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Virginia Beach’s Abby Furco, Who Inspired Many Persistent People With Their Health Problems, Dies At 15

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Filming reported on Ferrell Pkwy. in Virginia Beach

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Realtor associations sue Virginia Beach over new short-term rental regulations, calling them “illegal”

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Accident with injuries at Hardy Cash / Neil Armstrong Parkway in Hampton

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After filming, students at Huntington Middle and Heritage High will resume in-person learning next week

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Portsmouth community honors the late Roger Brown

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Mosaic Steel Orchestra Celebrates Pan’s ‘First Annual Jamboree’ in Norfolk

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Health officials explain how, despite the COVID-19 vaccine, General Colin Powell has always fought several enemies of his health

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Seeking the Truth in the Virginia Attorney General’s Race: Who Oversees the troubled parole board?

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Doctors declare national state of emergency in children’s mental health

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Peninsula’s new vaccination clinic hopes to increase access to vaccines by breaking down communication and accessibility barriers

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Group Founded By Veterans Hold Kickball Tournament To Provide Thanksgiving Meals

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illycaffè launches the new illy art collection signed by Mona Hatoum http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/illycaffe-launches-the-new-illy-art-collection-signed-by-mona-hatoum/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/illycaffe-launches-the-new-illy-art-collection-signed-by-mona-hatoum/#respond Wed, 20 Oct 2021 06:18:08 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/illycaffe-launches-the-new-illy-art-collection-signed-by-mona-hatoum/

LONDON, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – illycaffè presents the new illy Art Collection and, for the first time, assorted decorated boxes signed by Mona Hatoum. With an artistic training spanning four decades, the visual artist Mona Hatoum is internationally recognized for her poetic and political work, which is produced in a diverse and often unconventional range of media, including installation, sculpture, video, photography and works on paper. Hatoum became widely known in the mid-1980s for a series of performances and video works that focus intensely on the body. Since the early 1990s his work has shifted to large-scale installations and sculptures that aim to engage the viewer in conflicting emotions of desire and disgust, fear and fascination. Since then, she has continued to develop a language in which everyday familiar and domestic objects are often transformed into foreign, surreal or threatening things.


The distinctive motif of the keffiyeh, the traditional Arab headscarf, which has become associated with the Palestinian cause, has been a recurring motif in Hatoum’s work. From embroidering his design onto fabric using long strands of human hair to transforming his grid pattern into a chain link fence in many of his various works on paper, the keffiyeh appears in various examples of his job. For the Illy art collection and the iconic decorated aluminum cans, Hatoum used an abstraction of the fishnet grid and olive leaf motif of the Arab scarf long associated with stories of work and human interdependence, giving it a new twist that allows him to assume a new life as a 100% cup of Arabica coffee.

illy coffee being a 100% arabica blend, I wondered what could be considered a 100% arabic object or symbol. The Keffiyeh came to my mind as I have often mentioned in my work, directly or indirectly. The fishnet pattern with knots is often seen as the joining of the hands and therefore symbolizes the bond between people and the olive leaf pattern along the border, could be seen as a symbol of peace. So, it is not only a beautiful abstract pattern, it also has an interesting symbolic meaning. And, of course, the Keffiyeh has become a powerful symbol of the Palestinian cause.. “- said Mona Hatoum.

Mona Hatoum is a sophisticated and thoughtful artist who has successfully dared to create a very authentic interpretation of the illy Art Collection project – Explain Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of illycaffè – Through its characteristic geometric style, Hatoum represented the social function of coffee, an elixir that transformed the coffee break into a ritual capable of connecting the world “.

The illy art collection signed by Mona Hatoum will be unveiled at Frieze London, Fiac Paris, Artissima Tourin and on the illy website in the illy.com/monahatoum section.

