New book | Armenian communities in Persia / Iran: history, commerce, culture

LOS ANGELES, CA — Mazda Publishers Announced the Release of the Armenian communities of Persia / Iran: history, commerce, culture (670 pages, retail $ 45.00 plus applicable taxes). This is the fifteenth and final volume in the series “Historic Armenian Cities and Provinces”, edited by Professor Richard G. Hovannisian of the University of California and Chapman University.

The volume, covering the Armenian presence in Iran from antiquity to contemporary times, includes Armenian-Iranian relations from the pre-Christian era to the Middle Ages, the districts of Makou and Tabriz, with the monasteries of St. Thaddeus, Saint-Stépanos, and Tsortsor, the importance of the Persian Azarbayjan / Atrpatakan in the Armenian and Iranian revolutionary movements, and the displacement and massacres of the Christian inhabitants of the districts of Urmia, Salmast and Khoy during the Turkish offensives of the First War world, as well as the relief direction of Archbishop Nerses Melik-Tangian of Atrpatakan (Tabriz).

Another section assesses the impressive place of the all-Armenian Municipality of New Julfa in Iranian-Armenian history, with its painters and artisans, unique churches and monastic complex (the Vank), its merchants who occupied an important place in international trade networks from East Asia to Russia and Western Europe, and its prominent Armenian theater. The volume ends with a pictorial essay presenting the paintings of New Julfa and the outskirts of the famous artist Julfan Sumbat. Other chapters assess the interactions between the current Armenian rulers in Tehran with the Iranian authorities and the socio-economic integration of Armenian Iranians in Southern California. The volume is enhanced by numerous color illustrations.

This fifteenth volume is the only one in the series that focuses on Armenian communities outside the Ottoman Empire and is dedicated to Dr. Vartiter K. Hovannisian, a constant companion and professional collaborator since the very beginning of the series and long before. .

Copies can be ordered from Mazda Publishers, Abril and Sardarabad bookstores in Glendale, from the NAASR bookstore in Belmont MA, or (at an introductory promotional price of $ 32 in the US) from Daron Kevorkian at [email protected].

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