Exhibition Found MUJI: A journey to meet wonderful things


Exhibition Found MUJI: A journey to meet wonderful things

At Found MUJI, we research everyday items that are used daily around the world and revitalize them at a reasonable price by slightly upgrading them to adapt to changing lifestyles, cultures and customs. It is an activity to improve the eyes to look for the right things, leave the essence of oneself and adapt them to modern life.

It has been 10 years since Found MUJI Aoyama, the flagship store of Found MUJI, was established. So far, we have visited over 30 countries and regions, learning about the life and culture of each place and researching everyday tools, crafts and techniques unique to each region. We call this activity “Found MUJI”: a continuous journey to the present which takes us to look in detail at the world in search of wonderful things.
Roadside benches, mops drying on eaves, aluminum spoons used on food stalls. These are all items that are commonly used in the area.
Meanwhile, our lives go on with so many objects around us, accompanying us as if they had always been there. How and when did they start to be used? Where did we meet them? Why do we keep them close in our everyday life?
By taking a fresh look at the items we usually use without thinking, we should be able to find out why they appeal to us, why they excite us, why they are dear to us. Let’s start by cherishing the things around us, and from there, why don’t we look for an opportunity to refine our vision to spot the “exceptional” among them?

■ Found MUJI: a journey to meet wonderful things
Exhibition period : November 12 (FRI), 2021 – November 12 (SUN)
Admission fee
Opening time: 11: 00 ~ 20: 00
* Hours of operation are subject to change. Please refer to the official website of ATELIER MUJI GINZA.
* Please note that some exhibits may not be visible due to events.

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Found MUJI: A journey to meet wonderful thingshttps://atelier.muji.com/jp-fr/exposition/592/
MUJI GINZA WORKSHOP: https://atelier.muji.com/jp-fr/


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