The limited edition collections of decorated cans will be available from November 2021 while the cups will be available from december 2021 in different formats:

6 espresso cups (red, black and silver decorations) from £ 115
6 cappuccino cups (red, black and silver decorations) from £ 141
2 espresso cups (red and black decorations) from £ 43
2 cappuccino cups (red and black decorations) from £ 52

The illy art collection and the limited edition 250g can of the iconic illy blend 100% ground Arabica, available in both Classic and Intense roasts, will be available through the illy e-shop, stores (illy Caffè and illy Shop), large-scale distribution channels and indirect e-commerce channels.

Illy logo (PRNewsfoto / illy)

Illy logo (PRNewsfoto / illy)

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1664754/ILLY_ART_COLLECTION_BY_MONA_HATOUM.jpg

Logo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1499472/illy_Logo.jpg

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We Silver Jewelry Wholesale Announces Year-End Sales, Asking Customers To Order Early http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/we-silver-jewelry-wholesale-announces-year-end-sales-asking-customers-to-order-early/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/we-silver-jewelry-wholesale-announces-year-end-sales-asking-customers-to-order-early/#respond Tue, 19 Oct 2021 20:07:49 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/we-silver-jewelry-wholesale-announces-year-end-sales-asking-customers-to-order-early/

We Silver Jewelry Wholesale are planning their usual year-end sales and making an announcement a bit early in an attempt to educate customers to deliver on time before the holidays. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the shipping industry, often resulting in delays in the delivery of goods. As company CEO Tim Greene explained, this is the main reason the Houston-based wholesale jewelry supplier urges customers to hurry up and order.

“The Christmas season is important for retailers in terms of sales. Missing this period due to shipping delays will be a big hit in an area that is already overdue. The pandemic has largely affected deliveries around the world. There can be delays – something nobody wants when they rely on our wholesale silver jewelry to make good sales, especially during Christmas. And the pandemic is only one reason for the shipping delays. “

There is a series of events, changes and factors influencing the shipping industry. The recent energy crisis has already caused some nervousness in the markets and it is not unlikely that it will become the cause of strikes. Blockages, employee layoffs and external factors, such as the weather, are all major issues that can severely affect freight and thus delay the distribution of goods.

“The pandemic is the main reason for possible freight delays. The problem is, it doesn’t just happen. The virus has changed our lives and continues to do so, even though more than a year and a half has passed and millions of people are vaccinated. In some areas there are restrictions, limited manpower, customs – factors which can become the reason some customers may not receive their order as expected. And we must not leave aside the unforeseen, such as the weather. Or the current sky-rocketing energy prices, ”Greene said.

“And there is one more thing. In the midst of all of this, holiday shoppers are starting to hunt for freebies early. In addition, due to possible delays in delivery, some customers place actual wholesale orders, which also benefits them as they receive additional discounts, and therefore some items may be out of stock. It was the sum of all of the above that prompted us to come forward and announce our company’s year-end online jewelry wholesale sales, asking customers to place their orders early. The key is to get the items they want, the quantity they want, and most importantly, have them in time for the holidays.

While online shopping, even when we are talking about wholesale products, has rather increased during the pandemic, the timely delivery of goods is not in the hands of wholesalers. We Silver Jewelry Wholesale is correct in making this announcement, considering not only the problems in the shipping world, but also the business of shipping companies, especially in the pre-holiday period.

About us wholesale silver jewelry:

We Silver Jewels is a Houston-based online store that wholesalers jewelry around the world, providing retailers with many choices of quality items – the best value for money.

Read more information about We Silver Jewelry Wholesale by visiting the official website https://www.we-silver-jewels.com/

Phone: 1-844-277-2712

Full Address: 4660 Beechnut St. Houston, TX 77096, USA


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Price Chopper Chooses CitrusAd for Retail Media | National company http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/price-chopper-chooses-citrusad-for-retail-media-national-company/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/price-chopper-chooses-citrusad-for-retail-media-national-company/#respond Tue, 19 Oct 2021 13:47:08 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/price-chopper-chooses-citrusad-for-retail-media-national-company/

