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By Martha Jackson

Sherry Moriarty Warnick shares her story of why she formed the Danville Ladies Group. Sherry says that being a widow, she remarried a man from Danville and moved there. She left all her friends and family and started a new and different life. Sherry says that although she had a church family in Danville, she was the oldest person there. She also says going through Covid for two years hasn’t helped either. Sherry said, the Bible said, “If you want friends, you got to be friendly.” So a year ago, she took a chance and used social media to try to reach out to some friends. She also posted an announcement to reach out to her neighbors and community to host a “getting to know you” lunch. Sherry says she didn’t know how many ladies would come, if any, but to her surprise, 19 ladies came. They immediately formed a meeting and had papers of interest to fill out and took ideas and suggestions with them. Thus, the Danville Ladies Group was formed. The women in the group are of all ages, women from 20 to 75 and older. They meet once a month and have two facilities offered to them for their meetings. The group meets at the Liberty paintball lodges and the Liberty Community Church fraternity hall. Sherry said they developed strong friendships through the band. The ladies of the Danville group are of all ages, races and origins. They do not engage in politics or religion, but lead by love and example. The group has different ladies to host lunches each month, and they can choose the location, date, theme and menu and each brings food according to the theme. They have no dues, but a blessing basket is contributed to help provide items for the outreach program. They organized two baby showers for single mothers and a surprise baby shower for a middle-aged mother, who had an unplanned pregnancy.

The group raised funds and helped purchase a new door for Liberty Community Church. They also help the ladies in emergencies, with walks, visits, etc. Sherry said one of the most heartwarming events was when a young mother came to their reunion some 8 or so months ago and was shaken and thanked her for the called to remind him to attend the meeting. With tears in her eyes, she said she had strong thoughts of ending her life and that she believed her children would be better off for it. The ladies showered her with love and reassured her that it was normal for mothers to be depressed after their second baby. One of the Danville ladies has sent her positive texts consistently throughout the past year. This young woman has completed her studies and works outside in the field of computer forensics for the US Airforce. Sherry said all the women in the Danville group were very proud of this young lady. Sherry added that a lot of women go through bad times in their lives and need that special friend or friends to hold us accountable and that women mix with women during those times. The Danville ladies’ group also host artisans and share their talents and knowledge with the group. They learned about holistic plants, how to decorate a cake, how to prepare for emergencies and much more. Sherry says she can’t take credit for the group’s success. She said that she just got the ball rolling and that every woman was helping and that without their help and input, suggestions and volunteering, the group could not exist. New mums can bring their kids or babies and although they don’t have daycare, they all love kids. If anyone needs transportation to get to the meeting, you can call 706-781-5821 and they will arrange transportation for you. They also have disabled parking and easily accessible bathrooms. Sherry says you might even make a new best friend, and she now has several. Information about the October meeting will be announced on their Facebook page. They go hold a benefit song for baby Simmy Frank at Liberty Community Church on September 24 at 6:30 p.m. If you can’t attend and want to help, go to GIVE:GIVESENDGO/SIMON. This child was born without a weak point and his skull is fused. He needs reconstructive surgery to open up his skull so his brain can grow and without this surgery he won’t survive. All contributions will be appreciated by the family.

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