Prosegur Security and Eversen Improve Physical Security in Retail with Human-Centric AI Solutions

Prosegur Security and Eversen have partnered to reinvent physical security in retail and other industries using human-centric artificial intelligence solutions. The partnership will improve security processes through a common focus on innovation.

As a first step, the two companies will deploy retail-specific solutions focused on checkout intelligence, parking solutions, process automation and supply chain security. Joint customers will reduce risk, including shrinkage, more effectively by equipping their existing workforce with asset protection and loss prevention with real-time alerts that turn AI-powered information into human action.

Future common AI solutions will expand to other industries and leverage Prosegur’s extensive global presence in human and technology applications.

“This new partnership will begin by giving retailers new AI-powered tools to use inside stores as well as in adjacent fast-growing retail services such as curbside pickup and shopping. online-in-store pickup, ”said Tony D. ‘Onofrio, CEO of Prosegur’s global retail business unit. “At the center of this partnership will be the world’s leading retailers who will jointly define with Everseen and Prosegur the AI-based security solutions of the future. Eversen has an impressive track record of developing AI technologies in retail, and all of us at Prosegur look forward to working with his team and quickly realizing our common value proposition across all of the industries we cover.

“Retail is already an important industry for Everseen and Prosegur, and this new partnership reinforces our commitment to improve end-to-end retail processes,” said Alan O’Herlihy, Founder and CEO of Everseen. “We look forward to building on Everseen’s proven AI solutions and growing Prosegur’s customer base with real-time, actionable insights that reduce shrinkage and improve store operations. Prosegur is one of the top three security companies in the world, but the foundation of this partnership is our shared desire and vision to reinvent the security industry by actively adopting innovative technological solutions.

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