Palmyra is working to bring hospitality and more retail to town

PALMYRA, Mo. (WGEM) – The town of Palmyra welcomed many out-of-town visitors over the weekend, but there aren’t enough places for them to stay.

City officials said there was a chain of hotels that wanted to come to Palmyra, but the city needs to see if that’s possible.

“We have an increasing number of visitors it seems every weekend with our ball field here and we have traveling teams every weekend,” Pro Tem Mayor Brock Fahy said.

The town only has one hotel left at the moment, but they are looking to add one more.

“Our hotel that we have here now can only accommodate a certain number of people that we have, so to have a larger hotel to accommodate that need, as well as for our manufacturing needs, you know we have Doyle Manufacturing at north of Palmyra which is developing,” Fahy said.

Fahy said a major hotel company was interested in coming to Palmyra, but he did not reveal which one.

On Thursday night, city council voted to have Growth Services Group complete a feasibility study to see if a 21-acre lot on Highway 168 is suitable for the hotel and some retail stores.

Brown’s Furniture chairman Tav Brown said new businesses and accommodations would also give current businesses a boost.

“We see people every day who want to shop here, then they want to go eat in restaurants here and vice versa,” Brown said.

Brown hopes the city will be able to make it happen.

“I think that would be a huge advantage for the region. We are lucky because so many people want to be here. And the more stuff we have, I think that’s just going to make the city grow even more,” Brown said.

Fahy said he had no timeline for the start of the investigation or how long it would take.

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