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A screen displays business information for ridesharing giant Didi Global on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, United States, December 3, 2021. REUTERS / Brendan McDermid

NEW YORK, Dec.6 (Reuters) – Retail investors have been among those selling shares of Didi Global (DIDI.N), which fell after the rideshare company revealed its intention to withdraw from the New York Stock Exchange. York.

Retail investors sold $ 3.37 million net of Didi shares on Friday, according to data from Vanda Research. The stock fell 22.2% on that day after the company announced plans to pursue a Hong Kong listing, a startling reversal as it bowed to Chinese regulators angered by its state IPO. -United. Read more

Retail investors also sold shares of Didi on Wednesday and Thursday of last week on a net basis, having mostly bought shares of the stock in the past month, according to data from Vanda.

“I think most investors don’t fully understand how the delisting process works – or at least they don’t bother to know it,” Giacomo Pierantoni, research analyst at Vanda, said in an email . “As a result, they just prefer to get rid of the stock.”

Didi shares rebounded on Monday and were recently up around 8% to $ 6.56 in the early afternoon, but are still more than 50% down from their IPO price in June. .

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Reporting by Lewis Krauskopf; Additional reporting by Ira Iosebashvili; Editing by David Gregorio

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Aftermath Trailer Presents Stunning Unreal Engine Cinematography http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/aftermath-trailer-presents-stunning-unreal-engine-cinematography/ Sun, 05 Dec 2021 19:15:00 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/aftermath-trailer-presents-stunning-unreal-engine-cinematography/

Game developer One-O-One Games and publisher META have announced that their upcoming post-apocalyptic horror game, Consequences, is slated for release on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. A new trailer was released today, offering a more in-depth look at the chaotic world expected from the game.

The game follows Charlie Gray, an astronaut and engineer who must face a planet in hell after a “return to earth gone badly”. The story will follow Charlie as she navigates a shattered world full of terrifying creatures and hopes to reunite with her daughter, Sammy. Meanwhile, an “invisible adversary” monitors our protagonist’s every move.

Players will need to be careful and maintain Charlie’s mental and physical health if they are to outsmart their enemies. Creativity is key to defeating alien monsters using everyday items and learning their weak spots to take them down quickly.

Image via META Publishing

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Talented master in visual arts, Alexandre bavari, known for his work on Alien: Alliance and Suspiria, directs the visual design of the game – the stills and released trailers certainly already prove that. The soundtrack will also be completely original and will feature artists such as UNKLE, Planet Funk and others.

There is no release date yet, however, more news is expected to arrive throughout 2022, so keep an eye out. Check out the trailer and synopsis below:

Charlie Gray was on top of the world. A talented engineer and European astronaut, her career had taken her to where most people could only dream; but in the aftermath of a comeback to Earth gone awry and the traumatic events that followed, Charlie returns with a broken spirit. With his life spiraling in increasingly dark places, Charlie now finds himself isolated in a deserted and defragmented world. The only thing she knows is that she has to find the one thing that still matters: Sammy.

André Nemec - Cowboy Bebop social interview
‘Cowboy Bebop’ showrunner Andre Nemec on capturing the anime’s spirit, Easter Eggs and why the first season was 10 episodes

Nemec also reveals why they are expanding the roles of Vicious and Julia from the anime.

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Over 5 lakh of Udyam retail and wholesale registrations in 5 months since inclusion in MSMEs http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/over-5-lakh-of-udyam-retail-and-wholesale-registrations-in-5-months-since-inclusion-in-msmes/ Sun, 05 Dec 2021 09:37:00 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/over-5-lakh-of-udyam-retail-and-wholesale-registrations-in-5-months-since-inclusion-in-msmes/ The total number of registrations as of December 5, 2021 on the Udyam portal was 59.24 lakh, of which 55.93 lakh are micro-businesses, 2.98 lakh are small businesses and 33,216 medium-sized businesses. (Image: Pixabay)

Ease of doing business for MSMEs: Almost five months after the inclusion of retail and wholesale trade in the MSME category, 5.33 lakhs of registrations have taken place on the Udyam portal, representing 9% of total business registrations to date. on the digital platform. According to data shared by MSME Minister Narayan Rane to Lok Sabha in response to a question, 5,333,404 registrations were registered on the portal between July 2, 2021 and November 29. Former MSME Minister Nitin Gadkari had announced the revised July 2 guidelines for MSMEs with the inclusion of retail and wholesale as MSMEs.