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – October 19, 2021–

CitrusAd adds another large grocery retailer to its growing e-commerce advertising network. Price Chopper, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, with 52 locally owned stores joins more than 25,000 other retail stores who have banded together in retail media boom igniting with CitrusAd technology . In an effort to compete with Amazon, retailers are partnering with CitrusAd technology to provide a scalable, self-service advertising platform, which enables brands to develop targeted campaigns across a network of omnichannel retailers across states. -United. Campaign features that can be deployed directly at the digital point of purchase include banners, sponsored product ads, and branding pages. With CitrusAd’s Relevance Engine, brands increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) while shoppers enjoy an improved and more personalized experience. New retail media technology is now integrated with Price Chopper’s online shopping website and mobile app, allowing brands to interact with Price Chopper buyers with visibility and time measurement. real advertising performance they expect with CitrusAd’s fully transparent reporting dashboard.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211019005798/en/

Price Chopper joins CitrusAd Ecommerce advertising network (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Our stores are constantly trying to interact with customers on a more personal level, with CitrusAd’s platform increasing the relevance of ads, we are able to connect our customers to brands on a more personal and convenient level”, said Casie Broker, Marketing Director, Price Chopper. “It both improves the overall experience and allows our customers to find new and old favorites in one place. “

“As third-party cookies will no longer be supported by Google, Safari and Firefox in 2022, savvy online retailers like Price Chopper are integrating with CitrusAd to provide brands with the perfect opportunity to use first-party data in the market. retailer to connect with buyers in relevant ways. , discreetly at the point of sale, ”said Brian DeCoveny, vice president of retail media partnerships for CitrusAd.

The retailer’s first-party data from its website and loyalty program (Chopper Shopper REWARDS) is key to leveraging CitrusAd’s relevance engine which uses algorithms and real-time data to identify preferences. of the buyer, serving relevant ads that enhance and personalize the buyer’s experience.

For more information on creating sales and retail media campaigns to attract Price Chopper buyers, send an email to brian.decoveny@citrusad.com.

About CitrusAd

CitrusAd is the leading white-label, self-service e-commerce advertising platform that enables retailers to monetize their digital storage space while enabling vendors to increase sales by launching targeted and profitable digital campaigns right to the point. purchase. Since launching in 2017, CitrusAd has been powering the fastest growing e-commerce advertising network in the United States and has grown into the global organization for the sale of sponsored products, banner ads, services and retail media. . Successful retailers, across all verticals in 25 different countries, are leveraging the CitrusAd platform and real-time relevance engine to create a more personalized shopping experience and better ROI for suppliers. For more information visit CitrusAd.com

About the price chopper

Price Chopper’s 52 stores in Kansas City are locally owned by the Ball, Cosentino, McKeever and Queen families, all of whom live in Kansas City and oversee the day-to-day operations of the store. For more than 40 years, the owners and employees of Price Chopper have been committed to providing the highest quality products and premium customer service to the thousands of customers they serve every day. For more information, please visit www.mypricechopper.com.

See the source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211019005798/en/

CONTACT: Nick Paech


Media contact

Tracy nappier




SOURCE: CitrusAd

Copyright Business Wire 2021.

PUB: 10/19/2021 09:46 / DISC: 10/19/2021 09:47


Copyright Business Wire 2021.

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Strategic foresight of the future – the key to better prepare countries for future challenges http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/strategic-foresight-of-the-future-the-key-to-better-prepare-countries-for-future-challenges/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/strategic-foresight-of-the-future-the-key-to-better-prepare-countries-for-future-challenges/#respond Tue, 19 Oct 2021 07:25:52 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/strategic-foresight-of-the-future-the-key-to-better-prepare-countries-for-future-challenges/

The two-day conference was opened with an introductory speech by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Janez Janša. “When discussing the COVID-19 pandemic, two things are important: preparation for the situation and level of adaptability. After a year and a half of fighting the pandemic, we now know what our strengths are in this situation and what were our shortcomings at the start of this fight, ”Prime Minister Janša underlined. “In the first weeks of the pandemic. , Europe looked like it was in the Middle Ages, when chaos reigned. However, immediately after the first weeks of the outbreak, the EU realized that it needed to improve its regional and continental approach and implement a common response. to the epidemic that followed was a success. Financial support for European science has been very well coordinated so that vaccines, and now drugs, can be developed as soon as possible, and the response regarding the recovery has also been harmonized, with some countries already drawing funds from. financial aid ”, declared the Prime Minister.

