The Regional Wholesale Water Network Act

California has a number of formal acts in law. Division 20.5 of the water code provides the law for the safety and reliability of the regional wholesale water distribution system, which is contained in sections 73500 to 73514. Division 20.5 was added in 2002 by chapter 841 Section 73500 names the law.

Section 73501 provides definitions for the following terms: “association”; “Bar Area Regional Water Network”; “Bay Area Wholesale Customers”; “town”; “framework contract for the sale of water”; “regional hydrographic network”; “regional wholesale water supplier”; and “wholesale customers”.

Section 73502 requires the City and County of San Francisco to adopt the program of capital improvement projects designed to restore and improve the Bay Area Water System that are described in the Capital Improvement Program Report. capital assets prepared by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission as of February 25. 2002. The program must include specific timelines, a financing plan and information, and the plan must require the completion of specific projects.

In addition, the city is required to submit a report to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, the Alfred E. Alquist Seismic Safety Commission, and the State Water Resources Control Board, no later than July 1. September of each year, outlining the progress made on the implementation of the capital improvement program for the Bay Area Water Supply System during the previous fiscal year.

Section 73503 requires the city, in consultation with the association and the emergency services offices of Alameda County, Santa Clara County, and San Mateo County, to prepare an emergency response plan outlining how water service will be restored to the area served by the bay regional water supply system after an interruption caused by an earthquake or other natural or man-made disaster, and thereafter shall be implemented work.

Section 73504 requires a regional wholesale water supplier to submit a report to the Legislative Assembly and the State Department of Public Health, by February 1 each year, outlining the progress made during from the previous calendar year to secure additional water sources to augment existing resources. supplies in dry years.

Section 73505 requires the State Department of Health Services to audit, or cause an audit to be contracted, of the city’s maintenance program of the Bay Area Water System before July 1, 2004. The audit must include Activities.

Section 73506 requires the State Department of Health Services to audit regional water systems operated by all regional wholesale water providers, other than the city, subject to this division and submit a report. to the Legislative Assembly no later than February 1, 2006.

Section 73508 provides that if the City and Bay Area Wholesale Customers that are public agencies form a special district with the power and responsibility to own, operate and manage the water system regional water system in the Bay Area and whose composition of the Board of Directors reflects the proportionate use of water served by the Bay Area Regional Water System in the city and in the overall geographic area served by Bay Area wholesale customers, the obligations imposed on the City by this Division shall apply to that District.

Section 73510 requires the state Department of Public Health to ensure that the Bay Area Water System is operated in accordance with California drinking water law and guidelines established by the protection agency. of the United States for the purposes of administering comparable provisions of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

Section 73511 provides that a special district comprised of some or all Bay Area wholesale customers may receive state funds for the purpose of protecting the Bay Area’s regional water system. bay against seismic risk, whether or not the city is a member of this district.

Section 73512 requires a regional wholesale water supplier to reimburse the state for all costs incurred by the state Department of Public Health or Seismic Safety Commission in performing duties imposed by that division. .

Section 73513 provides that nothing in this Division shall affect any rights and obligations of the City, Modesto Irrigation District or Turlock Irrigation District with each other, whether arising by statute or by ‘contract.

Section 73513.5 provides that nothing in this Division shall alter the governance, control or ownership of the Bay Regional Water System.

Article 73514 specifies that this section remains in force only until January 1, 2026 and that as of this date is repealed.

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