In a tweet, Gadkari added that the revised guidelines would benefit retail and wholesale traders by 2.5 crore. The minister said that retail and wholesale was outside the purview of MSMEs, but with the changes to the guidelines, retail businesses were allowed to register on the Udyam portal. However, “the benefits of ‘Udyam’ registrations for these traders are limited to Priority Sector Loan (PSL) loans only,” Rane informed.

According to the Reserve Bank of India, PSL refers to sectors that impact broad sections of the population, weaker sections and other employment-intensive sectors such as agriculture and micro and small companies. Categories of PSL, which included agriculture, MSMEs, export credit, education, housing, social infrastructure, renewable energy, etc., benefit from loans at concessional rates.

The total number of registrations as of December 5, 2021 on the Udyam portal stood at 59.24 lakh, of which 55.93 lakh from micro-businesses, 2.98 lakh from small businesses and 33,216 medium-sized businesses, according to data from the portal. Currently, only PAN and Aadhaar details are required to register the business on the Udyam portal.

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The inclusion of retail and wholesale trade in the MSME category was essentially a restoration of the MSME status which had been withdrawn from both trade segments in June 2017. According to the official journal notification of June 27, 2017, the activities retail and wholesale were neither manufacturing nor service units as defined in the 2008 MSMED Act. Therefore, they were unable to obtain the Udyog Aadhaar memorandum (known as the MSME registration). With the revised definition of MSMEs, the number of MSMEs in the country is most likely to increase. Currently India has over 6.33 million MSMEs.

Among the advantages of registering on the Udyam portal, there is no need to renew the registration, an unlimited number of activities, including manufacturing or service, can be added to a single registration, MSMEs can register in the government electronic marketplace and simultaneously aboard the TReDS platform, registration can also help MSMEs to enjoy the benefits of government programs such as credit guarantee program, procurement policy audiences, etc.

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SF Safeway adds barriers to deter shoplifting amid Bay Area retail theft debate http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/sf-safeway-adds-barriers-to-deter-shoplifting-amid-bay-area-retail-theft-debate/ Sun, 05 Dec 2021 00:45:20 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/sf-safeway-adds-barriers-to-deter-shoplifting-amid-bay-area-retail-theft-debate/ “This Safeway is getting weirder and stranger,” one shopper muttered as he passed the newly installed security gates at the entrance to the grocery store near the Castro district in San Francisco.

Automatic doors, added to the Safeway at 2020 Market Street, allow customers to enter the store easily but close quickly behind them, preventing potential thieves from rushing in with shopping carts full of stolen items.

The supermarket has also added barriers around its self-checkout area, channeling customers to a single exit. Unmanned checkout aisles are blocked off with large physical barriers rather than a simple cord, and the entire side entrance to the store has been closed and blocked off by a large display of plastic water bottles.

Safeway executives said the new security measures were a response to what they say is an increase in shoplifting on premises.

“Like other local businesses, we are working on ways to reduce the escalation of theft to ensure the well-being of our employees and foster a welcoming environment for our customers. Their safety remains our top priority, ”said Wendy Gutshall, director of public and government affairs for Safeway’s Northern California division, in an emailed statement. “These long-planned safety enhancements were implemented with these goals in mind.”

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On “Crazy Sorrow” by Vince Passaro http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/on-crazy-sorrow-by-vince-passaro/ Sat, 04 Dec 2021 18:11:03 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/on-crazy-sorrow-by-vince-passaro/

VINCE PASSARO’s latest novel, Mad grief, tells the story of two New Yorkers, aged 20 to 60. Their lives intertwine as do the members of lovers, and for this particular couple, sex is a constant. What is also a constant in George and Anna’s relationship is the World Trade Center: they meet on a “beach” created on the shores of Manhattan’s financial district when it was built in the 1970s. A photograph of the bicentennial celebration of July 4 on this artificial beach adorns the cover of Mad grief, the Twin Towers loom behind Americans with patriotic smiles.

After meeting, George and Anna take the subway north to Columbia University, where they are students. This journey takes them through Manhattan’s main axis, and the scene stretches as they awkwardly stand in the subway train. The book maintains that leisurely pace, more or less, as it gives an episodic account of George and Anna’s life. After Anna cheats on George with another couple, he breaks up with her and they go their separate ways, the tale following them in alternate sequence.

Sex is a common denominator in their various relationships, both heterosexual and homosexual. George is haunted by the psychological damage of an alcoholic and abusive mother: “Her sexuality. Sa. On the sofa, legs crossed, one tucked under her, the other with the shoe hanging down, the first drink of the evening with its crescent of lipstick under the rim. The cigarettes were similarly stained. Her dreams of a person-sized vagina are reminiscent of Philip Roth’s the breast; As in that 1972 novel, George’s sexual encounters often focus on isolated body parts: the legs of a male partner, the shiny hair of a female partner, and, of course, plenty of breasts.

