Elon Musk challenges Putin in a one-on-one fight

The settlement of wars by single combat has gone out of fashion since the end of the Middle Ages, but could 2022 see its return? Well, tech billionaire Elon Musk has challenged Vladimir Putin to single combat, in an apparent attempt to end the invasion of Ukraine.

Musk challenged the Russian president via Twitter, a media banned in Russia. To show he was serious, he wrote Putin’s name and Ukraine in Russian.

In a follow-up tweethe tagged the account “President of Russia”, adding “are you okay with this fight?”

While Musk might have a better chance of victory given that Putin was recently stripped of his black belt in taekwondo (assuming that also strips him of all his abilities in the process), Ukraine may not be not too happy to be a “stake” in a singles fight between Musk and Putin.

More helpfully, Musk delivered a truckload of Starlink satellite dishes to Ukraine, in case Ukraine’s communications infrastructure is targeted and a backup internet is needed. Granted, that doesn’t sound as cool as ending the invasion of Ukraine by sending a random billionaire to defeat him in a duel, but that might be a better role for a tech billionaire with only a brief background in the arts. martial, like a child.

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