation’s Al Mureijah art spaces until October 1, 2021, and include works from past exhibitions, commissions from the Sharjah Biennale and recent acquisitions.

Also on view is Remain Calm: Solitude and Connectivity in Japanese Architecture, the third edition of Sharjapan, a four-year exhibition series curated by Yuko Hasegawa for the Sharjah Art Foundation.

A scale model of Sen no Riky’s 13th-century Tai-an tea house serves as the starting point for this investigative exhibition showcasing the work of emerging and established Japanese architects who explore the relationship between natural and built environments.

Remain Calm examines modern and contemporary architecture in Japan, exploring ideas that resonate powerfully when the pandemic made staying at home the ‘new normal’, while disrupting individual connectivity with an outside world that both feels loaded with challenges and possibilities.

In addition to these exhibits, visitors can explore the Flying Saucer Emblem, renovated by the Foundation to serve as a community center and resource.

Interactive facilities are also featured, including the Rain Room Sharjah, which allows visitors to enjoy the rain without getting wet. For those who enjoy the creative process, everyone from children to adults can participate in workshops and public programs that coincide with the Foundation’s ninth annual photography initiative, Vantage Point Sharjah. For more information and to book your visit, visit www.sharjahart.org.

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Where did I leave my keys? Bluetooth trackers can help http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/where-did-i-leave-my-keys-bluetooth-trackers-can-help/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/where-did-i-leave-my-keys-bluetooth-trackers-can-help/#respond Sat, 04 Sep 2021 01:00:00 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/where-did-i-leave-my-keys-bluetooth-trackers-can-help/

Key trackers and the like have been around for a while now, but it’s only now that Apple and Samsung have joined the game that they are really making waves with their simple idea: to help us find everyday items in making noise.

Apple and Samsung trackers only work in their own ecosystem, so you need to have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The Tile and Musegear trackers will work with iPhones and any Android smartphone. But it’s not just about compatibility.

Apple’s AirTag is the easiest to set up – all you have to do is hold the tracker next to your iPhone, hit “Connect” and you’re done. The Tile and Musegear Finder 2 are also easy to set up.

The Samsung tracker, on the other hand, is quite tedious to set up, requiring firmware updates and installing a smartphone app.

All of the trackers we tested did their main job of helping you find lost items just as well, indicating the location with an acoustic signal.

Apple AirTags and the Pro version of Samsung SmartTags also support searching for objects by showing the item in an augmented reality (AR) view when you are within a few feet of it.

This function requires a radio connection using Ultra Wideband (UWB). You also need an iPhone or Samsung device that supports UWB. The Tile Pro and Musegear Finder 2 do not support UWB, so AR is not an option.

While the AR search for the last few feet inside your apartment or office is more of a gimmick, UWB tech makes a big difference if you’ve lost your key fob outside your own four walls.

Beyond Bluetooth range, the Tile and Musegear won’t work, but Apple and Samsung trackers can use UWB to report their location to any of the countless nearby iPhone or Samsung Galaxy devices.

In principle, this crowd-finding method should also work with the Tile Pro via Bluetooth, but the Tile app must be installed on the smartphones of people in the area and they must have Bluetooth enabled.

The Tile and Musegear trackers have one advantage over Apple’s AirTags: you can use them to ring your smartphone, even when the phone is set to silent.

Unlike the previous model, the Musegear Finder 2 can unfortunately no longer be used to remotely trigger a smartphone camera.

Smartphone owners who place great importance on data protection will appreciate the fact that registration is no longer necessary with Finder 2. Location data is also not transmitted.

In our test, the Tile Pro especially impressed with its long Bluetooth range of over 130 meters under ideal conditions. It also beeps a bit louder than Apple and Samsung trackers.

The Tile Pro costs $ 35 (RM145) while the Musegear Finder 2 is around $ 5 (RM20) less. The Galaxy SmartTag + costs $ 40 (RM165), but the model without UWB can be purchased for $ 30 (RM124).