In contrast, Anna’s sex life is more conceptual:

Mercilessly, she provided this tandem of brief pleasures while he was lying there, then, mercilessly, she fucked him – this phrase it’s not fun but meanness leafing through his mind. He felt so small, so insignificant, even though he was lying under her and was inside her. She pushed him roughly and thought: This is what it is, this is what it is to feel powerful, this is what it is to feel a man: what one needed, to experience the power. power was to find an advantage and use it, to abandon the idea of ​​equality, or justice, or love.

Yet despite his new understanding of power, it remains elusive to him. As George’s marriage culminates in a pleasurable sexual relationship with his co-parent, Anna’s ends in a lingering fear of men and their potential violence. “You’re a jerk,” growls his future ex. “[H]We just looked at her with melted anger. He continued the gaze. The times in life when men scare you: this was one. Her power as a woman is limited. After meeting a man sniffing her on the subway, and after two cops talk to her like she’s a lost little girl, Anna thinks, “Look at me. […] and tell me this, you motherfuckers: AM I EVEN FUCKING? While the trauma of George’s childhood seems to have eased throughout his sexual relationship, Anna’s daily trauma, so common to women, continues.

Still, she continues her life in New York, which is no easy task even if you are a lawyer like Anna. And his life continues to parallel that of George. Both like to think about what it means to live in Manhattan. Here is George’s perspective:

The East Village had a red tint in the light – all brownstones and red bricks – while the Upper West Side was always gray, with a hint of lavender that turned to a purplish sky at night; where George lived now, further down after the town hall, there was hardly any light at all, just shards of cloth in the cracks among the two centuries of poverty and soot. The sunsets involved a loss of oozing light. The nights were dark.

Both went from college students to upper-class New Yorkers. Both have flirted with alternative life paths. Anna starts out as a nonprofit lawyer, while George becomes the co-founder of a successful coffee shop chain. One of his coffee sources in Mexico has ties to the EZLN (Zapatista Army for National Liberation), and George is half-aware of the importance of his ties to the Zapatistas. He shows slight sympathy for their anti-capitalist cause but not enough to abandon the American neoliberal enterprise. In what could be a romantic gesture, he “gives” money to the libertarian socialists.

George and Anna meet again at the turn of the 21st century and begin their childhood romance all over again. The moment is described in one of the book’s most poignant passages:

She had been alone for a long time, got used to it, attached herself to it, but it was an injury and she didn’t know who she would be without it. He was older and unattached; she was older and unattached. They wouldn’t do each other, this time, just a glance like two molecules in a heated system. They would stick. She knew it and feared it.

Yet it is this fear that gives midlife romance its poignant character. George and, more importantly, Anna, are very much at risk of starting a relationship at their age, when the loss can cause another injury, which may not heal this time around. Nevertheless, they dive right away, and soon Anna is playing foil to George again. Passaro skillfully uses the montage to move the reader through their renewed relationship with alacrity.

At this point, Anna gave up her career as a nonprofit lawyer and became a corporate lawyer, working for one of the financial firms headquartered in the WTC. As soon as readers come across this information, they are aware of what will happen to Anna. The book came out three days after the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Teju Cole’s narrator Open city (2011), another novel that takes place and draws its meaning from New York City, describes the event that turned the WTC into Ground Zero as “the day America’s ticker stopped.” The image suggests a middle-aged man whose experiences have caught up with him. In the nation’s case, this experience includes the economic and military horror it inflicted on much of the world, including southern Mexico where George has his business interests. Passaro, through George, does not deny this fact. When September 11 arrives and Anna arrives early to work on the North Tower, the editing slows down and everything begins to unfold slowly, with a sense of inevitability.

Anna dies. George is crying. Their lives had intertwined again, towards the end, and now they’re both over. Mad grief continues, but the novel fell into action, towards George’s decline and his inevitable death. In one scene, George and his now adult son, Nate, discuss the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio associated with the stock market. The metaphor is terribly appropriate. Things will continue to improve – until, against all logic, they don’t.


Ian Ross Singleton is the author of the novel Two big differences.

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Desire of design – The New Indian Express http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/desire-of-design-the-new-indian-express/ Sat, 04 Dec 2021 02:25:00 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/desire-of-design-the-new-indian-express/

Express news service

A bright green BMW mini convertible greeted visitors on Friday at the entrance to the Spin Design Popop, a design-led pop-up at the Dhan Mill Compound in Chattarpur. The 12 brands presented here range from interior design to contemporary art and fashion. Modern branded stalls with original and thoughtfully designed products – these are on sale during the current event until December 5 – line the interiors of a vast space that is Spin’s physical store one day. ordinary.

