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Pune: The abundance of flowers has caused prices to drop in the courtyard of the market in the past two days.
Supplies have come in large quantities from Pune and neighboring districts over the past two days in anticipation of good rates on the first day of Ganeshotsav, an APMC official told Market Yard.
Marigold is sold in the Rs20-40 range for 1kg. Likewise, 1kg aster flowers are sold for Rs8-12. A bouquet of roses is auctioned for Rs20-30. A bunch of gerbera has been sold in the Rs30-50 range in the market, an official said.
Raju Potale, flower commissioner at Market Yard, said: “During the Ganesh festival, 1 kg of mogra usually sells for over 1,500 rupees. But this year it is sold in the Rs400-500 range. We also observed similar trends in the rates of other flowers. This year, overall precipitation has been erratic. “As a result, many flower growers have been able to conserve their plantations well. But there is not enough demand in the market due to the moderate Ganesh festival, ”the official said.
“Since a lot of flowers were expensive last year, this year the farmers grew flowers on large areas. It also contributed to a large supply. In the end, all the rates came down, ”said Madhulkant Garad, chief administrator of Market Yard.
Flower prices in retail markets and around temples were expensive, customers said. Similar sentiments were echoed by residents of Kothrud, Deccan, Aundh, Baner and other areas. “Over the next ten days, they will be selling flowers at a high price regardless of the wholesale market rates,” said Vaishali Ranade, a resident of Kothrud.


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