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There are many scientific debates on the solar eclipse written by Christians since the Middle Ages.

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In Australia, a total solar eclipse can be seen for about 15 minutes. tomorrow evening, And it promises to be spectacular.

During the lunar eclipse, the Earth passes directly between the Sun and the Moon, and the Moon appears to glow red, reflecting only light that passes through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Humans have known the scientific cause of this phenomenon for thousands of years, already 3000 years ago, the Babylonians Recording of the movement of celestial bodies on clay tablets, Calculate the date and time of a future solar eclipse.

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The Middle Ages are often considered an era of ignorance and superstition, but the truth of medieval Christians’ understanding of the lunar eclipse is much more complicated.

From ancient Greece to medieval Europe

There are many scientific debates on the solar eclipse written by Christians since the Middle Ages.

In the 7th century, Saint Isidore of Seville explained: Etymology of his encyclopedia A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon, which has no light of its own, moves in the shadow of the earth. He also knew that a lunar eclipse would not occur until the 15th day of the lunar eclipse. Only occurs when the moon is a full moon..

Isidore The theory of ancient Greek astronomers Latin, the language of medieval churches in Western Europe.

14th century figure of the lunar eclipse. British Library, Arundel 347, f. 34. British Library Catalog of Illuminated Manuscripts by Conversation

Monk Devizes RichardIn the light of the solar eclipse seen in England on June 23, 1191, witnesses who did not understand the science of such things recorded wondering what it predicted, but the world. And those who have studied how it works knew the moon and the sun perfectly well. The phenomenon is not a precursor.

More translations in the 12th century Greek, Arabic and Hebrew scientific research into Latin Introduces a new wave of natural philosophy materials to Christians in Europe.

Message from god

But even though the solar eclipse was scientifically understood, it was believed to have been caused by God.

As the Bible says:

There are signs on the sun, moon, and stars. (Luke 21:25)

A solar eclipse – caused by a natural process led by God during creation – can be understood to mean future or distant events.

It was a complicated event for medieval Christians who understand the lunar eclipse.

God creates the moon and the sun in the biblical story of Guyart des Moulins (circa 1420). British Library, additional 18856, f. 5v. British Library Catalog of Manuscripts Through Conversation

Latin Christian sources of the Crusaders are particularly abundant in the discussion of astronomical phenomena. For Western Christians, the Crusaders are the will of God, or Contribute to the arrival of the Apocalypse, And astronomical phenomena were considered a form of communication from God.

In his description of the First Crusade (1096-1101), Albert of Aix-la-Chapelle Learn how the Crusaders witnessed the bloody red moon as they approached the city of Jerusalem. Albert tells us that those who knew the solar eclipse as a signal of God’s will comforted the horror.

For Albert, the lunar eclipse signaled the destruction of the enemies of the crusader. However, the solar eclipse was a sign of disaster for the Crusaders.

According to the Magdeburg timeline, when the solar eclipse changed The sickle-shaped sun in October 1147 He cast terrible darkness on the earth, and the witnesses saw it as a sign that a time of carnage was over them.

12th century polymath John of Salisbury He cautioned against prophecy, practicing intensive astrology and astrology with fortune telling and other “nasty” practices.

John knew that the lunar eclipse was caused by the Earth obscuring the moon. He recognized the benefits of astronomical research when it was understood that these phenomena could be signs of God, but with the unique power of heavenly bodies to influence the world. I thought people were crossing the border when I thought they were.

By giving his power to the heavenly bodies, John said that the people were undermined by the power of God.

Not an era of ignorance

Scientific explanations have become more and more available to the educated and literate Ecclesiastes and some laymen (perhaps aristocratic), but to what extent these ideas have spread among the wider population. It’s not clear.

In the chronicles of the beginning of the 11th century, Bishop Titomal of Mersebourg He informed all Christians that the eclipse was not due to the consuming of evil spells or heavenly bodies, and that he was powerless to end the eclipse through their actions.

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This is cited as evidence that some believe the lunar eclipse was caused by a moon-hungry wizard or monster.

However, it is important to remember that this is from sources written by educated church members who may have exaggerated and accused evidence of superstitious beliefs.

But even with these beliefs in mind, the various ideas surrounding the medieval European lunar eclipse make it clear that this was not the case. The dark ages of superstition and ignorance It is assumed that this is done often.It was a complicated event for medieval Christians who understand the lunar eclipse.

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Beth spaceyIs a postdoctoral researcher in medieval history. University of Queensland

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Is it a scientific phenomenon solely of God? -Art and Culture news, Firstpost

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