How to style the BAPE x Havaianas Flip-Flop Collaboration

We’ll always be there for sneakers, but this summer we’ve enjoyed the rise of more appropriate summer footwear, from mules and slides to technical sandals and even flip flops. Flip-flops, in particular, may seem like a less “conventional” dress shoe choice due to their minimal construction and close ties to beach culture. But it’s exactly that minimalist appeal and the laid-back lifestyle they symbolize that wins the hearts (and feet) of style-conscious city dwellers around the world.

As the master of everything to do with seesaws, it’s no surprise that Havaianas leads the charge by validating the place of flip-flops in city life. Its most recent silhouette, the Tradi Zori, is constructed with a thicker sole that makes pairing with pants easier, and its collaborations with Mastermind, Saint Laurent, Reality To Idea and, more recently, BAPE, have helped solidify its place in fashion.

But don’t take our word for it. If you’re still on the fence, take a look at some of the best outfits on the internet worn with the BAPE x Havaianas collaboration, and some tips on how to wear them.

Red trobrilliant

Just be comfortable, stop thinking about how to wear flip flops! I choose two pairs: the classic top with the OG BAPE camouflage, because I love to see this green camouflage, and the Tradi Zori, which is the most comfortable pair of flip flops I have ever worn.


Honestly, I wear flip flops with anything. If you can wear the outfit with sneakers, 9/10 times it also works with flip-flops and slides! It just gives her that effortless look that I really love. My favorite way to wear them is with wide jeans and a tighter top.


I usually use flip flops not only on the beach but also around town, although I don’t think too much about how to style them. I like to use it not only for casual styles but also to dress classic styles. A feeling of relaxation is expressed by pairing it with wide pants!


I like to pair flip flops with oversized or wide pants and from the base of the pants I build my outfit.

Selma kaci

What I love about these thongs is the subtle touch of camo. When it’s on foot, it’s not that easy and it’s easy to play with colors. You can definitely play around with the BAPE camo and do a monochrome look. Like all green, with a few touches of brown and white – or go crazy and mix up the patterns!


The style of the flip flops depends on whether you want to wear them with or without socks. If you do decide to wear socks, I would try to match the socks with an upper body element, but making it look effortless. Without socks, I would try to match the sole of the thong with an element of the whole outfit. In general, I keep the set very comfortable and effortless. The Tradi Zori, with its high and thick soles, is perfect for summer looks but can also be part of a cozy and chic look.


I love to combine them with long, wide pants. It’s such a classic and comfortable look. I’ve also seen people wearing their own pair of socks, which I think is also a really good idea.

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