Coty and Ant Group enter into a strategic partnership to deploy the Alipay+ solution in the global travel retail industry

GENEVA & SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Coty Inc. (NYSE: COTY) (“Coty”), a leading global beauty and fragrance company, has officially signed the Global Travel Retail Joint Business Partnership with Ant Group to strengthen cooperation in digitization. The deal means Coty will be the first beauty company to enter into the strategic travel retail partnership to support digital platforms like Alipay and other digital payment methods globally via Alipay+, a cross-border mobile payments suite. global and marketing solutions operated by Ant Group.

Based on this partnership, Coty will continue to grow the travel retail business through the digital operation powered by Alipay+, creating comprehensive and diverse brand campaigns through Alipay and other payment platforms, and delivering a more personalized customer experience with higher quality and efficiency. This strategic partnership will expand from China to the wider APAC region and then to Coty’s global travel retail market.

Over the past year, Coty’s travel retail business has performed exceptionally well. Traffic and sales of brick-and-mortar retail stores in Hainan saw strong growth thanks to the digital operation, and the duty-free business in China recorded triple-digit growth.

The digital operation is a clear strategic focus for Coty Travel Retail to innovate online and offline shopping experiences with a traveler-centric approach. Alipay, as a leading open digital platform operated by over 80 million businesses serving over one billion consumers, is a valued partner for Coty to co-create the future of beauty through innovative marketing capabilities and digital payment solutions. Since 2021, Coty has partnered with Alipay for a series of travel retail activations, including Lancaster Super Brand Day, the annual fragrance award, and launched the “Travel Around World” campaign in June.

“Cooperation with Ant Group in the field of digitization will help us serve our customers better”, Caroline Andreotti, Executive Vice President of Coty’s Global Travel Retail business, remarked during the signing ceremony. “Going forward, Coty and Ant will continue to work together to explore more digital channel opportunities to enhance the consumer experience. We will also aim to provide better services and products to more consumers around the world when of their journey, and to allow them to enjoy a better, more convenient and sustainable future.”

With the signing of this agreement, Coty will move forward hand in hand with Ant Group to accelerate the development of the digital service as well as the travel retail business, and will continue to develop deeper cooperation globally, through precision marketing, omnichannel activations and digital payment solution.

Coty’s travel retail department brings the iconic global brands and regional brands most loved by tourists to the travel retail channels, spanning prestige and mainstream brands, to build a matrix that includes three product categories: fragrances, makeup and skin care. Currently, the brands that Coty’s retail department operates in the Asia-Pacific market include: 2-axis beauty brands (covering makeup and fragrances): Gucci beauty and Burberry beauty; the fragrance category — Chloé, Tiffany, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein; and the skincare category, of which Lancaster, founded in Monaco in 1946, is a representative among iconic premium skincare brands.

The skincare category, in particular, has grown exponentially in Asia and represents a huge growth opportunity for Coty Travel Retail. By launching Lancaster with an Asia-focused product line, Coty aims to become an even stronger global player in skincare. It showcases new merchandising models and offers Asian consumers effective, sophisticated, safe and sustainable personal care products customized to meet their regional needs. The key markets for this new product line are China, Korea, Thailand and India focusing on the category’s key markets in the travel retail industry and a strategic driver of growth for the company.

So far, Lancaster has opened four physical retail stores in Hainan and launched an official mini-program on the Alipay platform, injecting a boost into Coty’s skincare business expansion in APAC.

Through innovative technologies and solutions, Alipay+ offers a simple way to attract digital-first customers and makes it easier for merchants to serve hundreds of millions of users from leading digital payment service providers. In particular, thanks to a unique integration and a simple technical adaptation, merchants can access all existing and later integrated digital payment methods brought by Alipay+. Moreover, Alipay+ can help merchants further expand the reach of potential users with its rich marketing campaign solutions.

Facing the impact and challenges caused by COVID-19, Alipay+ has been working with brands since 2020, to find a way out for the travel retail industry in the post-pandemic era. With its holistic understanding of brand business, Alipay+ strives to strengthen the digital operation and transformation of business partners, and improve consumers’ shopping experience through its payment and marketing solutions.

About Coty, Inc.

Founded in Paris in 1904, Coty is one of the world’s largest beauty companies with a portfolio of iconic brands in fragrances, color cosmetics, and skin and body care. Coty serves consumers around the world, selling prestige and mass market products in more than 130 countries and territories. Coty and our brands allow people to express themselves freely, creating their own vision of beauty; and we are committed to creating our own positive impact on the planet. Learn more at or on LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Ant Group and Alipay+

Ant Group aims to create the infrastructure and platform to support the digital transformation of the service industry. It strives to enable all consumers and small and micro-enterprises to have equal access to financial and other services that are inclusive, green and sustainable.

Ant Group is the owner and operator of Alipay, China’s leading digital platform serving hundreds of millions of users and connecting them with merchants and partner financial institutions that offer inclusive financial services and digital services. daily life such as food delivery, transportation, entertainment. , and health care.

Ant Group further introduced Alipay+, a suite of global cross-border mobile payments and marketing solutions that enables merchants, especially small and medium-sized businesses, to better serve consumers around the world by collaborating with global partners.

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