Hong Kong’s biggest summer carnival – Soon opening of the “Kid-trepreneur market”

A 40,000 m² starter market fueled by the unlimited creativity and potential of children, with over 30 games and workshops and an idyllic picnic area with 180 ° views of Repulse Bay and free shuttle.

Hong Kong – This is once again a favorite time of year for all children. As parents and their kids happily plan their summer activities, Pulse has worked hard to host the annual Endless Summer event – Hong Kong’s biggest summer carnival. “Children’s market for entrepreneurs”. The event occupies a vast space of 40,000 sq. Ft. And includes 4 areas dedicated to markets, workshops, games and picnics. Boasting the first kid-led startup market, a green picnic area, and 30 amazing games and workshops, there’s no better place for kids to unleash summer fun this year! With a free shuttle service that takes you from Wanchai to the pulse and back, the “Kid-trepreneur Market” will make this summer unforgettable and educational over 3 weekends starting July 24!

A startup market fueled by the unlimited creativity and potential of children

Market stalls will be manned by children aged 4 to 15. “Child-entrepreneurs” can use everything from design to product to service, and cultivate a range of abilities such as logical thinking, problem-solving skills, communication skills, teamwork, creativity. , innovation through hands-on work and play. Visitors are also encouraged to negotiate with the child leaders so that they can learn to negotiate with others, adjust their social strategy and strengthen their understanding of mathematics.

In addition, St. James Settlement’s green shopping hub, Green Little, will be setting up a booth to encourage children to bring in items they no longer need for resale, to extend the life of the store. life of these items and find new owners for them. The Hong Kong Truly Truly Free Market (HKRRFM) will also have a barter stand where visitors can donate old toys or stationery, and barter on site if anything appeals to you.

Unleash your creativity @ Wonderful Funderful Workshops

Don’t say you went to Hong Kong’s biggest summer market without getting your hands dirty! Our wonderful fundraising workshops are led by children, adults and little artists who will teach you how to express yourself through art.

Messy game

A market where kids take the lead is doomed to get messy – we’re talking about fun activities that make everyone happy and messy! Panda Banana has prepared a series of “Messy Play” activities that use everyday objects with various textures to teach children how to explore and create with their 5 senses, helping them to develop their senses and unleash more potentials.

More than 10 games for a fun time in the Fun Zone

The Fun Zone occupies two separate locations on L3 and on the roof of the shopping center. Enjoy the various fun games, some provided by Blue House where artists creatively transform old items into new toys. All games have been tested and improved by our group of little game testers in advance to make sure everyone can have the best time. Highlights include:

  • Bubble Disco – dive into the fun bubble pool to stay and look the coolest
  • The Silence of the Chicken – Never trust the silent chicken in a pool of a thousand screams. Find it and take care of it.
  • Super Awesome Janga— includes gigantic toy blocks for the future architect to build the castle of his dreams.
  • Gliding on Water – a game that tests lessons, hearing and confidence, children enter the game blindfolded as their parents ask them to locate baby crabs. Whoever has the most crabs wins the game.
  • T-Rex’s Rampage: Put on the T-Rex costume and walk to the other end of the beam as fast as possible;
  • Human Jetpack— With the push of their parents, children in floats compete in a thrilling sprint race to reach the designated goal;
  • The Goblet Maze – a labyrinth in which children can get lost (safely) and play a classic game of hide and seek
Enjoy [email protected] pulse, a picnic for you

A visit to the pulse is not complete without taking a moment to take in the breathtaking views of the sea. The organizer has transformed nearly 10,000 sq. Ft. Of rooftop space into a “green picnic area” for visitors can enjoy a picnic with a view for free! Picnic equipment will be provided (first come, first served) so that visitors have a comfortable afternoon without bringing anything other than friends and relatives.

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