Foot traffic data reveals America’s favorite wholesale club

According to The List’s foot traffic graph, one wholesaler outperformed the competition. While Sam’s Club and Costco both follow a very similar foot traffic pattern, Sam’s Club sees about 200,000 more visitors each month. BJ’s Wholesale Club has lagged with an average of around 100,000 visitors each month, even during busy holiday periods. It’s hard to compete with wholesale giants like Sam’s Club and Costco, which are known for their incredible wholesale shopping and reasonably priced food court, but also have more locations than BJ’s. According to ScapeHero, BJ’s Wholesale Club only has 239 locations in the United States, while Sam’s Club has 600 (via ScapeHero) and Costco has 578.

Unlike many other foot traffic graphs we’ve analyzed, all three stores saw a surge in foot traffic early in the COVID-19 pandemic as people prepared for lockdown. (Anyone else remember the great toilet paper buying panic of March 2020?) In April there was a dip in visitors as people stayed home, but the three wholesalers quickly recovered to normal averages as shoppers prioritized store-supplied necessities. .

Over the past few months, visitor numbers have dropped quite significantly for all three stores as shoppers grapple with rising prices due to inflation. According to a survey by NCSolutions, nearly half of shoppers in the United States can barely afford essentials and have stopped buying non-essentials altogether (via Winsight Grocery Business). However, we’re not too worried about our favorite big clubs; As long as they are still selling things like Costco’s delicious hot dogs for $1.50, we will continue to renew our membership.

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