Apple charges $ 29 (RM 120) for its AirTag. However, it comes without an eyelet to attach it to something, so you will need to purchase a keychain or buckle. Fortunately, there are versions that are cheaper than Apple’s. – dpa

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The “Sensational” Toddler: Recognizing and Treating Sensory Processing Disorder http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/the-sensational-toddler-recognizing-and-treating-sensory-processing-disorder/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/the-sensational-toddler-recognizing-and-treating-sensory-processing-disorder/#respond Wed, 01 Sep 2021 03:32:42 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/the-sensational-toddler-recognizing-and-treating-sensory-processing-disorder/

Imagine two unique babies.

Benjy has been on the move since day one. Constantly active, often restless, easily surprised and a restless sleeper, he certainly keeps his parents on their toes. Speaking of toes, he jumped crawling and tiptoed at nine months! Mom and dad are exhausted, but that’s the way it is with a baby, they think.

Valérie’s parents appreciate her peaceful nature. She goes to anyone’s house, naps often, sleeps through the night and is content to be moved from the car to the grocery cart to the stroller and home, strapped in her baby seat. Her parents notice that she’s not interested in looking at the snow or grabbing a rattle, but she seems fascinated by the laptop screen saver next to her on the kitchen counter.

Two very different toddlers, one underlying disorder.

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is the ineffective processing of messages from a person’s body or environment received by the senses.

Children with PDS may be hypersensitive to certain sensations, such as sudden touch or movement. However, some may be under-reactive, not noticing the door has slammed or the hammock is swinging.

Some toddlers with PDS may be craving cravings, looking for loud noises, flickering lights, and vigorous movement.

Others may misunderstand the differences between sensations: are they going up or down, moving forward or backward? Is the water hot or cold?

Many people with PDS are unusually clumsy, bump into furniture, trip, and struggle to catch a beach ball or alternate feet when climbing stairs.

Rather than cope completely, children with severe PDS grow in it as they develop, adhering to regular routines and familiar environments that help them feel safe and comfortable.

SPD is not a learning disability, but it can lead to academic and social problems, as a child may be inclined to avoid ordinary childhood experiences that are distressing, such as messy art and science projects, circle games with other children, new foods and other sensory stimuli.

Here are some of the common signs of sensory processing disorder in children. If your child exhibits one or two of these behaviors, don’t worry! Therapists usually only diagnose SPD when an individual’s symptoms are severe enough to negatively impact daily life.

Sensory overreactivity

• Resists being touched or held

• Is afflicted by baths, hairbrushes, and messy hands or face

• Cannot tolerate the textures of most clothing or linens

• Is a picky eater

• Keep your hands tight and don’t put your bare feet on the floor

• Frequently covers eyes or ears

• Afraid of sudden movements, playground equipment, car trips or elevators

Sensory sub-reactivity

• Seems unconscious to itchy touch sensations like itchy tissue

• Not bothered by inoculations or bruising

• Ignores loud noises

• Don’t notice when the name is called

• Do not notice when it falls

Sensory craving

• Touch everything

• Blows and shocks, requiring deep pressure on the skin and muscles

• Seeks intense movement, swaying, swaying, shaking or climbing constantly

• Likes to shake and nod, turn or be upside down

• Sniffs objects and people

• Puts inedible objects in the mouth after 2 years

• Speaks in a booming voice

Ineffective sensory discrimination

• Evaluates distance from a ledge or moving objects such as swinging children

• Has difficulty seeing the differences between faces, pictures and letters such as “b” and “d”

• Has difficulty hearing differences in voices, melodies, and sounds such as “g” and “k”

• Becomes confused when orienting limbs to dress

• I cannot tell if the milk has soured or if the food is chewed enough.

