Chanel unveils a limited edition collection for the 100th anniversary of N ° 5

Did perfume exist before Chanel N ° 5? Let’s ignore the story and take the no. The luxury house’s signature scent recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, and Chanel is expanding the scent for a limited edition collection called “Factory 5” to celebrate.

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For those who just can’t get enough of the iconic scent, Factory 5 has seventeen new products featuring No.5. Each item is inspired by an everyday object, illustrating the versatility of the perfume. Basic necessities, such as cans and tubes of paint, now contain valuable body care formulas infused with Chanel No.5 as the sole ingredient. Functional pop art.

A product from the Chanel 5 factory


A product from the Chanel 5 factory


“By reusing these everyday objects, N ° 5 has subverted their functions, demonstrating once again that luxury is in the experience we have of things. Dressing these objects with identity N ° 5, they become luxurious, iconic products, while keeping their own designs, ”said Thomas du Pré de Saint Maur, head of global creative resources for the Chanel brand – Perfumes and beauty. “Whether it is a tube of paint, a tea box or a cruet, all are universal, timeless objects that we have dressed with visual codes from N ° 5 to transfigure them.”

Pop-ups from around the world, imagined as a mini theme park to explore N ° 5, will be unveiled in major cities after June 29. Entertainment meets iconic Chanel luxury in a vibrant shopping experience, complete with demonstrations and a colorful factory vibe.

Happy Birthday Chanel N ° 5!

Chanel’s Factory 5 will be available on June 29 in pop-up stores around the world and online at House of Chanel.

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