This pop-up is the culmination of Spin’s Design Edit, which hosted a series of design conversations. Conceptualized by the brand, these discussions were conducted in collaboration with eminent photographer Rohit Chawla whose bold and expressive photographs are broadcast throughout the Popop.

“We’ve been in the design and manufacturing business for 15 years. But we started Spin in 2018 when we realized we really couldn’t find the products we wanted in India, ”explained Avenish Jain. Avenish co-founded Spin, a local design brand with products that lean towards minimalism, with Manish Jain, Ashish Jain and Neeraj Ajwani. “We were design-conscious from the start and wanted to launch a design-oriented, honest and high-quality brand here. We realized that customers want to change space very frequently. Spaces in India, in particular, are very uninspiring and not at all creative. With our brand, we wanted to create happy, inspiring and uncluttered spaces, ”explained Avenish.

New-age design

Among the 12 brands presented at the pop-up, we find Mapcha, which offers a range of fashion and decoration products inspired by Himalayan and Tibetan designs; Sirohi, with durable furniture handcrafted by women; Kindlife, offering a line of plant-based and cruelty-free skin care; Say it with a pin, which has a pin for every occasion; and others. Speaking about retaining these marks for Popop, Avenish said, “We wanted people who have design at the center and work with materials that are not part of Spin. These are very cool young start-ups in India that are growing. “

The pop-up also has several kitchen and living room facilities to help provide customers with ideas on how to transform their homes. Origin One’s fluffy and colorful rugs tie the space together. “We started with a brand of mixed design objects in 2014, and we moved from stationery to interior design last year. Our brand philosophy is simply to create well-designed everyday objects, ”explained Origin One founder Pushkar Thakur.

For Satabdi Jena, founder of The Strange Co., a brand that started in 2020 and offers a range of ceramic products with cute illustrations, the interior design is playful and sentimental. Jena said, “Every character has a story behind them. People identify with these products on a personal level because they associate with the characters. They will say ‘this is my morning cup’.

An unnamed brand stall seller that makes paper products

Rekha Bajpe Aggarwal, a resident of Gurugram who traveled the Popop, found the event very interesting: “The event created a lot of buzz and excitement in the place. Among her favorites were Princess Pea, which sells sculptures around women’s rights and body positivity, and Mudslingers, which offers everyday minimal ceramics with pops of solid color.

Sustainable homes

Regarding the integration of sustainability into design spaces, Avenish said, “We do not use any unsustainable materials such as plastics, laminates, VOC paints, etc. Instead, we use metal and wood, which are recyclable, purchased from sustainable sources and water-based. Paint. We will be moving more towards sustainability in the future with FSC certified wood, which unfortunately is not widely available in India. “

Origin One also offers sustainable products, with FSE certified paper, 95% plastic-free packaging and a replant campaign.

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Calgary neighbors set up mini-depots selling boxes of vegetables at wholesale prices http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/calgary-neighbors-set-up-mini-depots-selling-boxes-of-vegetables-at-wholesale-prices/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 16:05:30 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/calgary-neighbors-set-up-mini-depots-selling-boxes-of-vegetables-at-wholesale-prices/

Once a month, Susan Gwynn turns her little bungalow in northeast Calgary into a mini grocery store.

Boxes of apples, potatoes and even mangoes are stacked in his garage, and a small group of neighbors from Martindale drop by for their orders.

Because this is a fixed box and a bulk order, Gwynn and other customers claim that the prices for fresh produce are about half of what large chain stores charge without compromising on the quality.

“I buy a box for my family and a couple more boxes for other members of the community who just can’t afford it, to have fresh produce in their lives,” Gwynn said.

“It makes them feel like they remember.”

Susan Gwynn is a volunteer and drop-off coordinator for the Good Food Box program in Calgary. (SRC)

Gwynn is not the only one in this case. She is a volunteer and her mini-grocery store is run by Community Kitchens, which now has around 130 depots like this one across town.

The Good Food Box program offers anyone on a budget the opportunity to purchase a meal for less. It was pointed out by several as a solid option for families during CBC Calgary’s focus on the rising cost of food.

It offers basic foods and can often be delivered for a small fee. The only downside, said community members participating via a CBC text messaging app, is that you can’t choose what goes in the box and it could be too much food for a couple or an individual.

“Seeing smiles … changes everything”

Gwynn’s 20-year-old daughter wanted to get involved as well.