Ineffective sensory motor skills

• Has loose or “floppy” muscle tone

• Movements “in flight” (that is to say without apparent obstacle)

• Has difficulty using both sides of the body together for clapping or reading

• Has difficulty thinking, planning and executing new and complex actions, such as negotiating an unfamiliar obstacle course

• Shows reduced fine motor skills to draw, write or articulate words

• Shows reduced gross motor skills when crawling, running or climbing

If you think your child is showing signs of a sensory processing disorder, talk to your pediatrician or ask to be referred to a pediatric occupational therapist. If you think there is something wrong with your child’s development, listen to your maternal instincts! No one knows your child like you.

Fortunately, SPD is treatable, especially when children are young and their brains are malleable.

Are you looking for some activities to introduce sensorimotor experiences and improve your child’s developmental abilities at home?

Try these practices, body on activities with your little one!

• Circle games (eg Hokey Pokey or Duck, Duck, Goose)

• Resistive activities (Tug-o-War or soft brutality)

• Heavy work (carrying sacks of potatoes and buckets of water, digging or pushing a stroller)

• Follow the guide

• Stretching activities (squatting like a seed and gradually “growing”)

• Play in tubs filled with water, sand, beans, rice, mud, shaving cream or other pleasant to the touch ingredients

Whether your child has been diagnosed with SPD or just needs a little extra time to develop basic sensorimotor skills, fear not, Mom! Now that you know the signs of SPD, you can stop worrying so much and seek help if needed. In the meantime, have fun with your child, get outside every day and join the ranks of parents around the world raising “amazing” children.

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Skyrim: the 10 best immersion mods so far http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/skyrim-the-10-best-immersion-mods-so-far/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/skyrim-the-10-best-immersion-mods-so-far/#respond Sat, 28 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/skyrim-the-10-best-immersion-mods-so-far/

Content Warning: This article contains references to violence

Skyrim the out-of-the-box game mechanics are pretty solid, but as time goes on it’s easier to spot just how outdated they’ve become. For players who want to replay Skyrim nowadays, a good level of immersion is essential. However, this is difficult to achieve without installing mods that directly affect the way they interact with the world.

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Good immersion mods can do Skyrim feel fresh, engaging, and realistic in a way the base game just can’t achieve. Adding these mods to a load order will revamp the gaming experience for a new game and allow players to fall head first into the adventure, once again.

ten Alternative to dynamic things

A store owner standing by a barrel of mead in Skyrim

By default, many Skyrim the objects are not interactive, and most of the time there for decorative purposes. This is seen as a missed opportunity to add a little more depth and immersion to the game, which is where Alternative to dynamic things comes into play. This mod allows interaction with many elements that were previously static in nature.

Players can harvest materials from mammoth skulls and dead animals, practice archery and melee skills on targets and mannequins, and interact with crates, hanging taproots, and more. In-game items are never replaced, only changed in an effort to inject a little more interaction with the surrounding world.

9 Campfire – Complete Camping System

A player resting near a campfire in Skyrim

Outdoor aficionados who like to let off steam in the great outdoors will appreciate Campfire – a mod that does exactly what the name suggests. It allows players to make campfires by harvesting nearby resources and placing them anywhere in the game world. This is ideal for players who don’t like to travel fast and prefer to camp at night.

Campfire also works hand in hand with Frosted, another mod that takes into account Skyrim deadly cold climate. Campfires can keep the player warm and prevent them from freezing to death, which is great for those who enjoy the more hardcore aspects of super-tough survival games.

8 Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul SE

A citizen carrying a basket in a village in Skyrim

NPCs (non-player characters) represent one of the Skyrim weaker muscles and Immersive citizens tries to solve this problem by injecting better AI and a more robust interaction system. NPCs no longer wander aimlessly like poorly programmed robots. After installing the mod, they will start to act in a smarter and scripted way.

The mod also overhauls the combat mechanic, giving enemy characters a lot more wisdom when it comes to engaging the player. Survival instincts are taken into account which means enemies won’t be so quick to engage in ruthless combat. It’s a must-have for players who want the best from their NPCs.

