Pixel Watch retail leak suggests Google thinks it can get away with Apple Watch pricing

Hope you saved up this summer

Google’s fall hardware event is just weeks away, and while we largely know what to expect, it’s still an exciting time in the Android community. Not only will we get the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, successors to two of the best phones you can buy right now, but we’ll also see Google’s first attempt at a smartwatch. The Pixel Watch has been one of the company’s most anticipated gadgets for years, but if you’re interested in picking it up on day one, hopefully you’ve saved your pennies.


The folks at 9to5Google have obtained leaked images from a retail scanner showing prices for the Pixel Watch in its Wi-Fi and LTE configurations. We’ve known for nearly a month now that the cellular model would cost users $400 upfront, and today’s report shows how much the basic Wi-Fi/GPS variant will cost as well. If you want to buy the Pixel Watch, be prepared to drop $350 on its standard configuration.

This price is more expensive than other high-end smartwatches on the market, including the Galaxy Watch 5 series. While the titanium-laden Watch 5 Active costs well over $400, the larger 44mm Watch 5 starts at only $310. If you have small wrists, the 40mm Galaxy Watch 5 is even cheaper, priced at just $280. This price is closer to what Apple charges for its latest wearables, suggesting that Google considers the Pixel Watch to be a premium Android product. We’ll have to get our hands on a unit before we can determine if that’s true.

We also learn about the three color schemes Google plans to offer at launch, but if you were hoping for a range as creative as its Pixel phones, prepare to be disappointed. The Wi-Fi/GPS Pixel Watch will be available in black, silver, and gold, with obsidian, chalk, and hazelnut bands, respectively. Apparently Obsidian is just another way of saying black – as in, the default watch will be black on black – while Chalk is just white. The LTE-enabled watch will be available in identical colors except for the Silver model which replaces its Chalk strap with Charcoal (also known as Grey).

These aren’t the most exciting color options we’ve ever seen, although Google plans to offer additional proprietary stripes for anyone looking to spice things up a bit. If you’re dying to learn more about the Pixel Watch, October 6 is just over two weeks away – and they’ve got plenty of time for more leaks before then.

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