He then asked himself how to make our democracies become more resilient in the face of such challenges and found the answer in the digital transition. “If all the data from the first wave had been available online, our response could have been much better, much faster, much more focused, underlined the Prime Minister.

Boštjan Koritnik, Minister of Public Administration, participated in the panel on strengthening country governance capacities, and in his speech he highlighted Inovativen.si. project of the Ministry of Public Administration. “In order to increase the effectiveness of future government governance, we urgently need to improve their ability to anticipate future changes in society. Slovenia has already taken the first step here. As part of the Inovativen.si project, we have started to set up a process to anticipate innovation. We have taken up the challenge of an aging workforce and of attracting and retaining talent, a concern common to all European countries. I am happy that today, together with the OECD, we were able to present the results of the survey on this issue, which concerns all EU Member States ”, underlined the Minister.

The results of the survey show that a uniform and comprehensive application of practices for the treatment of older employees or talents in European public administrations is the exception rather than the rule. In order to develop measures in the field of talent management, it is necessary to take into account the specificities, strengths and challenges of all age groups. Staff experts and managers, who must be properly trained for this task and cooperate with each other, play a key role in this regard.

As part of the two-day conference, attendees will discuss the recovery of the public and private sectors from the COVID-19 crisis and the lessons learned that governments must learn if they are to achieve higher levels of citizen trust. and better resilience in the future. They will also showcase different practices on how governments respond to the growing expectations of citizens, as systems and the environment become more and more complex.

During the first day of the program, participants agreed that the introduction of strategic anticipation of future events and developments is essential in policymaking, as this will allow governments to be better prepared for future challenges and will provide them with a basis for proactive action. The importance of cross-border cooperation between governments in applying forward-looking approaches to strengthen social cohesion and democracy globally and in creating investments to help EU Member States acquire the skills necessary to addressing current and future challenges was highlighted.

The conference, organized by the Ministry of Public Administration in collaboration with the Observatory for Innovation in the Public Sector (OPSI OCDE) and the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), brings together more than 1,700 participants from whole world. The event also includes world-renowned experts from the public, private and academic spheres, such as: Petra majdic, the most successful Slovenian ski racer of all time and Olympic medalist, Mathias Cormann, Secretary-General of the OECD and Marco Ongaro, Director General of EIPA.

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Devious Licks Trend Creates a Burden for Janitors at BHS – Berkeley High Jacket http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/devious-licks-trend-creates-a-burden-for-janitors-at-bhs-berkeley-high-jacket/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/devious-licks-trend-creates-a-burden-for-janitors-at-bhs-berkeley-high-jacket/#respond Mon, 18 Oct 2021 23:14:40 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/devious-licks-trend-creates-a-burden-for-janitors-at-bhs-berkeley-high-jacket/


TikTok has been an outlet for many teens during the pandemic. Various trends and challenges have gone through TikTok, each with their own unique twist, despite having recently reached new extremes. Over the past two weeks, a new challenge called ‘sneaky licks’ has surfaced on social media. “Sneaky Licks” are weird or fun ways to steal everyday school items. The trend started with the theft of toilet paper rolls or calculators by students, but has now grown to be as extreme as removing bathroom doors from their hinges. This trend has had a negative impact on the janitorial staff at Berkeley High School (BHS) and has shown the extremes to which students will go to be recognized on social media.

