The Lord of the Rings: How old is each member of the community?

At JRR Tolkien The Lord of the Rings, Frodo and the other Hobbits had some dramatic adventures before they even got to the Prancing Pony. Then, after one of the Nazgûl stabbed Frodo, the elven lord Glorfindel brought Frodo to Rivendell. In the adaptation of Peter Jackson, there were no adventures before Prancing Pony, and Arwen took Frodo to the House of Elrond. After that, however, they formed the Fellowship of the Ring, and most of Tolkien and Jackson’s work aligned perfectly.

One of the underrated ways in which Jackson’s adaptation matched Tolkien’s work was the precision with which he portrayed the characters. One of the ways Jackson did this was to make sure that almost everyone in the community was the same as they were in the books. With that said, here’s a look at the ages of the nine Fellowship members when they left Rivendell and how it affected their characters. The list is displayed in descending order of age.

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Gandalf was around 2,000 years old

The Lord of the Rings - Pipe Gandalf

The short answer is that Gandalf walked in Middle-earth for around 2,000 years before returning to Valinor on elven ships. However, there is a much longer answer. Like Sauron and the other Istari, Gandalf was a Maiar, an angelic spirit created by Eru at the beginning of time. So, one has to calculate the age of creation itself to determine Gandalf’s actual age, which can be tricky. The creation story is divided into three parts: the years of the lamps, the years of the trees, and the years of the sun (which include the three ages of Middle-earth). After many calculations and a conversion factor between Valian years and solar years, a reasonable estimate places Gandalf’s age at around 55,000 years. This, however, does not take into account the time that elapsed before Arda’s creation. Either way, Gandalf was terribly old and, therefore, very wise.

Legolas was 2,931 years old (in the movies)

Gandalf’s age was complicated, but Legolas’ age is even harder to pin down. Tolkien actually never specified an age for the Silvan Elf with a bow. In addition, there is conflicting evidence. Legolas called other members of the community “children”, indicating his advanced age. Yet he was never mentioned for fighting in The Last Alliance. Thus, his age could range from over 3,000 years (since his father was born at an early age) to only a few hundred years. With all the uncertainty, Jackson simply chose a birth year for Legolas. According to the official movie guide for The Lord of the Rings, that year was TA 87, making Legolas 2931 at the time of the War of the Ring.

Gimli was 139 years old

Gimli in Moria The Lord of the Rings

Unlike the Elves and Men, the Valar Aulë created the Dwarves. Because of this, Eru decreed that dwarves would not have the same immortal longevity as elves, but neither would they taste the sting of man’s short life. This represented an average lifespan of between 200 and 300 years, although Dwalin lived to the age of 340. During the Fellowship period, Gimli was 139 years old, which meant that he was still relatively young, although he was beginning to feel that middle age was advancing.

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Aragorn was 87

The age of Aragon can be misleading. Although he looks like he’s only in his 40s, Aragorn was actually 87 years old during Fellowship days. Unlike the Elves, most of the Men of Middle-earth were cursed with short and weak lives, but the Valar granted the Men of Númenor long life because they helped defeat Morgoth. In the old days, the Númenoreans could live for several hundred years, but because of Sauron’s corruption and intermarriages, this gift began to wear off. All in all, Aragorn reached the age of 210, so he was clearly still in his prime at the time of the fellowship.

Frodo was 50 years old

the Fellowship of the Ring opened with Bilbo and Frodo celebrating their birthdays. Bilbo was 111 years old and Frodo was 33 years old. The Hobbits considered 33 to be a coming-of-age year, so knowing that Frodo was 50 when he brought the One Ring to Mordor, that meant he was older than Jackson had been. described in his films. Additionally, knowing that most Hobbits lived to be around 100 years old, Frodo was in his forties, meaning he would have been more respectable than his Hobbit fellow travelers.

Boromir was 40 years old

Much like Aragorn, Boromir received the gift of long life due to his noble (albeit diluted Númenorean) lineage. However, Boromir was only 40 when he joined the community. This meant that Boromir was less than half the age of Aragorn. This large age gap explained Boromir’s often brash and inexperienced decisions, but it also explained his absolute deference to Aragorn, who was the rightful heir to Gondor.

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Samwise Gamegee was 38

Lord of the Rings Sam

All along The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Sam addressed Frodo as “Mister Frodo”. However, it wasn’t just humility for the ring wearer, it was deference as an employer and as a young Hobbit. Tolkien wrote Sam at 38, making him 12 years younger than Frodo. On top of that, Sam was Frodo’s gardener. These two things explain why Sam called Frodo “Mr. Frodo”, even when Jackson wrote them so that they were older. Either way, he never really got beyond this servant state of mind, and thanks to him, Frodo completed his quest.

Meridoc Brandybuck was 36 years old

Joyful lord of the rings

Only two years younger than Sam, Merry was 36 at the time of the stock market. That meant he was only three years after his coming-of-age birthday and barely an adult. Along with Pippin, he added a youthful vigor to the community, but he was much more mature than young Took.

Peregrin took was 28 years old

Clearly destined to be a young troublemaker, Pippin was only 28 when they formed the Fellowship, meaning he hadn’t even reached his coming-of-age birthday. In other words, Pippin was a joker and always got in trouble, as evidenced by the fireworks incident at Bilbo’s birthday party. However, it did not stop there, and it caused a number of problems as the Community progressed.

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