I had my youngest child at 40, and frankly, it was too old. I feel like his grandfather

There are many milestones in middle age man – your first gray hairs, your first gray hairs that aren’t on your head, your first panic attack about your lack of a consistent retirement plan, your first panic attack about the inevitability of your own death, and the day you buy your first pressure washer.

ranted, the first four are probably more universal than the last, but they’re all just as important if you, like me, waited until you were in your late, not-so-big forties before investing in a pressure washer. Yes, I know they are technically known as pressure washers, but that doesn’t sound quite as cool and frankly, I have enough pressure in my life without buying a device to add more. Power, however – can a man ever get enough? History suggests that yes, a man can have too much power, but to hell with history because I have concrete to clean.

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