Dvision Network Deploys on Polygon Mainnet as Widespread Interest in the Metaverse Continues

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division network is currently live on Polygon Mainnet, further solidifying their position as the definitive multi-chain metaverse protocol. It should be noted that Dvision Network recently held its first major and de facto largest LAND sale on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), selling out in minutes on three platforms, including Binance NFTs and NFTb. The addition of Polygon Network support foreshadows the imminent second round of the LAND NFT sale for the Dvision Metaverse, which would take place in the first quarter of 2022 according to the official schedule.

For those who may not be aware, Dvision Network is essentially a blockchain-oriented metaverse content ecosystem that also supports the NFT marketplace in its augmented reality. Dvision Network thus inaugurates a new environment in which humanity can live a prosperous existence at the epicenter of the 4th industrial revolution based on ICT (information and communication technologies).

An important step finally reached

In this business, being able to achieve different milestones set by a corresponding roadmap is paramount to ensuring long-term success. Division Network was therefore able reach such a milestone thanks to its posting on Polygon Mainnet. Dvision Network had declared its ambitions to integrate Polygon in 2020, as scalability issues on the Ethereum mainnet have begun to emerge, prompting many decentralized finance, gaming, and metaverse protocols to seek suitable alternatives.

Dvision Network was therefore able to gain access to the thriving Ethereum ecosystem without being hampered by low connection speeds thanks to the deployment on Polygon. Countless dApps like Aave, Curve Finance and SushiSwap have already been implemented on Polygon as well.

Moreover, given Dvision Network’s complex token economy, this step was apparently necessary to ensure that users in their respective ecosystem would benefit from low-cost and extremely fast transactions. Additionally, support for the Polygon network has been officially added to the initiative’s dApp (decentralized application) and marketplace as part of the multi-channel effort, which the team aims to launch in 2022 by joining multiple channels via bridges.

Relationship to metaverse and virtual earth

Even though Dvision Network has charted a sustainable path to their continued development through their Initial sale of LAND, the digital real estate market is booming right now and various other key players are contributing to it regularly, including Decentralized (MANA), The sandbox (SAND), and many others. As a result, sales worth millions of dollars are being generated in addition to the ever-growing mainstream interest from celebrity icons, influencers and other traditional entities.

Additionally, in Dvision Network’s first auction, NFT LANDs were offered to investors at relatively cheap rates, with their average 1×1 virtual plot selling for around $100, with secondary bids reaching highs of $700. USD to 800 USD, generating a whopping 700% increase in their base value. The Dvision network also recently announced a second LAND NFT sale on its network. Those who are interested should be prepared for fierce competition, such as the latest LAND auction sold out in less than 5 minutes.

According to the Dvision network white paper, its NFT LAND can be used for a multitude of applications, including gaming, education, earning passive income, hosting conferences, and more. In this way, Dvision Network aims to meet the needs of a wide variety of individuals with different needs and preferences.

Finally, the appeal of the blockchain metaverse is that consumers can own their virtual items as NFTs. Therefore, no single entity controls everything, however, many companies are nonetheless heavily interested in the metaverse concept, including but not limited to Nike, Epic Games, and even Facebook. The metaverse market would therefore appear to be thriving whether the investors are multi-million dollar corporations or just individuals.

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