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We have been operating in a “normal” state for a few months now. But things are not the way they were before and the experiences of the past two years and the new learned behaviors will not be hastily forgotten.

To understand what customers want, what brands expect, and uncover the blind spots between the two, Adyen surveyed 3,000 consumers and 460 retail and hospitality brands in the UK and Ireland.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption by retailers of new sales channels, and investing in omnichannel capabilities is a major budget priority in 2022, according to a Linnworks study.

This involved 502 US respondents and 526 UK respondents.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the urgency for retailers to focus on the customer experience as a key part of their brand,” said Callum Campbell, CEO of Linnworks.

“This study shows that many companies did not have the infrastructure in place to operate in a true multi-channel and omnichannel capacity. Only 14% of respondents have a single platform to manage fulfillment, inventory, and all sales channels in one place. “

Liam O’Meara, Vice President Europe of Axonify, recently gave RTIH the latest information on his company’s State of Frontline Work Experience 2021 report, which examines how frontline employees feeling after the Covid pandemic and what is on their priority list. now that they are evaluating their career options.

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