Thai durians stand out among various imported fruits in Guangzhou market

Guangzhou suffered a new wave of Covid-19 cases in April. The city was marked with a “star” in the Chinese travel app. This indication has significantly limited travel to and from Guangzhou, as well as within the city. A week ago, Friday, the star was removed. Guangzhou’s most recent Covid-19 outbreak is largely under control. Over the past week, the number of people moving within the city has again gradually increased. Although the number of visitors to the Guangzhou wholesale market is still not at the same level as two years ago before the outbreak of the pandemic, it is much higher than two weeks ago.

The most popular fruit in the Guangzhou wholesale market right now is Thai durian. The peak period of the supply season begins in April and lasts two or three months.

Most of the Thai durians currently on the market come from the production areas of eastern Thailand. Product varieties include Mon Thong, Kanyao and Tomani durian, but Mon Thong’s supply volume is the largest.

The price of durian is around 700-800 yuan [105-121 USD] per box. Even the price of second-grade durian is still over 600 yuan [90 USD] per box. According to traders, the quality of the durian product this year is at the same level as last year, or even slightly better. However, last year’s prices averaged 100 yuan [15 USD] upper. The number of buyers in the Guangzhou market is smaller due to the ongoing pandemic. This has an impact on the price. (Right picture: Thai durian)

Still, durians are very popular and market demand is strong. The movement of products is smooth again. It is by far the most sought after fruit on the market. In addition to durian, the Guangzhou wholesale market also sells other fruits imported from Thailand, including longans and green coconuts. Thai longan season is almost over now. The new season is expected to start in late May or early June. An 11kg box of cleaned Thai longan sells for 165 yuan [24.97 USD]. Green coconuts hit the market a month ago.

thai durian

Another seasonal fruit commonly seen in the Guangzhou market right now is the domestically produced blueberry. The best-selling blueberry is the Driscoll’s blueberry. Driscoll’s blueberry plantations are in China, but set up with foreign investment. Their price is quite stable. A box of large blueberries sells for around 220 yuan [33.29 USD]. Driscoll’s also sells blackberries and raspberries, which can be used to bake cakes or eaten as a healthy snack. However, their target audience is rather narrow, so the movement of products is relatively slow. Blueberries of other brands sell for around 100 yuan [15.13 USD] for a box of large blueberries.

Driscoll’s blueberries and Driscoll’s raspberries

As with other imported fruit, the New Zealand apple season has just begun. A trader who sells apples from New Zealand said Red Rose apples had recently arrived. It’s still early in the season, so the flavor is a bit tart. Red Rose apples arrive in large quantities in May. The flavor will be better then, and the price will be lower too. The current price of Red Rose apples is around 450-460 [68.09-69.61 USD] per box. The supply season for these apples lasts until mid-October. Another New Zealand apple variety, the so-called “small-flowered” apple, sold very well last year. The current season is almost over. The price of good quality ‘small flower’ apples is about 770-780 yuan [116-118 USD] per box, while the price of second-grade “small flower” apples is about 690-700 yuan [104-106 USD] per box. The retail season for “small flower” apples will continue for a few more weeks.

As for imported citrus fruits, American oranges generally arrive on the market in March and the supply season continues until July. Conditions have been steady so far, but Sunkist oranges are selling quite well. The price of South African lemons fell slightly. The current price is around 230-240 yuan [34.80-36.32 USD] per box. South African lemons typically enter the market in April and May. Their product movement is smooth.

Left: Sunkist oranges / Right: South African lemons

Various Chilean plums are also selling well in the Guangzhou wholesale market, but their supply season is slowly coming to an end in May.

Guangzhou Wholesale Market also offers a wide variety of premium local fruits. Yunnan grapes have just entered the market. Their supply season continues until October. These grapes usually come in gift boxes of around 180 yuan [27.24 USD]. They sell well.

During the latest wave of Covid-19, Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market implemented relevant measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. People entering the market had to show proof of a negative test result that was less than 24 hours old. Market opening hours have remained the same. (Right: Yunnan grapes)

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