Leon Cooperman likes Costco lamb chops and wholesale clothing stores

  • Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman told the Post he uses public transportation and wholesale clothing stores.
  • He also seems to like Costco lamb chops, according to an interview with the newspaper.
  • Cooperman is worth around $2.5 billion and owns a $5 million mansion in Florida with a custom-built infinity pool.

Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman says he prefers buying clothes in bulk, seems to prefer Costco lamb chops and rides vintage Schwinn bikes around his neighborhood, according to an interview he gave to The Washington Post.

Cooperman, whose fortune is estimated at $2.5 billion, also said he owned a Hyundai, which he used for occasional errands.

Cooperman, 78, became a billionaire thanks to his Omega hedge fund. He was previously a partner at Goldman Sachs. He said he went to public school and waited tables before completing a self-funded doctorate.

In his interview with The Post, Cooperman talked about going out to “grab some of those Costco lamb chops” and “see what’s special” at the store. He also said he prefers getting around to work on public transport.

Cooperman lives in a $5 million mansion in Florida that has a custom-built infinity pool, though Cooperman told the Post he’s never used it. His neighborhood is guarded by a canal and infrared security system, filled with designer homes, and he often hangs out at the St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton, The Post said.

Cooperman told the newspaper, “I could buy a Picasso for a hundred million, but that doesn’t excite me, so what? We live a very rational lifestyle.”

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