Shopify shows impressive AR demo with Apple RoomPlan


Shopify shows impressive AR demo with Apple RoomPlan

Image: Russ Maschmeyer/Shopify

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Update, August 18, 2022:

Russ Maschmeyer takes to Twitter to show off an updated prototype of the software, which lets you project real furniture in a store into a 3D digital scan of your home in real time.

Video: Maschmeyer

Article from July 15, 2022:

E-commerce company Shopify introduces an interior design “reset button” based on Apple’s Roomplan API. A future application scenario for the Apple headset?

At its WWDC developer conference in June, Apple barely talked about augmented reality, but flexed its muscles with its new “Roomplan” interface: In seconds, Roomplan can scan the environment in 3D and recognize characteristic objects like furniture.

reset button for interior decoration

Shopify developer Russ Maschmeyer now demonstrates the interface in practice: the demo software cleans up a furnished room so that it can then be digitally redecorated. Roomplan requires an iPhone or iPad with a built-in lidar scanner. The bare 3D model after scanning is then realistically textured by shots. Developers can also process 3D scans in USD or USDZ format in other applications.

Shopify developer Russ Maschmeyer introduces an AR reset button for homes. | Video: Russ Maschmeyer/Twitter

According to Maschmeyer, the app could be of interest to interior designers, for example, who want to show their clients a 3D preview of their products in their new environment without the existing furniture being visually distracting.


Digital twins are coming into everyday life

Ikea recently showed a similar demo, but with a detour via a PC and in lower visual quality in 2D images. Apple’s AR headset may one day run the Shopify demo as an app, so you can stand in your empty space digitally with the AR headset and completely reinvent it.

This could apply to both large sofas and everyday objects – from monitors to cooking pots. In general, e-commerce lends itself as an application scenario for the first-generation mixed reality headset from Apple, Meta and co. It may not be the most hyped app, but it is definitely a useful application scenario.

“AR and RoomPlan are exciting tools for commerce. The ability to select and remove real objects from a scene brings us closer to a fully editable reality,” writes Maschmeyer, who documents the project in detail on Twitter.

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