Player goes viral by recharging household items in first person first person

Reload: Video game companies put a tremendous amount of effort into making sure that gun reloading is perfect. Some animations are fast, some a bit longer, and some a lot longer. Regardless of load time or precision, reloading in games conveys both a sense of urgency and an attitude of precision practiced when done well. One gamer recently captured this essence in a video that immediately went viral.

Self-proclaimed “video game artist” from Kommander Karl started making TikTok videos of himself reloading everyday household items like toasters and pencil sharpeners in a way you’d swear came from your favorite first person shooter. Some have gone viral, like hers “Nice caulk“, which has accumulated 2.2 million views.

He received so much attention and requests for more that he made a best-of video which has garnered 10.6 million views since posting it to TikTok on Monday. When his numbers started to skyrocket, he uploaded the compilation to YouTube on Tuesday and currently has nearly 60,000 views on it (masthead).

It’s worth mentioning that he doesn’t have as many subscribers on YouTube as he does on TikTok. In fact, Karl made the Reload compilation to celebrate reaching 400,000 subscribers on TikTok. Its YouTube subscribers are only 2,380.

Kommander Karl posted a video on Wednesday with his fat uber cat thanking everyone for their support, views and comments (above). He mentioned that he had been approached by several “big news networks” via email since going viral and said he plans to continue producing content.

Others did similar videos, but few have captured that authentic video game feel that Kommander Karl seems to have mastered. Of course, what would you expect from a man with the Half-Life logo tattooed on his forearm? Hoping he continues. At the very least, its refills are good for a smile.

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