Smorgasburg LA’s ‘BBQ Day’ Celebrates Tasty 6th Anniversary – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • Smorgasburg LA to ROW DTLA
  • Sunday, August 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

July to August is peak sizzling season, when the high temperature can get very sizzling, various outdoor surfaces are too hot to touch, and heat waves often come from all kinds of everyday objects, adding to the general feeling that Wow, it’s damn hot.

But the sweetest summer sizzle, at least for many meat lovers, is the one that starts at the backyard grill, or the farmer’s market barbecue stand, or a favorite food truck, the one with the menu with strong sauce.

For we’re now settled into the most barbecue-centric stretch of the calendar, with Labor Day weekend’s fun grilling festivities serving as perhaps the ultimate carnivore crescendo.

The team at Smorgasburg LA is already ahead of that holiday weekend outlook, thanks to what’s expected to sizzle at the Row DTLA event on Sunday August 28.

It’s the 6th annual BBQ Day, and the outdoor food market, which is one of the largest in the country every Sunday open, will welcome several BBQ pros to the snack scene.

Maple Block Meat Co. will also feature a slew of Super Brisket tacos and Coppa pork ribs, while the home barbecue will feature chicken, pulled pork and several other tempting choices.

Horn Barbecue, Smoke Queen Barbecue and several other grill favorites are on the invite list, making this scene of meat and more something truly worth celebrating.

Free entry at the Spectacular Under the Sun, which also offers desserts, vegetarian options and a beer garden, but shows up with payment for food and drink.

Important: Dogs must stay home for BBQ Day and all Smorgasburg LA events, please and thank you. More details? Find them at the market HQ online.

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