7 iNeed – Food, water and sleep

A shot of two characters in a tavern in Skyrim

Skyrim has lots of intense and challenging quests, but sometimes even those aren’t enough to give players a run for their money. By default, the game doesn’t particularly care about basic needs like food, water, or rest. Players can go through the entire game without taking a single sip of water, and the lack of sleep doesn’t really have as much of an impact as it should.

I need is a must have little mod that requires the player to take care of themselves. Regular food and drink are necessities, which means they’ll do more than just take up space inside inventory. Lack of sleep will also take a toll on player stats, as it should.

6 Blowing in the wind

A store sign blows in the wind in Skyrim

This mod has been released since 2016, and it offers a subtle, yet very immersive experience for Skyrim players. Things like hanging lanterns, shop signs, and other items now react to the blowing wind, creating a sense of credibility in the in-game weather system.

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Blowing in the wind is loaded with compatibility fixes for many other popular mods, so it’s best to check out the mod’s page for a full description. It might not seem like much, but if there’s room in the load order, this mod can go a long way to adding a bit more immersion to Skyrim.

5 Immersive movement

A Dragonborn on horseback overlooking a valley and town in Skyrim

While some players may not care Skyrim Rather embellished approach to movement and combat speed, some may wish for a more authentic real-world experience. Immersive movement brings a sense of weight and logic to the player, as well as to the various NPCs and creatures in the game.

Humans now walk and run at a normal speed, which means it is much more difficult to cover great distances on foot. This makes owning a horse much more convenient. Likewise, various creatures move more realistically, and combat is affected by the type of weapon used, its weight, etc. In short, the mod tries to weigh down Skyrim motion motor with a correct sense of realism.

4 Immersive interactions – Animated actions

A character stroking a horse in Skyrim

One of the coolest immersion mods to release in 2021 is Immersive interactions, which revises the way the player interacts with the world around them. For the first time, contextual animations are now in the foreground, allowing the player to better connect with NPCs and creatures while tackling daily tasks with more realism.

For example, players will now pick up and physically collect firewood, wave to NPCs, bend down to pick a lock, or pet an animal. These are just a few examples of what the mod has to offer, and it’s perfect for those who want to feel more than just a bulky statue, out of touch with what’s going on around them.

3 Converted Jaxonz Positioner

Key mappings for the Jaxonz Positioner mod in Skyrim

One of the most overlooked immersion mods is actually one of the best of the bunch. Converted Jaxonz Positioner has been around for a while, but its latest round of updates has made it a must-have for those seeking immersion. The mod allows the player to pick up, rotate and position most of the objects in the game, which is perfect for decoration.

Players with a house will enjoy this mod the most, as it allows them to rearrange things like chairs, tables, and other decorative items with just the press of a few keys. Players can even drop weapons, armor, and other items found while traveling, and position them exactly where they want them. Once done, a push of a button locks said item in place, preventing it from being accidentally knocked over.

2 Realistic AI detection (better stealth)

A masked character sneaking into a Skyrim fort

Skyrim the vanilla stealth mechanic is a huge mixed bag. For one thing, enemies can detect a player with complete ease, even without a direct line of sight, but once the stealth skill level starts to increase, they can’t even see the Dragonborn right in front. their face. Realistic AI detection aims to solve this problem.

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Essentially, the mod is all about balancing the extremes of stealth protocol. It takes into account lighting and shadows, movement, armor type, and distractions when calculating detection variables. This means that it is both harder and easier to squeeze in, according to logical criteria.

1 Hunterborn SE

Character stalking his prey

This mod alters the process of looting a dead animal by introducing dressing, skinning, and skinning mechanisms. It also changes the harvesting process by adding other materials that can be used to craft potions and recipes. It even comes with a set of hunting knives to complete the experience.

