Essential spice products hit the shelves at BJ’s Wholesale

Atlanta, Georgia, June 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Essential Spice is one of the first food companies in the United States to cut out the middleman and provide unique farm-produced spices and products to consumers at prices large . After launching its e-commerce platform in November 2020, Essential Spice has now announced a deal with BJ’s Wholesale that will put its products on shelves across the country.

Essential Spice, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is led by President Rishi Nagrani, who has spent his entire career focusing on the international supply chain of specialty foods of distant origin. Nagrani and Director of Ecommerce Alex Scullion have over 20 years of experience in the specialty food industry and work with individual farmers to achieve high quality products in an efficient and sustainable manner.

“We are delighted to partner with BJ’s Wholesale,” says Scullion, “With a mission to bring our customers authentic products from unique places around the world, we believe BJ’s will be a great growth opportunity and we can’t wait for people to experience Essential Spice.

Based on a foundation of family relationships at the farm level, the Essential Spice product line offers a degree of quality control that is not available anywhere else in the market. Its partner farms consider Essential Spice like family and each item sold has its own origin story.

While food products are traditionally bought from farms for pennies before passing through multiple buyers and distributors, Nagrani saw an opportunity to do something special with Essential Spice and make a difference. Each product source has a relationship that has taken time to build, which translates into a high level of care taken in quality sorting, preparation and packaging.

To learn more about Essential Spice’s products and mission, check out their website or stop by your local BJs wholesaler.


Essential Spice represents a lifetime of agricultural effort. Essential Spice works with individual farmers and source locations to find the best quality produce and deliver it to your doorstep or handy at large wholesale stores such as BJ’s Wholesale in an efficient and sustainable manner. All ingredients are ethically sourced from family farms and brought to you from all over the world.

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