How to determine the set of wheels you need for your daily adventures

Wondering if you should spend your tax return on a brand new set of wheels for your ride? Think no more! Custom KG, which is a subsidiary of Ken Grody Ford, offers hundreds of options and has experts to help you choose the tires that fit your lifestyle. As the automotive industry leader in Southern California, Custom KG is ready to help you outfit your vehicle and hit the road in style! Here are the wheels they recommend based on three different types of riders. The best tires for the terrain

For the asphalt warrior

Ruben Piña, Director of Operations at Custom KG, specializes in vehicle customization. Piña believes that matching the vehicle to the right wheels and the driver’s lifestyle is crucial. For the daily commute to work and simple errands, the asphalt warrior driving a light truck or SUV might consider “long thread life, a softer compound in the rubber, and a tire that performs in tough conditions.” wet and dry conditions,” explains Piña. He recommends low profile tires for drivers who prefer driving a vehicle with better grip on the road.

The best tires for the terrain

The weekend warrior

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For avid weekend travelers who often go on road trips, an “all-terrain” tire is best. “These tires provide balanced performance in all weather conditions on different terrains and guarantee the best traction and performance,” says Piña. “These are the best all-around tires, on-road or off-road, and they’re perfect for road trips to Joshua Tree National Park or Palm Springs.” He assures all weekend warriors that with these all-terrain tires their rides will not only be safe, but also smooth and quiet.

road warrior

Credit: Celine Haeberly

If you’re planning your next extreme 4WD adventure in the desert or off mountain roads, look no further than “mud terrain” tires. Piña describes them in detail as being “large tires with evenly spaced lugs, allowing traction, but also providing extra grip and stability in wet, muddy or snowy conditions”. These tires are built with durability in mind to withstand unpredictable sharp objects that could cause unwanted punctures on rough roads. Piña says these tires have “aggressive lateral shoulder grooves for better grip and wider lugs to reduce mud and snow trapping.”

The best tires for the terrain

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