Samsung unveils new Neo QLED 8K TV with all-new tech upgrade

During the Unbox and Discover keynote, Samsung announced what the 2022 models of the Neo QLED 8K TV will bring to the table for users and the environment.

The Korean electronics giant is taking a different approach for the 2022 Neo QLED 8K portfolio as, for this year, they’re going with the motto “Screen Everywhere, Screens for All” to facilitate the idea of ​​a flagship display being the center of productivity, entertainment and technology and not just an electrical panel designed to “watch”.

For starters, the screen’s brain – Neutral Quantum Processor 8K – hosts a total of 20 independent neural AI networks that intelligently analyze input characteristics and image quality to scale or optimizing them for the best viewing experience while packing a new algorithm called the Real Depth Enhancer which scans the screen and maximizes the contrasts between a scene’s background and the object. This awesome gesture which is inspired by how human eyes perceive images in real life is quite advanced due to the fact that the background is separated from the processing and remains the same as the source data.

Combining powerful processor and software support with superior Quantum Mini LEDs with maximum power control over every pixel, this is how HDR should be – bright areas stay bright and the dark space around stays dark – or what which Samsung likes to call it shape-adaptive lighting control. Additionally, 2022 QLED TVs will carry the PANTONE Validated check mark, which means they can authentically reproduce over 2,000 colors with 110 skin tones, which will be very useful for creators who work with the PANTONE standard on their workstation and get the same final. output during calibration and mastering.

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The visuals aren’t the only thing the new TV has, as the neutral 8K Quantum Processor works its AI magic on the sounds too with the best QN900B model running a 90W 6.2.4 channel sound system with Dolby support. Atmos with Object Tracking Sound Pro which can accurately represent the direction of objects and the speeches of actors. Speaking of Dolby Atmos, Samsung is also introducing wireless Dolby Atmos to the majority of 4K and 8K Neo QLED TVs as well as the 2022 Ultra Slim soundbars that deliver full DA quality without relying on cables anymore.

As for when will these new boys come to Malaysia? Only time will tell.

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