How a movie under two minutes ended up with an Oscar nomination

Since it’s so short and available on PES’ own YouTube channel, why not take a moment to watch ‘Fresh Guacamole’ here? Then watch it again. And look. You still haven’t missed anything important at work.

“Fresh Guacamole” uses a form of visual punishment that has long been Pes’ stock in the trade. A pair of hands, photographed in stop motion, assemble the ingredients of the guacamole, but using only elements visually similar to the foodstuffs in question. The lawyer is a hand grenade. The avocado pit is a billiard ball. The lime is a golf ball. The jalapeño pepper is a Christmas light that, when chopped, becomes miniature green Monopoly houses. And, of course, the chips are poker chips. There’s a whimsical, Tex Avery-style devotion to the visual gag that makes “Fresh Guacamole” irresistible and oddly hypnotic. We can’t wait to see what the next “joke” will be.

PES had previously used a similar joke in their 2008 short “western spaghetti“, where stove flames became candy corn, bubbling water was represented by bubble wrap, and spaghetti was wooden Pick-Up Stix when uncooked and rubber bands when it was In 2014, PES ended something of a trilogy with “Submarine sandwich“, in which a deli slicer was used to turn catcher’s mitts into sliced ​​leather gloves, boxing gloves into placemats, and footballs into Viewmaster reels. Pes is masterful at creating dreamlike associations between food objects. Real-world tactile toys and hand-sized toys and everyday knick-knacks Aesthetics dictate function.

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