Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are back with a new album. This is a tribute to the work of Cole Porter

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett presented their new album. The album “Love for Sale” is the sequel to the best-selling album “Seek to Cheek” released in 2015. It is a unique gift for fans of the famous singer who has reached the age of 95.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Release of the second joint album. It’s a fantastic outing for two reasons. Not only does this refer to the well-received album “Cheek to Cheek”, but it is also a summary of the life of the 95-year-old musician as he bids farewell to his fans.

The two had the idea to record an album “Love for sale” After the success of the first joint venture. Released six years ago, the album topped the “Billboard” charts. The new material was created in a New York studio. The songs are a mix of jazz, big band and band arrangements. There are twelve items on the song list.

During the recording of the album, Tony Bennett’s family revealed that the musician has been battling Alzheimer’s disease for four years. In “AARP Magazine”, which focuses on issues related to people over 50, the singer’s wife revealed that it affects the singer’s memory and his ability to recognize everyday objects. The star said he is “not always sure where he is and what is going on around him”. However, she noted that her husband did not experience bad symptoms such as anxiety, anger and depression.

Life is a gift. Even with Alzheimer’s disease Tony Bennett wrote on Instagram. – Thanks to Susan and my family for their support and to AARP The Magazine for telling my story.

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