For now, Pete Carroll will not make “big changes” to the Seahawks

Following the Week 11 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, the Seattle Seahawks fell to a 3-7 year-round record and last place in NFC West. While the blame for the team’s recent failures should be spread evenly, it’s no surprise that coach Pete Carroll is ready to take the lion’s share.

Carroll has been asked whether or not he should polish his training style to right the ship this season.

“This is a very good question because we have done things in a way with engagement, based on philosophies and approach to the way we do things, ”Carroll said Monday. “When things don’t work out right you have to be open to whatever you have to do. We have to do whatever we have to do and it’s in competition with me. I’m not trying to stick to the script, I’m trying to do what’s right.

The Seahawks still have a statistical chance to make the playoffs this year, although their chances are slim at best and Carroll isn’t going to revisit Seattle’s entire philosophy for the second half of the season.

” We will not Make big changes right now, but the subtle changes we’re making to try and increase our chances of doing better, ”Carroll said. “It is What is there hand, and I am wide open to anything.

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