DoorDash acquires Wolt, expanding operations to 27 countries

DoorDash acquired Wolt Enterprises, a Helsinki-based last mile delivery company. The deal will bring DoorDash to a total of 27 countries, 23 through the Wolt product and brand. The transaction is part of DoorDash’s efforts to accelerate international growth through faster product development and improved investment efficiency.

Wolt CEO Miki Kuusi will oversee the combined company’s team and operations outside the United States, reporting directly to DoorDash CEO Tony Xu. The Wolt consumer app will continue to operate separately with support from DoorDash, and Wolt will maintain operations in all markets where it currently operates.

Wolt has developed a wide range of technologies to facilitate its operations, from local logistics to retail software and financial solutions. The company offers delivery from local restaurants and retailers as well as its own Wolt Market grocery stores.

“DoorDash is at the start of a colossal journey, and I’m more excited than ever about what we’re building and the potential to help hundreds of millions of people around the world in our mission to empower local economies. “, said Tony Xu. , co-founder and CEO of DoorDash in a statement. “Together with Wolt, we believe we have the best team and the best platform to serve merchants, consumers and couriers in our existing and future markets.”

DoorDash has also expanded its local options as well as its international reach. The company now offers on-demand grocery delivery in New York through its DashMart network of DashMart convenience stores, and has partnered with Office deposit offer more than 10,000 articles at the request of 1,000 Office deposit and OfficeMax stores across the United States

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