“My wholesale customers prefer Shanghai and white pak choi”

Patrick Stoffels founded Stoffels Foods last year in the Netherlands. One of the products he specializes in are Asian vegetables grown by local producers. “Good availability means that prices are currently under pressure.”

According to Patrick, the corona crisis has not affected the Asian vegetable market much. “The demand for these vegetables remained excellent. The prices were excellent from December to the end of April.”

“I sell these Asian vegetables mainly to wholesalers. They can be found in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. But more and more retailers are including these vegetables in their assortments, ”he says.

Shanghai Pak Choi

Patrick says the Asian vegetable acreage has remained fairly stable over the past year. “Our range not only includes Shanghai and white pak choi. We also have mini shanghai, (mini) Kailan, Choi sum, Tong ho and Ong Choi. As well as Hing Choi, Red Hing Choi, Kai Choi, San Choi, and Po Choi. But Shanghai and white pak choi remain by far the favorites of my buyers, ”he concludes.

For more information:
Patrick stoffels
Stoffels Foods
120 Handelsweg
2988 DC, Ridderkerk, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 630 038 482
Email: [email protected]

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