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An image of Poltergeist using Shadow Ball in gen 8 games, and Mimikyu using Ominous Wind in Pokemon gen 7

Pokémon: the 10 most powerful ghost moves, ranked

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Shay Mitchell’s boyfriend opposes epidural, but he’s not the one who gives birth http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/shay-mitchells-boyfriend-opposes-epidural-but-hes-not-the-one-who-gives-birth/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/shay-mitchells-boyfriend-opposes-epidural-but-hes-not-the-one-who-gives-birth/#respond Wed, 25 Aug 2021 00:44:30 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/shay-mitchells-boyfriend-opposes-epidural-but-hes-not-the-one-who-gives-birth/

I sacrificed myself for my family.

I grew up in Herat, Afghanistan, and spent the first six years of my life in the shadow of the Taliban regime. To this day, whole swathes of my education are missing because of what the Taliban stole from me. So when the United States came to my country to help us, there was no question in my mind: I had to volunteer and do something to build a better future for myself, my brother and my three sisters. .

My brothers in arms have become my family

I joined the United States Army, then the United States Marine Corps as an interpreter. I served seven different infantry battalions for over two and a half years, starting in the Garmser district and pushing up to Marjah, leading the way. During the difficult and exhausting days, I gained brothers and a fellowship that I never knew existed. I saw countless friends shot, injured and even died for this cause, but we had a mission: to drive the Taliban out of Afghanistan. I knew we were making a difference. I was in continuous rotation with different Marines for two and a half years without a break. My father was in the Afghan National Army, and I feel guilty for the double concern we have caused my mother.

I came to the United States and joined a beloved family

After my job in the US military, I knew that staying in Afghanistan was no longer a safe option for me.

After a long process of paperwork and obstacles to overcome, I got an SIV visa. I came to the United States! I was greeted by the first Marine officer I had translated for, David Kinzler. He picked me up from Camp Dwyer in Afghanistan and four years later picked me up from Dulles Airport in Washington DC My brother in arms has become a family.

I have lived with Dave and his family for the past seven years, and have watched their family grow and my connection with Dave and Ashley, his wife, has only deepened. I call his wife my sister, his four children are my nieces and nephews, and I thank my lucky stars everyday for the amazing American family I have.

The author with his adoptive family.

Coming from a very family culture, I sincerely believe that my success and my happiness are partly due to being a member of this large and dynamic family. I’ve moved with them twice, and while I might be late for the game, I hope one day – as soon as possible – to have a wife and family close to the Kinzler clan. Their parents are my additional parents; Ashley’s parents were even there when I became a US citizen almost two years ago. As Ashley says, they are “my people”. I am very blessed.

I am desperate to protect by my family in Afghanistan

I have visited my own parents, three sisters and my brother twice since I immigrated to America seven years ago. Once in November 2020, then again in June / July 2021. Dave and several other Marine buddies were extremely worried about my return home. I wasn’t worried and made it home safely in time for my nephew’s 10th birthday!

I never anticipated what was to come. I knew the troops were withdrawing from Afghanistan. I knew it would cause inconvenience. I even accepted that the Taliban would unfortunately gain a foothold in certain regions of the country. I absolutely did not think that the Taliban would take control of my town, Herat. It has been a devastating few weeks. I don’t know where to start to express my feelings, but there is a wide range.

At first, I thought my parents and siblings should be safe. They were hidden in the basement of the house. I was alarmed when the Taliban took control of Heratian Prison, which is located perhaps two blocks from my family home. When the Internet started to become more uneven, I became more and more anxious. Then it was as if everything had just exploded. My parents’ neighbor, who worked for the National Security Directorate, was arrested. Just get up and go.

My mind was shaken. My father was a colonel in the ANA [Afghan National Army], and what would stop the Taliban from going after him? My family is fiercely opposed to the Taliban and everything they stand for. My younger sister is in Turkey at the University. My other two sisters are female university graduates. How can I help? How can I keep my family safe? What can I do?