Students and teachers have been amazed at the scale of this challenge, which has caused thousands of dollars in damage due to replacing utilities and paying janitorial staff overtime. Brooke McKinney, a Grade 9 Universal English teacher (U9), said: “We don’t want to spend money on damages. We want to spend money, in my opinion, on computers, or books, or something that will really benefit the students. “

BHS janitorial staff had to work around the clock to clean up after this trend. The security guard of Building C on the second floor said: “[The trend] it’s horrible, it makes no sense. It damages property here on campus and stresses the guards because we have to remove graffiti, broken soap dispensers, toiletries, clog the toilets, and it forces us to work really hard.

What started out as a form of entertainment has now affected the lives of BHS students and staff, who have had to work overtime over the past month to make sure BHS can function properly.

Many students recognize the damage of this trend, but have also noticed the administration’s rapid response, in contrast to their often slow and unsatisfactory responses to other issues, such as sexual violence. Many students expressed hope that the administration cares as much about the health and safety of students as it is about the condition of their property.

While there are many perspectives on this trend, arguably the most compelling is that of supervisory staff. The C-building warden said, “I just wish the administrators… were more concerned with how to communicate with the students to let them know how damaging it really is.” We all need to remember that while engaging in fun trends or challenges can be a meaningful way to connect, they can also have unintended consequences for important members of the community.

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Is Macy’s (M) outperforming other retail and wholesale stocks this year? – October 18, 2021 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/is-macys-m-outperforming-other-retail-and-wholesale-stocks-this-year-october-18-2021/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/is-macys-m-outperforming-other-retail-and-wholesale-stocks-this-year-october-18-2021/#respond Mon, 18 Oct 2021 14:56:56 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/is-macys-m-outperforming-other-retail-and-wholesale-stocks-this-year-october-18-2021/

Investors focused on the Retail-Wholesale space have probably heard of Macy’s (M Free Report), but does the stock fare well compared to the rest of its industry peers? Looking at the stock’s performance since the start of the year relative to its retail and wholesale peers, we might be able to answer this question.

Macy’s is a member of the Retail-Wholesale sector. This group consists of 219 individual stocks and currently holds a No.1 Zacks Sector Rank. The Zacks Sector Rank considers 16 different groups, measuring the average Zacks rank of individual stocks within the sector to gauge the strength of each group.

Zacks Rank is a proven system that emphasizes earnings estimates and estimate revisions, highlighting a variety of stocks that display the right characteristics to beat the market over the next one to three months. M currently has a Zacks rank of # 1 (strong buy).

Zacks’ consensus estimate for M’s annual profit rose 73.99% in the last quarter. This indicates that analyst sentiment is improving and the stock’s earnings outlook is more positive.

Our latest available data shows that M is back about 113.69% since the start of the calendar year. Meanwhile, the shares of the Retail-Wholesale group lost around 6.36% on average. This means Macy’s has outperformed its industry in terms of returns since the start of the year.

To break it down further, M belongs to the Retail – Regional Department Stores industry, a group that includes 3 sole proprietorships and currently sits at No.1 in the Zacks industry rankings. This group has gained an average of 70.05% so far this year, so M is performing better in this area.

Investors interested in retail and wholesale stocks should continue to follow Mr. The stock will look to continue its strong performance.

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How fintechs enable small retail stores to acquire a global audience http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/how-fintechs-enable-small-retail-stores-to-acquire-a-global-audience/ http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/how-fintechs-enable-small-retail-stores-to-acquire-a-global-audience/#respond Mon, 18 Oct 2021 09:00:55 +0000 http://karolingischeklosterstadt.com/how-fintechs-enable-small-retail-stores-to-acquire-a-global-audience/

Financial technology, better known as fintech, is a term that encompasses new technology used to move away from traditional financial systems by providing a faster, more automated, or more efficient alternative.

While it is difficult for new technologies to innovate with traditional financial institutions, startups are starting to spearhead the fintech movement at a faster pace in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic – offering a range enhancements and enhancements to the ecosystem that provides a more efficient way to deliver financial services to the market.