Pub boss hoping to make a date with a man named Nigel

A BRETFORTON pub is aiming to break its own world record for the largest gathering of individuals called Nigel, in a bid to revive a dying name.

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics shows that in 2016 and 2020, no babies were named Nigel.

This prompted Nigel Smith, owner of The Fleece Inn to take action in 2019 with the launch of Nigel Night, an event dedicated to people named Nigel that attracted 434 sakes.

Three years later, Nigel is aiming to do better by attracting over 1,000 Nigels to The Fleece on September 24 to show that the name, which dates back to the Middle Ages, is still going strong.

“We are already on track to break our 2019 world record as over 500 people have booked their place for the evening which is amazing considering we haven’t proactively promoted it since. a while, and shows that there is a lot of fighting in Nigel still,” he said.

“Our first Nigel Night seems to have left a legacy though, as since then almost a thousand Nigels have signed ‘Nigel’s Book’ which we have behind the bar.

“I researched the name Nigel, and apparently it’s associated with darkness, which might explain why it’s a name that’s been on the decline since 1965.

“However, I hope that through our joyous efforts, we will begin to see a few more baby Nigels over the next few years!”

This year’s event is also a bit different as they are also looking for Nigels with special skills.

Nigel added: “Just as you thought finding Nigels wasn’t hard enough, I’m also looking to recruit a team of Morris dancers called Nigel to perform in the evenings, so if you fit the criteria please get in touch.

“Everyone is of course welcome to join our celebrations – we also had a number of Nigelles present to bolster our numbers!”

This year, Nigel Night will run from 2.30pm to 11.30pm in The Fleece Inn pub and the nearby barn, marquee and orchard.

All Nigels in attendance will receive a Nigel badge and a free pint on proof of name, with non-Nigels also welcome. Funds are also being raised for the British Heart Foundation, hoping to raise around £3,000.

Visit to learn more.

Morris dancing Nigels can email [email protected]

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