Instagram is mesmerized by this chocolate cello

In an Instagram post, The Piano Guys string together a series of quick cuts that show a cello created from chocolate, set to Harry Styles’ song “As It Was.” It’s absolutely captivating to watch Amaury Guichon (marked in the message) at work; founder of Pastry Academy, Guichon’s social media is devoted to some of the wildest candy creations (like a life-size giraffe) he and his team have produced. But, if you forgive the pun, the cello really takes the cake. As the viral trend who saw everyday objects being cut with a knife, to reveal that they were food all along, Guichon’s cello could fool anyone. By the time the final “polish” is brushed onto the dough, you’d swear you were looking at a real wooden cello, strings and all.

The Piano Guys, true to form, end their post with the internet version of a musical crescendo. The camera pans from Guichon holding the finished product to one of the Piano Guys holding his own cello – and staring at it greedily. “Looks like a snack,” reads the caption, and indeed the musician goes for a bite to eat just before the stage goes black and the video starts over. Now, we’re no experts when it comes to classic instruments made from cake, but the cello the Piano Guy is about to eat looks like the real inedible deal, not a baked version. But again, the other too.

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