“I think it’s important for families to have lots of fresh vegetables and fruit,” Hannah Gwynn said.

“Seeing the smiles and knowing that the fridges are full and when they go to school, they are not hungry, that changes everything.”

Benton Deschamps is a volunteer in the Good Food Box program. (SRC)

Hannah’s boyfriend, Benton Deschamps, says volunteering makes her feel good.

“The stories you hear from people who have lived in poverty inspire me to do more, to volunteer and to help as much as I can,” said the 20-year-old, adding that there is also a practical side of the program for him.

“It’s really nice to think of all the recipes you can make with what’s in the box. It just kindles the creative juices when you look at it.”

As a client of the program, Chelsea Haines is delighted that the Gwynn family wants to help the community.

“I love getting a lot of fresh produce at the same time, and it really encourages my family to eat more fruits and vegetables,” Haines said.

“When you have all of this product at once, you are encouraged to eat it. It is there and it will go wrong if you don’t. “

Chelsea Haines has been a client of the Good Food Box program since September of last year. (SRC)

Conversations about what to do with, say, five pounds of potatoes are now the norm in her kitchen.

The Good Food Box program offers small, medium, and large boxes, at $ 25, $ 30, and $ 35, respectively. These boxes contain between 20 and 45 pounds of fresh produce, depending on the size.

The boxes contain staples like potatoes, carrots, and onions, as well as seasonal offerings like pomegranates and avocados.

Sundae Nordin is the CEO of Calgary’s Community Kitchen Program, which runs the Good Food Box, among other programs. (Zoom)

Sundae Nordin, head of Calgary’s Community Kitchen Program, which runs the Good Food Box program, says there’s a huge amount of work behind the scenes.

“We average about 2,600 community kitchen volunteers per year,” Nordin told CBC News in an interview.

But volunteers are only one piece of the food box puzzle.

“From the seller to the buyer, to the storekeepers, to the volunteers who build them, to the drivers who pick up and deliver, to the volunteers who distribute them, to the customers to just enjoy and have good food on their tables that is affordable.”

17,000 boxes delivered last year

The Good Food Box program has been around for about 16 years, and although the program operates weekly, individual depots may offer boxes less frequently.

Community Kitchen collects pre-orders from depots and sources the best prices from around seven or eight suppliers. The depots then collect and distribute the boxes to customers. Over 1,000 boxes rolled out in a week at the end of last month, and approximately 17,000 boxes hit Calgary family tables in 2020.

There is no income threshold for those interested in ordering a box.

Nordin says it helps many families who are struggling to make ends meet.

“Poverty is very different, especially in the last three or four years. It brings a lot of anxiety and fear, for a parent who cannot feed their children. If the children don’t eat, the parents don’t eat, very probably. How do you make the right decisions when you’re not eating? “

Nordin says one in 10 Alberta families go hungry.

“I think the pandemic has really brought food insecurity to the surface,” she said.

Meanwhile, back at Gwynn’s mini grocery store, she says it’s important that people have access to the affordable food they want, not just a free basket that might not have what they need. .

“Dignity is one of those things that people don’t have access to unless they have the money to buy dignity. It’s not fair. We have to give people dignity as an inherent right. “she said.

“The cost of poverty is driving our economy into the ground. Fix it and you won’t have that expense. The ship straightens up on its own.

“There is no shame in living with food insecurity. If you are food insecure, if, like so many other Calgarians, you are struggling, that’s okay. Talk to someone. Ask someone for help. Its good. There are tons of people ready to help and get you through this. “

CBC Calgary: The High Cost of Food

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]]> Bloomington bans the retail sale of cats and dogs; disgruntled store owner http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/bloomington-bans-the-retail-sale-of-cats-and-dogs-disgruntled-store-owner/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 11:36:49 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/bloomington-bans-the-retail-sale-of-cats-and-dogs-disgruntled-store-owner/

From 2023, pet stores in Bloomington will be banned from selling cats and dogs.

Bloomington City Council on Wednesday voted 8-0 to ban such sales because the law would “likely” reduce demand for dogs and cats raised in puppy and kitten factories, the law’s sponsors wrote.

“The decrease in demand is part of reducing or completely eliminating puppy / kitten mills,” according to sponsors, board members Susan Sandberg, Isabel Piedmont-Smith and Dave Rollo.

Sandberg said at Wednesday’s council meeting that the city ordinance was taken because community members contacted council members to propose such a law. She said the majority of people who provided comments on the proposal said they supported it. She also stressed that the law would not prevent people from buying any pets they want from responsible breeders.

Stores that break the law can be fined $ 500 per event.

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