Middle Ages

Release date, cast, trailer, and story details

The Green Knight, the adaptation of Arthurian legend starring Sir Gawain, features a stellar cast. Here is the release date and story details. The green knight is David Lowery’s highly anticipated film, starring Dev Patel as Sir Gawain in a retelling of the mythical Arthurian story – so who else …

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CREATE GOD – The Chicago Crusader

There is an ugly truth why some segments of white American society are so fierce in their defense of creationism. Simply put, that reason is white supremacy. But without a critical examination of creationism in the context of those religious cultures that support and espouse it, one can easily ignore …

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Virus cases remain stable in the area | Local News

COVID cases in Nash County have increased slightly over the past week, but Edgecombe County is showing progress in its COVID measures as measured by the state county alert system. Nash County Health Director Bill Hill said on Tuesday that 36 new cases of COVID were reported last week in …

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