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HBO Research group concluded this year with its fifth and final season answering questions behind Dory’s kidnapping and her eventual transformation into a cult leader. Now that the series is over, fans will have to resort to other frenzy-worthy options in the dark comedy genre.

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As for the central narrative removal case, SSearch for Party also recalls other shows like Easttown mare or the first season of Strange things. Such dramas tend to focus on the disappearance of a character and the mass hysteria it causes.


Stopped development (2003 – 2019) – Available on Netflix

Alia Shawkat and Michael Cera Arrested Development

Bringing together a cult fan over the years, Development stopped deals with the daily misadventures of the Bluths. After the wealthy family lost their fortune to financial fraud, it was up to the good-humored son Michael Bluth to keep some balance at home.

One of the main characters of Development stopped is Maeby Fünke, a sarcastic family member who has hilarious encounters with her father Tobias and her romantic interest George Michael. While the sitcom is thematically different from Research group, fans should always watch it to get a glimpse of Alia Shawkat’s first big role. Before becoming Dory for Research group, she started out as an equally sassy and curious Maeby in Development stopped.

Sharp Objects (2018) – Available on HBO Max

Camille appears as a ghost in white on Sharp Objects

Based on the novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn, this HBO miniseries finds criminal journalist Camille Parker revisiting her small town as dark secrets are revealed. Even though she is investigating the murder of two teenage girls, the protagonist ends up opening up some past wounds on her own.

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Sharp objects succeeds in showing the destructive impact that such cases of crime can have on those who pursue them. Camille’s personal involvement in the affair is reminiscent of the efforts of Dory Sief’s friends in Research group.

Dead To Me (2019 -) – Available on Netflix

Judy and Jen look confused in the kitchen in Dead To Me

Netflix is ​​dead Tome is a dark, comedic TV show about grief and death as two women become unlikely friends while facing their own losses. But as one of them investigates the car crash in which her husband died, the duo descend into a dark rabbit hole of shocking revelations in the third act.

In terms of tone and themes, Dead to me is a perfect fit for those who have enjoyed Research group. It shows how people deal with loss in a fun way while still providing enough sentimentality to balance humor.

Only Murders In The Building (2021 -) – Available on HBO Max

Only the murders in the building Steve Martin Selena Gomez Martin Short

When it comes to HBO comedies, Only the murders in the building is one of the hottest titles. Beginning last year with its first season, the series is about three ordinary people obsessed with real crime. The trio come together to use their skills and observations when a murder occurs in their own apartment building.

Only the murders in the building is a delightful homage to common tropes in murder mystery movies and shows. In addition, the activities of amateur investigators are sure to remind viewers of the early seasons of Research group which involved Dory’s friends looking for her.

American Horror Story Cult (2017) – Available on Hulu

Creepy man looks at the camera with his face lit from American Horror Story: Cult.

Cult of American Horror History and his brave characters show how social media influencers can create their own cults. Set in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential election, it deals with a cult that creates terror in their neighborhood and ultimately the rest of America.

The cult of Dory of Research group is, of course, not as intense as Kai’s gang of disbelievers in American Horror Story, but both serve as interesting case studies of modern sects. Unlike in the past, today’s cult leaders have the power of social media to manipulate emotions, and characters like Dory and Kai bear witness to this more.

Veronica Mars (2004 – 2019) – Available on Hulu

Kirby as Nicole aiming a gun while standing next to Kristen as Veronica in Veronica Mars

Véronique MarsThe eponymous official is a freelance private investigator, a task she takes on after the murder of her high school best friend. Dealing with both mysterious arcs throughout the season and episodic, the series is a treat for fans of teenage detective fiction.

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While the titular Search Party isn’t as smart or efficient as Veronica Mars, it finds itself in similar circumstances. In reality, Research group can be seen as a satirical parody of such investigative detective broadcasts.

American Vandal (2017 – 2018) – Available on Netflix

American Vandal Season 2 Netflix

An anthology series that doubles as a parody of the true crime genre, each season of American Vandal unfolds like the tone of a heartbreaking detective documentary. Meanwhile, the cases he deals with are the most random and bizarre antics in high school. While the first season describes a phallic graffiti attack on the school premises, the second season investigates a mysterious character known as “The Turd Burglar”.

This premise itself captures the absurd humor of the show. So if the audience liked the way Research group satirizes real crime, cults and social media, they will be entertained with a parody like American Vandal. Even though it’s canceled now, it’s still considered one of the funniest shows on Netflix.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp (2015) – Available on Netflix

Cast of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Camp Firewood is the notorious summer camp of the premier Hot humid american summer film, a parody of teen sex comedies. Since the film gained cult status, it spawned the prequel series that offers more context behind Firewood and his savage group of counselors and campers.

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Much like the film, the series is created by Michael Showalter, who also stars as Ronald Reagan and camper Gerald “Coop” Cooperberg. Showalter then created and directed Research group, also appearing as the recurring character, Max. From where, First day of camp is a good viewing option to get a taste of ShowalterResearch group career and comedic versatility.

Stranger Things (2016 -) – Available on Netflix

Winona Ryder Joyce Byers Stranger Things Christmas Lights

The Netflix Sci-Fi Series Strange things has become a pop culture phenomenon with its coming-of-age story and alien tropes. But it all started as a mystery tied to Will’s disappearance and his mother Joyce Byer’s desperate attempts to get him back.

Even though Will is found at the end of the first season, there are still a lot of unanswered mysteries that haunt him and the other. Strange things characters. Oddly enough, this model is comparable to Research group, which, again, began as a rapture mystery. However, when Dory is finally found, many other unexpected events come into play. So while the genres are completely different, the two shows share a common sense of tension over a character’s demise.

Easttown Mare (2021) – Available on HBO Max

Mare looking into the distance in Mare Of Easttown (2021-)

As the disappearance and murder of a teenager rock the sleepy Easttown neighborhood, a detective struggles to balance her personal life and her involvement in the case. Easttown mare is the perfect show to understand the psyche of an investigator in the face of danger.

As the plot thickens with more shock and surprise, the whole town is shaken in its search for the truth. It is this feeling of paranoia that is satirized in Research group while Dory’s friends try to find her, each with their own motivations.

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