I experienced so many feelings: the anger that the Taliban took control, a deep sadness for the girls and women of Afghanistan, the terror not only for my family but for the safety of all those who helped them. Americans or protested the Taliban, and doubt. Was all the fire fighting, patrolling and IED blasts worth it? Did I make a difference? Right now, it feels like we’re all back where we started. I don’t blame the Americans for pulling out after 20 years, and yet I’m also furiously upset and feel like it’s a massive failure on the part of the United States. I am not a political person; I cannot even imagine the heaviness of this situation weighing on the shoulders of our leaders. I don’t have a solution, I don’t have a suggestion, I don’t even know if I have hope right now.

Through uneven communication, help and support from many friends, and crazy logistics, I helped my family get to Kabul. My parents finally accepted that they knew they are not safe because the Taliban continue to find and take people to Herat. The journey from Herat to Kabul is dangerous as it is littered with Taliban checkpoints, not to mention unpaved roads. The total journey is around 15 hours across the country. My family took a bus which left in the middle of the night and since yesterday they have managed to get to Kabul. The question now is: what are they doing in Kabul? They wait. Kabul is their only very, very remote chance to flee the country. They are not eligible for a SIV visa or a P1 or P2 evacuation. They did not help the Americans directly, so as long as they remain in danger, they are also waiting their turn. Kabul airfield is being slammed down and the doors are overrun with people desperate to get their children out. We’ve all seen the videos and photos. It makes me cry for so many reasons.

Humanity is a family

I don’t know what I can do, but I can’t be quiet. Please do what you can and act like your family is in danger too. If you are a person who prays, pray. If you are an activist, help activate any help you can think of. If you are able to donate or open your home, please do so. There’s a show called The United States of Al: it’s about a performer and his life coming to America and living with his Marine family (a bit like Dave’s and my story). To follow them on social networks– they have so many resources they link and places you can donate. Everything is important and makes a difference. Share, like and send positive waves.

While I’m really not sure if I will ever see my family again, I have to remember that during all these hellish past weeks there is some good. There is real goodness in the world. I have received more phone calls, emails, texts and private messages than ever before. Everyone is cherished and loved from the bottom of their hearts. I am now working not only to help my own family, but also all the Afghans we can bring to safety. I look forward to your words, your wisdom and your support.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of an Afghan American clinging to the perspectives of humanity coming together to help save a nation. There is evil in this world, and I have spent my life fighting it, but there is still so much good.

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WVU graduate travels to Mexico after winning Fulbright scholarship http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/wvu-graduate-travels-to-mexico-after-winning-fulbright-scholarship/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/wvu-graduate-travels-to-mexico-after-winning-fulbright-scholarship/#respond Sun, 22 Aug 2021 21:13:00 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/wvu-graduate-travels-to-mexico-after-winning-fulbright-scholarship/

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) – A University of West Virginia graduate prepared for the unique opportunity to go teach English in Mexico.

Christina White was one of two WVU graduates selected for the Fulbright Fellowship.

A scholarship that offers people the opportunity to study abroad.

In college, White earned an undergraduate degree in Biology and International Studies with a minor in Spanish.

She discovered her love for Spanish and health in high school.

White said she realized this after participating in a youth ambassador program in South America. Where she helped a non-profit organization working with the underserved population.

“I want to do medicine, public health, community development and Spanish. Being able to communicate with people and more, having lived in their community for a short time gives you a window into their life, ”she added.

In Mexico, White is said to be a teacher’s assistant. She was teaching half of a class with a tutor. Additionally, she would be working on an additional project required by Fulbright.

White said she had several ideas for her health and wellness related project.

“Strength training for young girls is something that fascinates me. Women can sometimes be put off by lifting, especially in rural societies. I want to use everyday objects, boxes of beans to make bicep pieces to music, ”she explained.

However, White won’t know exactly what she is doing until she arrives in Mexico.

They don’t know if the state of the pandemic would affect the program.

White planned to leave for Mexico on August 28 or 29.

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