Hoc Mon Wholesale Market Suspends Drop Shipping Of Goods To Prevent Covid-19 | Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Vice-Chairman Mr. Ngo Minh Chau (2nd, R) inspects the implementation of prevention and control measures for the Covid-19 pandemic at the Hoc Mon wholesale market May 6.

According to the Hoc Mon District People’s Committee, the current Covid-19 pandemic situation is increasingly complicated in the district. Of which, there were 19 cases of Covid-19 in the wholesale market and several infectious cases from other markets.

In order to create favorable conditions for the Hoc Mon Trade Joint Stock Company (HOTRACO) to carry out the entire Covid-19 prevention and control plan, the Hoc Mon District People’s Committee ordered the council to administration of the company to stop the direct delivery of goods to the wholesale market for a week.

In addition, the board of directors of HOTRACO is responsible for giving notice to traders to apply online the operations of transport, delivery and receipt of goods; and cooperate with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Hoc Mon District People’s Committee to plan the prevention and control of Covid-19 to be applied immediately after the market returns to normal operation.

The Hoc Mon District People’s Committee also demanded large-scale disinfection of the entire market.

The company must quickly allocate favorable sites outside the market for vehicles from other provinces in order to temporarily drop off the goods tomorrow morning, as they do not have time to work out a new transport plan.

By Van Minh – Translated by Huyen Huong

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